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C Interface Functions for Icon

This directory contains C functions that can be called from Icon on
systems supporting dynamic loading via dlopen(3).  These systems include
SunOS, Solaris, OSF/1, Irix, and Linux.

To see what's available, look at the comments in the .c files.  To use
a C function, just use "link cfunc" and call the function by name.

The C functions are loaded at runtime from a library file "".
This library is normally found in /usr/local/lib/icon.  The environment
variable FPATH (function path) can be set to specify other directories
to be searched first; at Arizona, /home/icon/ibin usually contains the
very latest developmental version.  The current directory is always
searched before anything else.

To build the library, run "make".  This process also builds "cfunc.icn",
the file of interface procedures that actually load the C functions.
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