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jazip - Mount and unmount Iomega Zip and/or Jaz drives…  more info»


jaZip for Linux (c) 1996-2001 Jarrod A. Smith
Send bug reports, questions and comments to


The user interface for this program was done using the XForms Library 0.88.
You will need to get this library in order to compile this program.
It is available at

I got the idea for the precursor to this program from Grant Guenther's command
line program, "ziptool."

I liked the features of ziptool and wanted to add features for
easily mounting/umounting disks, as well as to provide a user interface that
approximates the Mac and Windows software that Iomega bundles with the drive.
This program now supports both the Zip and Jaz drive (both 1G and 2G variants).
Thanks to Florent Staley ( for giving me the
modification to scsi.c that enabled the jaz detection.

I mainly did this as a project to learn something about making a user
interface with the XForms Library, and because I like my Zip and Jaz drives.
I hope you will find it useful.

I have no affiliation with Iomega whatsoever.  Again, I did this because I
like their products and wanted to gain experience as well as hopefully provide
something useful to part of the Linux community.

I'd like to thank Raymond Isaac ( for the current icons that
the jaZip program is sporting.  They look spiffy!

1.	Get the XForms library tarfile from one of the above locations.
	untar the xforms tar file.
	cd xforms/
	become root
	type 'make install'
	now you are ready to make and install jaZip

2.	There are a couple of things at the top of jazip.h that you can change
	to suit your needs.  Most notably, the default raw scsi device of your
	Iomega drive, DEF_DEV.  This will save you having to put the device
	name as the first command line argument each time you start the program
	(see below).  Also, you may wish to change the names of the directories
	that the program mounts the disks to.  ZIP_MOUNT_POINT and JAZ_MOUNT_POINT
	can be customized for that purpose.

3.	Do as root (if you want non-root users to be able to use the program):

	make; make install

	The first 'make' does a "chmod +s" to the executable once it is
	made so that ordinary users can have control over the drive without
	needing root privledges on the system.  Things should remain secure,
	although I can't guarantee it.  If you don't want ordinary users to be
	able to do these things, then you've got at least two options to fix the
	  remove the "chmod +s jazip" line from the makefile before running
	  unset the suid bit after installation with
	   "chmod -s /usr/X11R6/bin/jazip"


jazip [scsi_dev] [-display host:dpy] [-visual visual] [-depth depth] [-private]

The optional [scsi_dev] command line parameter specifies the raw scsi device
name of one of the drives with an entry in /etc/jazip.conf 
If no [scsi_dev] is specified on the command line, jazip will use the *first*
entry of /etc/jazip.conf by default.  This allows you to add a different line
in the configuration file for each drive you own, and then invoke
jazip with the name of the device for the drive you want jazip to use.

The XForms Library itself allows you to specify the following display variables:

   -display host:dpy
   -visual visual (TrueColor, PseudoColor etc)
   -depth depth (24, 8, 1 etc.)
   -private Force a private colormap

Once the program is running, see the online help (under the help menu) for
further information and instructions.
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