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<h3>HDF-Java 2.8 release (December 15, 2011)</h3>

This release was built with <b>HDF 4.2.6</b> and <b>HDF5 1.8.8</b> using jdk 1.6.x.
<b>Major changes</b> includes the following:
<li> More methods were added to HDF5 JNI wrapper</li>
<li> Unit tests were added to all major HDF5 JNI functions  </li>
<li> This release includes over 35 enhancements and bug fixes </li>

<p />
For more information on the current release, please read 
<a href="hdfview/UsersGuide/ug01introduction.html#ug01release">
<i>About This Release</i></a>.


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