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GtkPerf is an application designed to test GTK+ performance. The point is to 
create common testing platform to run predefined GTK+ widgets (opening 
comboboxes, toggling buttons, scrolling text etc.) and this way define the 
speed of device/platform.

I know that bencmarking tools (including GtkPerf) can be fooled and don't give 
real-life results. Yet, I belive that GtkPerf can be helpful to solve for 
example this kind of things:

 * How fast is my software platform compared to others?
 * How fast is my hardware compared to others?
 * How fast/slow GTK+ is with different themes?
 * Is there any notably slow widgets when using my GTK+ theme(engine)?
 * How much does GTK+ performance increase when moving e.g. from GTK+ 2.4 -> 2.6?
 * How much does GTK+/GDK perfomance increase when updating X-server?
 * Can GTK+ be efficiently used in embedded devices?


The tests are separate from each other with the same main logic: Making single 
test operation (opening combo box, drawing n circles, etc.) and waiting for that
to get processed are returned to g_idle. So every test is jumping between test 
function and g_idle as fast as possible. 

These tests are provided (in 0.30).

GtkEntry (on_idle_gtkentry_test)
Switches between "Test String" and "Longer test string" texts for [count] times.

GtkComboBox (on_idle_gtkcombobox_test)
GtkComboBox contains 10 entrys "Selection 1"..."Selection 10". This test opens
and closes GtkComboBox [count] times while selecting next entry.

GtkComboBoxEntry (on_idle_gtkcomboboxentry_test)
GtkComboBoxEntry contains 10 entrys "Selection 1"..."Selection 10". This test 
opens and closes GtkComboBoxEntry [count] times while selecting next entry.

GtkSpinButton (on_idle_gtkspinbutton_test)
GtkSpinButton value is increased with one [count] times. When 1000 is reached,
value is changed back to 0.

GtkProgressBar (on_idle_gtkprogressbar_test)
GtkProgressBar is increased with 1% [count] times. Whenever bar gets full,
its value is set to 0.

GtkToggleButton (on_idle_gtktogglebutton_test)
GtkToggleButton state is toggled between on/off [count] times.

GtkCheckButton (on_idle_gtkcheckbutton_test)
GtkCheckButton state is toggled between on/off [count] times.

GtkRadioButton (on_idle_gtkradiobutton_test)
Two GtkRadioButtons inside same group are witched to be selected alternately
[count] times.

GtkTextView - Add text (on_idle_gtktextview_addtext_test)
Text "Future is Open. " is appended to GtkTextView [count] times.

GtkTextView - Scroll (on_idle_gtktextview_scroll_test)
Scrolls the text added in earlier test GTK_SCROLL_STEP_FORWARD and when end is
reached GTK_SCROLL_STEP_BACKWARD for [count] times.

GtkDrawingArea - Lines (on_idle_gtkdrawingarea_lines_test)
Draws random size and color lines to GtkDrawingArea for 1000*[count] times.

GtkDrawingArea - Circles (on_idle_gtkdrawingarea_circles_test)
Draws random size and color circles to GtkDrawingArea for 1000*[count] times.

GtkDrawingArea - Text (on_idle_gtkdrawingarea_text_test)
Draws random size and color "Future is Open." strings with PangoLayout to 
GtkDrawingArea for 100*[count] times. Font used is "Sans Bold 16".

GtkDrawingArea - Pixbuf (on_idle_gtkdrawingarea_pixbufs_test)
Draws Duck.png to random place in GtkDrawingArea for 10*[count] times.


To make GtkPerf Hildonized" (see and make it work nicelu in Nokia 770, do this:

1) Enable this line in
#MAEMO_MODULES="libosso hildon-base-lib hildon-lgpl hildon-libs"

2) Enable this line in appdata.h:
//#define HILDONIZED

Now compile normally and GtkPerf uses maemo-specific changes in code!

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