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In order to facilitate the configuration of sendmail I made a little
m4 script, it replaces the ugly :)
It needs fnet.m4 that is included in last tx and that goes in 
 ..../sendmail-cf/mailer/ while the goes in ..../sendmail-cf/cf/

You have to configure a few lines in then do

m4 > /etc/

and you have a good

You need the m4 macros for sendmail (come whith the sendmail sources, 
or you can have sendmail-cf.blabla.rpm; sure other distrib schemes have 
their equivalent packages too)

* it adds anti-spam support (add email/domains to block in /etc/sendmail.rej)
* it assumess you use * domain for fidonet and *.ftn for othernets

What is configurable ?

Only these lines :

define(`LOCAL_LOGIN_NAME',      ``emartine'')
define(`SMART_HOST',            ``[]'')
define(`FIDO_HOST_ADDRESS',     ``'')
define(`FIDO_SMART_HOST',       ``'')
define(`FIDO_GATEWAY',          ``'')
define(`ISP_LOGIN_NAME',        ``emart002'')
define(`ISP_MAIL_DOMAIN',       ``'')

LOCAL_LOGIN_NAME defines your local login in your linux box.
SMART_HOST defines your ISP smart host, that is the machine you sent
        email to. That is a machine accessible by smtp (when you
        connect t othe internet throug PPP do "sendmail -q" and it
        delivers the mail). enclose the name whith [ ] if you are not 
        connected 24h/24h, otherwise problems will happen.
FIDO_HOST_ADDRESS is *your* fido address (can be a point address of course)
FIDO_SMART_HOST your fido uplink address, that is where you send pkt to.
FIDO_GATEWAY the fidonet -> internet gateway nearest to you
ISP_LOGIN_NAME your ISP login name, if you have an email address
ISP_MAIL_DOMAIN what is after the "@" of your email address if one
USE_FGATE this one is a little different. If you have *NO* internet
        connectivity at all, that is if you rely on the fidonet gateway,
        put this line:


        however, if you can connect to the internet to send to a smart host
        put this one instead :


That's all for a simple setup ! run (m4 > /etc/

Don't forget to put in /etc/ the list of all your machine local
addresses (either uucp name if one, fidonet, other FTN,...).
Exemple I have :

# - include all aliases for your machine here.

If you are connected to other FTN networks or if you want some routing other
than trough FIDO_SMART_HOST and/or SMART_HOST edit the file /etc/mailertable
to add some special routings, using the syntax :

domain          transport:trough.system


sends direct to 2:293/2219 trough fnet. NOTE: points aren't handled, for
that you will also need:

note the leading dot !

For *your* points put (assming you are :

(again note the leading dot, and the %1)

for othernets is the same, ex:

.maxwellnet.ftn                 fnet:f12.n34.z555.maxwellnet.ftn

and for other transports too:

.some.uucp                      uucp-dom:barney
.some.smtp                      smtp:[local.networked.machine]

each time you modify /etc/mailertable you need to recompile it running:

makemap hash /etc/mailertable.db < /etc/mailertable


A bient�t,
Pablo Saratxaga
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