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This directory contains some benchmarks for Guile, and some generic
benchmarking support code.

To run these benchmarks, you will need a version of Guile more recent
than 15 Feb 1999 --- the benchmarks use the (ice-9 and-let*) and
(ice-9 getopt-long) modules, which were added to Guile around then.

For information about how to run the benchmark suite, read the usage
instructions in the comments at the top of the guile-benchmark script.

You can reference the file `lib.scm' from your own code as the module
(benchmark-suite lib); it also has comments at the top and before each
function explaining what's going on.

Please write more Guile benchmarks, and send them to
We'll merge them into the distribution.  All benchmark suites must be
licensed for our use under the GPL, but I don't think we're going to
collect assignment papers for them.
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