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jpeginfo - Prints information and tests integrity of JPEG/JFIF files…  more info»


	v1.6.0 - added support for printing out Comments (from COM
	         markers), Exif format images are now also recognized
	         (no Exif marker decoding functionality, though).
	v1.5   - configuration is now done with GNU autoconf, 
		 program now uses free MD5 algorithm,
		 added file size as new field on reports,
		 program now returns exit code 1 if one or more of the jpegs
		 had any errors, useful for testing if particular jpeg is
	         ok from shell scripts, 
	         also if you specify -q (--quiet) option twice on
		 command line, then program won't produce any output.
	v1.4   - added support for calculating MD5 checksums.
	v1.3   - alternative listing format (-l switch) added.
	         new column on reports displaying whether jpeg is 
		 progressive or normal (P/N).
		 new switch -i for printing out even more information
	         about pictures: coding, density, CCIR601 sampling.
	         new switch -f for passing filenames to program from
	         file or stdin.
	v1.2   - improved support for other platforms, minor fixes
        v1.1.2 - small fixes, improvements to Makefile
	v1.1   - modified to use Independent JPEG Group's new v.6a library,
		 minor fixes.
	v1.0   - first public release

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