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Hamlib - (C) Frank Singleton 2000 (
         (C) Stephane Fillod 2000-2007
         (C) The Hamlib Group 2000-2008

The purpose of this project is to provide stable, flexible,
shared libraries that enable quicker development of Amateur
Radio Equipment Control Applications.
Many Amateur Radio Transceivers come with serial interfaces
that allows software to control the radio. This project will
endeavour to provide shared libraries that greatly simplify
the application programmer's interaction with radio equipment
and other controllable devices such as rotators, switches, etc.

The shared libs will provide functions for both radio control,
and data retrieval from the radio.
The structure of the libraries will be as follows.

(1)	There will be 1 frontend library "libhamlib" that
	provides the generic API for user applications.

(2)	There will be "n" backend libraries that "wrap" 
	rig specific communications inside frontend API.

(3)	Frontend lib will load (on demand) the appropriate
	backend lib as required. 

Frontend Library
---------------- -  frontend lib that provides generic API
		for all RIG types. This is what Application
		programmers will "see".

Backend Examples are:
--------------------- will provide connectivity to Yaesu
  FT 747GX Transceiver, FT 847 "Earth Station", etc. via a standard API.

2. will provide connectivity to the Wiz-bang
   moon-melter 101A (yikes..)

Hamlib will also enable developers to develop professional looking GUI's 
towards a standard control library API, and they would not have to worry 
about the underlying connection towards physical hardware.
Initially serial (RS232) connectivity will be handled, but
I expect that IP (and other) connectivity will follow afterwards. 


Hamlib is entirely developped using GNU tools, under various Linux systems. 
That is, if you want to take part in the development of Hamlib, 
you'll need at least the following tools:
	* autoconf > 2.50
	* automake > 1.7
	* libtool  > 1.5
	* doxygen
	* cvs and ssh to connect to

There are also the README.betatester and README.developer files in this 
directory if you feel like hacking hamlib.  Otherwise, contributions of rig 
specifications and protocol documentation are highly encouraged.  Do keep
in mind that in some cases the manufacturer may not provide complete control
information or it is only available under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
Any documentation *must* be publically available so we can legally write and
distribute Free Software supporting a given device.

However, if you just want to recompile the library, please refer
to the INSTALL file. 

IMPORTANT: If autoconf or automake are installed on your system, make sure 
they are matching *at least* the version shown above.  The Hamlib team is 
very interrested to hear from you, how Hamlib builds and works on your system,
especially on non-Linux system or non-PC systems. We try to make Hamlib as 
portable as possible.

Please report in case of problems at
Patches are welcome too!

And for those who were brave enough to read until here, but not lucky enough
to rebuild the lib, there is good news. The RPM and deb packages are
available at the site. Enjoy!

Take a look at tests/README for more info on simple examples.

Also, take a look at
Here you will find a mail list, and  the latest CVS releases.
Feedback, questions, etc. about Hamlib are very welcome 
at the mail list: <>

Have Fun / Frank S / Stephane F

  73's de vk3fcs/km5ws / f8cfe

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