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This is gpe-appmgr, the application launcher for GPE.

It is licensed under the GPL, see the file 'COPYING'.

 * Introduction to GPE
 * Installation
 * Use
 * Menu extensions
 * Config Files

Introduction to GPE

GPE is the GPE Palmtop Environment.

It is a free (as in speech) environment designed for handheld computers such
as the iPAQ. It is based around X11 and GTK.

See for more information.

 1) On a local system
    Just run 'make install'

 2) On an iPAQ running familiar
    Run 'make ipk', then install the new package via ipkg

Tap an icon to launch the program. If possible, gpe-appmgr will bring
a currently-running copy of the program to the front.

Hold the pen down on an icon to bring up a list of options.
 [Window titles of currently running programs]
 Force Run

Click on a window title to bring that specific window to the front. This is
especially useful for Dillo, for example.

"Force Run" causes the program to run again, even if it is already running. Do
this to launch a second (or third) terminal/whatever.

"Properties" will show you a list of properties associated with that menu
entry. You cannot edit these properties.

Menu extensions

For its extra functionality, extensions to the normal menu format
were needed. They are:
and are for
 icons (any size)
 16x16 icons
 48x48 icons
 Window title of already running process.

Note that the icons need not (indeed, should not) have paths
specified. Thus if installed to a network on a CompactFlash
card, the icon will still be available.

A program doesn't need to supply all types of icons, gpe-appmgr will check for "icon[#]=", "icon=", and "icon48=" where [#] is the icon size desired.

The window title may include "*", it is expanded in the same way
file names are.

An example for "Dillo", a small web browser:


Note that without a "section=" component, the menu entry will be ignored.

More than one entry can be specified in each file.

Config Files

Most people won't need this; the 'Appmgr Setup' applet should take
care of most people's needs.

 -= ~/.gpe/gpe-appmgr =-

A file in the package menu format used by Debian.

 show_all_group ("yes" or "no")  [Default: "no"]
 Controls whether the special "All" tab is displayed.

 auto_hide_group_labels ("yes" or "no")  [Default: "yes"]
 Controls whether to hide the names of the tabs other than the
 currently active one.

 tab_view ("list" or "icon") [Default: "list"]
 Whether to show a list of programs or a proper application launcher
 icon display

?package(gpe-appmgr): show_all_group="yes" tab_view="icon" auto_hide_group_labels="yes"

 -= ~/.gpe/gpe-appmgr_ignored-items =-

A list of menu files to ignore, one per line.

 -= ~/.gpe/gpe-appmgr_group_order =-

A list of groups ordered to your specifications. Groups will be ordered in the
order listed here. "All" will be before the list (if you choose to have the "All"
group visible). All groups not specified will be appended to the end in alphabetical


Might result in

If a group that is listed here doesn't have any menu entries for it, it will still be created.

Robert Mibus <>
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