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This is a DO list based on feature requests that are being made by
users of Gorm.   Currently a number of requests are on the
table which seem intersting:

* Look into automatic "localization" of .gorm files for applications.

* Create an xml output format for Gorm files so that they can be used
  on both MOSX and on GNUstep.   This will be done w/ an extension
  library. (Working on this)

* Add a way for the user to edit the spacing used by the guidelines. Also
  make it so that we can save the settings and retrieve them from 
  external files so that users can distribute thier own preferred 
  spacing for different frameworks. (Done, added a way to do this.  Sets
  a preference with the value.)

* Add an autosave feature to Gorm which will save the document at
  regular intervals.
* We should able to edit Window name directly 

* Add Feature to allow to create its own Palettes (Template)

* Add Feature for creating more inteligent [mh] file  (for ex. 
  delegate/dataSource method if needs ...)

Usability features:
1) Add outlet/action editing feature to advance the cursor to the next
outlet/action automatically after the user finishes editing the current

2) Fix gmodel issue in bug tracker.

Project Center Integration:
1) image sharing between project and gorm/nib files so that images from the project can be loaded into Gorm's interfaces.
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