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Release notes for jconvolver and fconvolver 0.9.1

Jconvolver is a real-time convolution engine. It
can execute up to a 64 by 64 convolution matrix
(i.e. 4096 simultaneous convolutions) as long as
your CPU(s) can handle the load. It is designed 
to be efficient also for sparse (e.g. diagonal)
matrices. Unused matrix elements do not take
any CPU time.

In contrast to e.g. BruteFir, jconvolver uses
multiple partition sizes, small ones at the start
of the impulse response and progressively longer
ones for the rest. This allows it provide both
zero processing delay while still remaining 
efficient in CPU use. 

Fconvolver performs the same processing on files
instead of real-time.

To compile on OSX, copy Makefile-osx to Makefile,
the proceed in the normal way. This is untested
and may or may not work. 

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