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2007-01-24  Marcus Meissner  <>

	* gphotofs.c: Rev down to fuse 2.5 requirement,
	  inject -s instead.

	* 2.3.0.trunk.5

2007-01-21  Marcus Meissner  <>

	* gphotofs.c:
	  - Use single threaded loop (libgphoto2 cannot cope
	    being accessed multithread currently).

	  - Needed to use fuse version 2.6 for this (all
	    others fail one way or the other).

	  - basic statfs support.

	  - charset is always utf-8, because thats what the kernel uses.

2007-01-14  Marcus Meissner  <>

	* gphotofs.c: Fixed the bugs in the upload code.
	  Upload is working now (needs latest libgphoto2 SVN
	  trunk for working PTP2 driver).

2007-01-14  Philip Langdale  <>

	(merged by Marcus)
	* gphotofs.c: Merged the write code.

2007-01-10  Philip Langdale  <>

	(merged by Marcus)
	* gphotofs.c: added rmdir/mkdir from write branch.

2006-09-03  Philip Langdale  <>

	* Update for the 0.3 release and
	make sure my contact information is accurate.

2006-09-03  Philip Langdale  <>

	* gphotofs.c: (gphotofs_init).
	Fix --model to actually work. I needed to load
	the abilities list before it would be useful...

2006-05-27  Philip Langdale  <>

	* README: Fix a typo and test svn commit.

2006-01-29  Philip Langdale  <>

	* gphotofs.c: (main) (gphotofs_init).
	Implement --port support.

2006-01-12  Philip Langdale  <>

	* gphotofs.c: (main) (gphotofs_init).
	Start adding support for relevant command line options.
	--speed and --model have been implemented while --port
	and --usbid are pending.

2006-01-12  Philip Langdale  <>

	* po/ Add this in preparation for
	localisation support.

2006-01-04  Philip Langdale  <>

	* NEWS: 0.2 Release

2006-01-01  Philip Langdale  <>

	* gphotofs.c:
	(gpresultToErrno). Add the result codes from
	(gphotofs_readdir). Fix rampant memory leak
	where the file list wasn't being freed.
	(gphotofs_read). Report errors.
	(gphotofs_release). Made a little more robust.

2005-12-30  Philip Langdale  <>

	* gphotofs.c: (gphotofs_readdir) (gphotofs_getattr).
	Set the uid and gid of files to match those of the
	process. This is cosmetic as real access control is
	provided by the allow_other or allow_root options.

2005-12-29  Philip Langdale  <>

        * NEWS
        * README: 0.1 Release

2005-12-29  Philip Langdale  <>

	* gphotofs.c: (gphotofs_unlink). Test the result
	of the delete operation correctly.

2005-12-29  Philip Langdale  <>

	* gphotofs.c: Lots of stuff.
	- (struct OpenFile) (freeOpenFile) (gphotofs_open)
	  (gphotofs_release). Add a count for open files so
	  that they aren't closed too early.
	- (gpresultToErrno). Map libgphoto2 errors to errnos,
	  or at least try to. Prevents things going off the
	  deepend if there is an error.
        - (gphotofs_getattr). Don't go into an infinite loop
          if called for a non-existent file.
        - (gphotofs_readdir). Set the block count for files.
          This allows du to report a meaningful result.

2005-12-29  Philip Langdale  <>

	* Bump version to 0.0.99 for cvs.
	Checking in to gphoto cvs.

2005-12-28  Philip Langdale  <>

	* Initial 0.0 Release.
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