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* What is UDP src/sink?

This plugin is *not* meant to be a professional stream broadcast
solution, like icecast or realaudio or whatever. But the future RTP plugins shall not do the actual transmission/reception of packets on the network themselve but the Application developer would be encouraged to use these plugins for that.

* Shortcomings

Even given our modest ambitions, the current code doesn't handle
caps negotiation robustly.

* Todo

The udp mode should include the caps every five packets
(approx).  The tcp mode can do bi-directional negotiation.

Perhaps this plugin can be the example of how to do caps negotiation
via a point-to-point protocol.

Add some example of udpsrc/udpsink .
Update the man of gst-launch with some interesting pipelines .

12 Sep 2001
Wim Taymans <>
Joshua N Pritikin <>
Zeeshan Ali <>
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