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gst-editor - GStreamer streaming media editor and GUI tools…  more info»


This is the editor for GStreamer, a framework for streaming media.  The
fundamental design comes from the video pipeline at Oregon Graduate
Institute, as well as some ideas from DirectMedia.  It's based on plug-ins
that will provide the various codec and other functionality.  The
interface hopefully is generic enough for various companies (ahem, Apple)
to release binary codecs for Linux, until such time as they get a clue and
release the source.

Developer note:  When building from CVS sources, you will need to run to generate the build system files.

GStreamer is cutting-edge stuff.  To be a CVS developer, you need 
cutting-edge tools.

ATM, most of us have at least these versions :

* autoconf	2.52	(NOT 2.52d)
* automake	1.5
* libtool	1.4
* pkg-config    0.8.0 will check for these versions and complain if you don't have 
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