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This is a sample application, to show how interaction with the mouse
server and xterm-only mouse management is handled.

The client used is "rmev", a reduced version of "../mev". The
surrounding setup is such that "rmev" compiles successfully on a wide
range of machines, where it can be run under xterm, even if no gpm
library or daemon is found.

This demo is meant to show how a mouse-sensitive application can be
written without too much work. The client links in the file
gpm-xterm.c, which should be bundled with the client and set up as
shown in and

To keep the example short and easily understandable, Makefile does not
provide installation and other goodies.

This has been tested under the following systems:
	Linux (with and without libgpm.a)
	SunOS 4.1 (sparcstation)
	HP-UX 8.x (9000/7xx)
	Solaris 2.3 (sparcstation)
	Ultrix 3.0
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