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Bitmechanic JDBC Pool
Version: 0.99
Release Date: July 26, 2001

Please see LICENSE file for terms of use

I. Getting started

  Read javadoc/packages.html for developer's information
  See examples/*.java for some sample code;  In particular take a look at
      examples/gsp/README for an example of how to use this with 
      GNU Server Pages

  To use, add jdbcpool-0.99.jar to your CLASSPATH, or unpack the jar file
  into a directory already in your CLASSPATH.

II. Hacking

  If you're curious how this works, or wish to tinker with it, check out
  the src directory.

III. Other information

  Send questions/comments/bugs to:

  JDBC Pool home page:


Thanks, and have fun!

-- James <>
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