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Jext - v3.0.2 - Readme File 1.6 - 05/26/2001 - 23:10:19

(C)1999-2001 Romain Guy
Released under GPL-2 license (see LICENSE)

  I would like to warmly thank all the people who contributed to Jext
by providing source code or brilliant ideas:

- Slava Pestov and Mike Dillon: for their numerous parts of code
                                included in Jext

- Aaron Miller: for his support, his help in correcting the Jext
                documentation, his CodeMaster plugin and his help
                on the Jext maintainance

- Matthew Allbrecht: for having written the two first Jext plugins and
                     for his improvments on FastTyper (renamed
                     HyperTyper as for a plugin)

- Scott Bellamy: for his Print plugin and his support and ideas

- Matthew Benson: for his bug fixes and various improvments

- Julien Ponge: for memory management

- Bogdan Mitu: for his fabulous plugins/modes association system

- Blake Winton: for his templates plugin

- Cyrille Legrand and Benoit Rigaud: for their splash screens

- Scott Wyatt and Barranger Ridler: mouse wheel support

- Michel Ludwig for its tab_clean GIF file

- Other code contributors: Steve Lawson (toolbar hack),
  Ian D. Stewart (file dialog caching), Grant Stead (XML Workspaces)
  and all the ones I unfortunately forgot :-)

  Jext is very often updated. The updates are simple bug fixes as well
as brand new releases including new features. Check the web site from
time to time to stay informed about the updates:

  Or join the mailing list to receive latest informations, patches or
development status reports:

  This archive contains the binaries of the Jext software. The binaries
are placed in the file jext.jar which is required to run Jext.

  This file also contains several sub-directories. They are listed
and descibed below:

  bin\             contains several launch scripts for different OS
  +- icons\        contains two icons in both XPM and ICO format for
  |                Un*x and Windows environments
  +- lang\         contains internationalization packages
  +- plugins\      contains several .jar files which are plugins
  +- scripts\      this directory contains some sample scripts for
  |                Dawn and Python scripting languages
  +- templates\    this directory contains several templates. You can
  |                create your owns and put them in this directory
  +- themes\       place where to put themes for Jext
  lib\             contains the software binaries

Kunstsoff LnF (C) INCORS GmbH, published under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence.

The official web site is:

JYTHON (Python for Java)
Jython license is described in Jython-LICENSE file.
Jython official web site is
Python official web site is

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