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gtk-engines-gtkstep - N*XTStep theme for GTK+ 1.2…  more info»


GTKstep theme (GTK+ >= 1.1.5)

1) Configuration
./configure [--prefix=PREFIX]

--help			list all available options.
--disable-NeXTList	disables NeXT style lists with dark background
--disable-NeXTScrollbar	disables NeXT style scrollbars (on the bottom left)
--enable-Prelighting 	enables GTK+ style prelighting if mouse is over top
			of widget

2) Building

3) Theme Installation
make install

4) Make GTKstep your default theme for all GTK apps
ln -fs PREFIX/share/themes/Step/gtk/gtkrc $HOME/.gtkrc

5) Make GTKstep as your default theme for all GNOME apps
gnomecc->Appearances->Look and Feel->Theme Selector

The GTKstep theme is copyrighted by Ullrich Hafner <>    
and is licensed through the GNU Library General Public License.
Read the COPYING file for the complete license.
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