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This is just a little edit to this marvelous skin soi that it shows the time, 
the Title and the author of the MP3.....still don't know how the skin-motor 
works, though....probably (when I do I'll make a small change to this skin).

Please check in the skindata file for an alternative to the time place !

Miguel Marques <>

----------- Original Skin Info -----------
GQmpeg skin directory: bubble
Author: iMil <>
Released: December 22, 1998
Version: 1.0
Comment: Made with Gimp... Of course.

Note: For transparency to work, GQmpeg 0.4.2 is required.

To use this skin with GQmpeg, use the command line:

     gqmpeg -skin:bubble

or to allow the skin to be the default skin copy this directory
to '$HOME/.gqmpeg/skins/bubble' and specify 'bubble' as the
skin on the skin tab of the config dialog.
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