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AST(3)                                                        AST(3)

       expr - c-like expression library

       #include <graphviz/expr.h>

       Expr_t*          exopen(Exdisc_t*);
       Excc_t*          exccopen(Expr_t*, Exccdisc_t*);
       int              excc(Excc_t*, const char*, Exid_t*, int);
       int              exccclose(Excc_t*);
       void             exclose(Expr_t*, int);
       char*            excontext(Expr_t*, char*, int);
       void             exerror(const char*, ...);
       Extype_t         exeval(Expr_t*, Exnode_t*, void*);
       Exnode_t*        exexpr(Expr_t*, const char*, Exid_t*, int);

       Exnode_t*        excast(Expr_t*, Exnode_t*, int, Exnode_t*, int);
       Exnode_t*        exnewnode(Expr_t*, int, int, int, Exnode_t*, Exnode_t*);
       void             exfreenode(Expr_t*, Exnode_t*);
       int              expush(Expr_t*, const char*, int, const char*, Sfio_t*);
       int              expop(Expr_t*);
       int              excomp(Expr_t*, const char*, int, const char*, Sfio_t*);
       int              exrewind(Expr_t*);
       void             exstatement(Expr_t*);
       int              extoken(Expr_t*);
       char*            extype(int);
       Extype_t         exzero(int);

       exopen() is the first function called.  exclose() is the last
       function called.  exccopen() is the called if code generation
       will  be  used.   exccclose()  releases the state information
       allocated in exccopen().  exstatement() saves statement start
       information.  exrewind() restores statement start information
       saved by exstatement().

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