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These are the hildon theme tools

These tools allow you to create themes for the maemo platform.  They
are intended to support the various theme layout packages (such as
hildon-theme-layout-2 for mistral or hildon-theme-layout-3 for bora, etc.).

Tools lists

 * hildon-theme-bootstrap
 * hildon-theme-mk-bundle 
 * hildon-theme-rc-parser 
 * hildon-theme-subst
 * hildon-theme-slicer
 * hildon-theme-colourizer
 * hildon-theme-regenerator
 * hildon-theme-outliner

Creating themes

Check the documentation on our wiki pages for howtos and instructions about
creating themes. For a start you might want to try out hildon-theme-bootstrap
which is a quick tool for bootstrapping a new theme. This tool will create a
complete theme package directory that can be built directly using the debian

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