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From 0.8 to 0.9

      # iEQ45 GoTo German Equatorial Mount Driver.
      # INDI::Base drivers are now used for most classes of astrnomical instruments.
      # New improved QSI CCD & Filter driver.
      # New improved Starlight Xpress CCD & Filter driver.
      # New improved RoboFocus driver.
      # libboost is no longer required to build libindi.
      # Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements.

From 0.7.2 to 0.8

      # TCF-S Focuser driver.
      # Synscan Telescope driver.

From 0.7.0 to 0.7.1

      # Fixed change filter bug in true technology filter wheel. (JM)
      # setINDI updated and improved. (ED)
      # Improved INDI::Mediator functionality. (JM)
      # Fixed buffer reading in INDI::BaseClient. (JM)
      # Add new tutorial for INDI::BaseClient. (JM).

From 0.6.2 to 0.7.0

      # Dynamic renaming of drivers upon run time.
      # Standard helper API to create and utilize INDI clients.
      # Ability to load driver properties from an external XML file.
      # Ability to write/read XML configuration files for driver values to be loaded at run time.
      # Facilitating debugging and simulation of drivers.
      # New C++ framework to facilitate the development of new INDI drivers.
      # Several bug fixes for current drivers and framework. 

From 0.6.1 to 0.6.2

	# Build related updates.

From 0.6 to 0.6.1

	# Updating drivers.xml to comply to new XML structure for group and devices metadata descriptions.

From 0.5 to 0.6

        # Devices:
                + Astrophysics mount is now working.
                + Apogee driver is now working.
        # Features:
                + New libindi structure to streamline development.
                + Drivers using Standard Property _REQUEST WO to make requests. This facilitates scripting and automation of drivers.
                + Updated inter-driver communication with INDI SNOOP.

From 0.4 to 0.5

	# Devices:
		+ True Technology Filter Wheel

	# Features:
	     + Added INDI Observer pattern to enable flexible inter-driver communication.
             + getINDI now supports BLOBs.
	     + LX200 Drivers use client timestamp to update the telescope internal clock. The old behavior was to use to system's time.
	     + Added a new INDI Standard Property: UTC_OFFSET.
	     + Dropping threaded INDI server in favor of the slightly better non-threaded version due to performance considerations.

	# Bugs
	     + SBIG CCD driver was updated to fix problems with CFITSIO.
	     + Updated TTY API to include error reporting, in addition to fixing a few bugs.
	     + Fixed INDI Mac OSX Crash.

	# Known Issues
	     + Astrophysics Mount driver (apmount) is not working. It is currently under new development and is intented to be released in the next version as it matures.
             + Meade LPI exposure is locked to 1 second. The Video4Linux support for timed exposures is limited. A fix should be available in the next release.
             + The SBIG driver does not allow autoguiding. When one selects the guider CCD, any exposure on the imaging CCD is cancelled and vice-versa.

From v0.3 to v0.4:

	# Devices:

		+ RoboFocus
		+ FLI Precision Focuser
		+ Orion Atlas / Sky Scan
	# Other:
		+ Added more API documentation and revised existing documentation for accuracy and consistency.
		+ Fixed UTC correction bug in LX200 driver.
		+ Fixed pallete selection in V4L 2 drivers.
		+ Fixed bug in eventloop that can cause IE timers to crash.
		+ Added variable focus speed for Meade Autostar and GPS.
		+ Added CFITSIO, a mature and robust FITS library.
		+ New RS232 API for common access routines.

From v0.2 to v0.3:

	# Devices:
		+ Apogee CCD (Experimental)
		+ SkyCommander
		+ Temma Takahashi
		+ FLI Filter Wheel
		+ Meade Lunar Planetary Imager (Experimental)
		+ Astrophysics AP

	# Other:
		+ Support for Video 4 Linux 2
		+ Multi-threaded INDI server
		+ Binary transfer via BLOB
		+ INDI scripting tools
		+ Various bug fixing

INDI Library v1.0 conforms to INDI wire protocol v1.6
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