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impressive - A program that displays presentation slides…  more info»


- fixed display problems when using odd window sizes
- loading image data earlier so that no unhandled exceptions will be thrown
  when a file is broken
- fixed typo in --aspect parameter
- using -u doesn't periodically re-load the input file any longer if it changed
  only once
- fixed a bunch of problems related to non-standard aspect ratios
- adjustable zoom factor
- black-out and white-out are now assigned to keys [.] and [,]
- PDF hyperlinks are now also available if the cache is disabled
- releasing all locks at the end of run_main()
- included some library version numbers in crash messages
- added option to fade in at program start and fade out at program end
- added --nologo option
- added shuffle feature
- right mouse button will no longer switch to previous page in zoom mode
  (prevents accidental page switches)
- improved MPlayer interface
- added 'always' PageProp to play sound or video every time a page is entered
- 'timeout' PageProp is now respected every time a page is entered if wrap mode
  (-w) is enabled
- added finer-grained control over the progress bar colors and timing;
  added --page-progress option
- added overscan option
- display will now be quickly uninitialized when Impressive quits
- improved PDF parser robustness
- now using hashlib instead of md5 module, if available, to avoid a
  DeprecationWarning on Python 2.6
- software rendering warning now also reacts on any OpenGL renderer string
  beginning with 'software'
- added FadeOutFadeIn transition (idea by Antonio Terceiro)
- hyperlinks now work correctly on rotated pages

0.10.2 [2008-02-03]
- --listtrans now shows which transitions are enabled by default
- number of digits in pdftoppm output file names is cached
- using xrandr to get current resolution on X11
- enabled URL hyperlinks using ShellExecute (Win32) or fd.o's xdg-open (UNIX)
- 'keys' PageProp for arbitrary key bindings
- exceptions in info scripts are now non-fatal
- 'video' PageProp and PlayVideo() function for (HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL!!!)
  fullscreen video playback
- PDF parser now emits warnings instead of failing silently if something
  isn't OK
- support for list files using the @filename syntax
- 'comment' PageProp displays overlay text on a slide permanently
- added auto-overview mode (idea by Tobias Maier)
- restore compatibility with KeyJnoteGUI

0.10.1a [2007-11-27]
- restored compatibility with poppler-based pdftoppm
- added Alt+Tab as alias for "exit fullscreen mode"
- improved cleanup code

0.10.1 [2007-09-09]
- re-enabled GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two support (was broken in 0.10.0)
- PDF hyperlink support
- added compatibility fix for PyOpenGL 3.x
- generalized and simplified PageProp system
- rotate PageProp
- multi-file support
- persistent cache

0.10.0 [2007-06-02]
- added pdftoppm rendering backend
- overview page update fix
- more font search paths (DejaVuSans.ttf, OSX paths)
- graceful handling of failed renders
- converted logo to PNG
- fixed -T0 crash
- allowed None as a value for the 'transition' PageProp and -t parameter
- added 'transtime' PageProp to set transition duration for single pages
- R key: reset timer
- added 'progress' PageProp to show/hide progress bar
- added 'reset' PageProp to reset the timer when the page is left
- allowed special value FirstTimeOnly for the 'reset' prop
- L key: return to last (= most recently used) page or back
- added OnEnter, OnLeave, OnEnterOnce and OnLeaveOnce page props
- customizable OSD layout and alpha
- I and O keys change 'skip' and 'overlay' PageProps interactively
- now accepting image file names at the command line
- fixed supersample mode
- added key repeat to quickly change the spotlight size via the keyboard
- Home and End keys now navigate to the start and end of the presentation
- shortcut function for any unused letter, number or function key
- removed PagePeel from the default transitions list
- two new families of transitions: {Slide,Squeeze}{Left,Right,Up,Down}

0.9.4 [2007-03-19]
- middle mouse button now acts as overview toggle
- automatic display mode guessing now implemented on Unix, too
- fixed 'T' key
- fixed crash in the OSD code if a broken version of PIL is used
- added gamma controls (courtesy of Luke Campagnola)
- added progress bar / estimated duration
- added loadable cursor image

0.9.3 [2007-02-26]
- fixed indentation bug (removing a box caused a transition to the prev page)
- improved pdftk parser (handles non-ASCII characters gracefully)
- all messages are redirected to stderr
- added timer ([T] key) and time tracking mode
- made all main keyboard bindings unicode key queries

0.9.2 [2007-02-17]
- fixed memory cache
- added "polling" option
- added "cache range" option
- added overview page OSD

0.9.1 [2007-01-24]
- FIX: 'whitening' mode didn't work with GL_EXT_texture_rectangle
- FIX: crash when clicking a mouse button in fade mode
- FIX: occasionally left behind temp files

0.9.0 [2007-01-07]
- fixed all OpenGL calls to use the explicit form (glTexCoord2d instead of
- corrected texture target specification for rare transitions
- added unicode key aliases for the [+] and [-] keys (should improve i18n)
- added "fade to solid color" feature
- added 'skip' PageProp
- improved/fixed window caption in overview mode
- GhostScript is now called with -dUseCropBox, should improve handling of
  some LaTeX-beamer generated PDFs
- using a temp file for the page cache now
- added background rendering
- Win32: true fullscreen by default

0.8.3 [2006-09-28]
- 'overview' PageProp to remove pages from the overview screen
- experimental aspect ratio option
- new transition contributed by Ronan Le Hy
- OpenGL non-power-of-two texture size extension support

0.8.2 [2006-07-13]
- fixed crash on some files
- added overview mode keyboard navigation
- added "--rotate" option

0.8.1 [2006-02-04]
- made OpenGL error reporting more concise
- added "render" option to produce PNG files from a PDF

0.8.0 [2005-11-23]
- fixed command-line option parser
- changed some cmdline options (see documentation or -h)
- added new --transition option to specify which transitions can be chosen
- added some new transitions from Rob Reid
- fixed image file mode
- fixed display of portrait images or pages
- added experimental 2x zoom mode

0.7.2 [2005-10-24]
- fixed two annoying bugs introduced in 0.7.1, related to mouse key
- fixed bug that caused parts of the old page content to be visible after
- added two slideshow-related options

0.7.1 [2005-10-22]
- more intuitive highlight box handling (the middle mouse button is no
  longer used to create and destroy highlight boxes; instead, dragging
  the mouse while LMB is pressed creates a box and clicking with RMB deletes
  a box)
- added 'initial page number' option (-i)

0.7.0 [2005-09-29]
- fixed bug in overview page that caused the program to crash if the user
  clicked outside the area occupied by thumbnails
- added 'timeout' PageProp to automatically advance to the next page
- added EXPERIMENTAL support for sound via 'sound' PageProp 

0.6.3 [2005-09-07]
- Some PDF files generated by pdflatex would not play because of negative
  object counts. Fixed.

0.6.2 [2006-09-06]
- bugfix: filenames with spaces didn't work on Win32

0.6.1 [2005-09-05]
- initial public release
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