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pkg://josm_0.0.svn5267+dfsg1.orig.tar.gz:22112584/josm-0.0.svn5267/styles_nodist/potlatch2/  info  downloads


The Potlatch 2 styles need to be patched in order to work with the JOSM MapCSS implementation.

Potlatch 2's repository is git://

 * styles_nodist/potlatch2/source
        contains the unmodified source files copied from
 * styles_nodist/potlatch2/patched
        contains the manually edited version
 * images/icons
        copy of
 * styles/standard/potlatch2.mapcss
        concatination of the patched files; the ant task 'assemble' helps with this (use build.xml in the current folder)

When updating from upstream, keep all 4 locations in sync.

At time of writing, the last update used f4019f791c0ee268443c942ad06f127d9911758a but better check the commit dates as well.
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