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greed - curses-based clone of the DOS free-ware game Greed…  more info»


Note on the high score file:

The high-score file is kept in /var/games/greed and is named greed.hs.
These file is writable by group "games", and greed is sgid "games" so
that it can write to it.

If you want to change the permissions on greed, you should be aware
that these file must match -- it must somehow be writable by greed.
If it isn't, you're on your own.

In earlier versions of greed, the /var/games/greed directory was owned
by root:games, and was group-writable.  This is no longer the case, so
greed cannot recreate these files if they disappear (assuming it ever
could, which I've never tested). In this case you should use

# dpkg-reconfigure greed

You may also want to know that these file is not technically part of
the greed package.  It is created by the post-install script if
it don't already exists, and removed by the pre-remove script when
you purge the package.  If you're trying to install this Debian
package on a RPM or Slackware system, this may be important
information for you.

 -- Josue Abarca <>, Sat, 17 Apr 2010 03:23:44 -0600
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