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This program examples/sendplot illustrate the use of message passing
routines that are used to send data to a plotting program.
Note that you need to make sure that you define BuildRPCClasses to YES
in config/site.def.$CPU before building the library to run this example.

Run the plot program from one window, and the sendplot program from
another. The send program will print out the message and then pause so
that you can see how the plot is updated by the message.

After the 8th data point the plot will automatically resize the
verticle scale because the data point would have fallen below the scale.

At any time, you can use the left mouse button to select a data point
on the plot.  This illustrates the glyph picking method.  When a point
is selected, a rectangle appears around the point.

You should also resize the window to see how the scales resize.

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