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# $Id$

	Tim Rice	Tue Oct 28 20:36:21 PST 1997

	Modify the depend file as necessary. man depend(4)
	I like to keep all the HylaFAX files in a seperate directory
	like /opt/HylaFAX so I created the scripts 
	make.links and remove.links to setup symbolic links to the
	user programs and man pages

	If you want to include them in your package edit these next two
	lines as necessary and add them to your proto.local file.
f none /opt/HylaFAX/make.links=./make.links 0644 bin sys
l none /opt/HylaFAX/remove.links=/opt/HylaFAX/make.links

	Next edit postinstall and preremove to uncomment the lines
	that run the make.links and remove.links scripts

	Now run make package
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