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AsLL preliminary documentation, last updated 13 Jun 2002

Server-to-server ping format:

<prefix> G !<local-ts> <target> <local-ts>

prefix = origin server numeric
local-ts = local timestamp, as "seconds.miliseconds"
target = target server numeric

The local-ts is also sent instead of the origin field,
so RTT information can be collected from non-AsLL servers,
while preserving backward compatibility.

Server-to-server pong format:

<prefix> Z <origin> <target> <remote-ts> <diff> <local-ts>

prefix = origin server numeric
origin = origin server numeric
target = target server numeric
remote-ts = remote timestamp as received from an AsLL PING
diff = difference between local-ts and remote-ts in miliseconds (integer)
local-ts = local timestamp, as "seconds.miliseconds"
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