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NowPlaying modified by BruceLee


This is an improved version of NowPlaying.

 The best way to read this is by opening the README and/or ChangeLog files provided with the screenlet.
 Here the text looks bad because the website doesn't show 2 consecutive space characters.

New Features Summary:
 + General:   Wallpaper changer (Sets wallpaper according to the current artist or album) (requires gconftool-2)
 + General:   Cover Copy (Copies the current cover to the song folder) (requires imagemagick)
 + General:   History logging of the played tracks
 + General:   Right click menu: 'Open cover with viewer' and 'Open cover location'
 + General:   Sleep fade (Fade out volume, Quit player and Shutdown computer)
 + Skinning:  Ability to edit the cover image right before showing it (so you can make more flexible skins)
 + Skinning:  Rewritten the PlayerControls tag. (now supports transparency and don't have to be an actual visual group)
 + Skinning:  Added the transparency option for images
 + Eyecandy:  Fade effect for the following actions: screenlet startup, cover change, theme change, mouse hover, player start/quit, player play/stop, manual show/hide
 + API:       Volume control (with mouse scroll wheel up/down/click)
 + API:       Rating control
 + API:       Updated/Improved most of them and added some more

Note for the Screenlets engine developers:
 > The fade effect should be implemented directly into the screenlets engine so that all the screenlets can use it. I do belive that it would look way better.

Supported players:
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - Abraca                (XMMS2 GUI)
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - Amarok 1
 - last tested with v0.3.3.9 - Amarok 2
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - Audacious
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - Banshee
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - Decibel-Audio-Player  (v1.05 or greater)
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - Esperanza             (XMMS2 GUI)
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - Exaile                (with MPRIS Plugin enabled)
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - gXMMS2                (XMMS2 GUI)
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - Jajuk
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - Juk
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - Listen
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - LXMusic               (XMMS2 GUI)
 - last tested with v0.3.3.0 - MPD
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - Muine
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - qmmp                  (with MPRIS Plugin enabled)
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - QuodLibet             (with Picture Saver plugin enabled)
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - Rhythmbox
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - Songbird              (needs MPRIS Addon)
 - last tested with v0.3.4.2 - XMMS2                 (with/without GUI.. doesn't matter)
                             - Maybe other players with MPRIS support
                             - Definitely other XMMS2 clients
Included skins:
 - Border_Fade-200px
 - Border_Fade-400px
 - Broken_Glass
 - corner_tr_b
 - corner_tr_b_only_cover
 - Coversutra-Searchbar-Album-Art
 - Coversutra-Searchbar-Jewel-Case
 - Coversutra-Searchbar-Vinyl-Art
 - default
 - default-old
 - lucid-dark
 - lucid-light

Known Bugs:
 > Listen:   Next/Previous buttons don't work (The dbus call is correct but from that to the player something is not working fine.)
 > Songbird: It works but the screenlet lags a lot. Although it uses MPRIS just like Exaile or qmmp which run fine.

If there are any problems please report them so that we can make this screenlet even better.
The screenlet contains only a few themes because of the uploading limit.

Something I'd like to see in this screenlet is the ability to run multiple instances. Unfortunately I still didn't figure out how to do that.

For more details please read the changelog...

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