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2008-09-30  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-21
        * [JSPWIKI-398] Pages with spaces in them caused erratic rename
        behaviour by renaming all the links on the page.

2008-10-14  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.8.0-beta-20

        * [JSPWIKI-313] ShortURLConstructor was not creating URLs for the LOGIN
        context correctly. We now check for this context specifically.

2008-10-13  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.8.0-beta-19

        * [JSPWiki-342] Resolved issue by removing outdated doc files.

        * [JSPWIKI-345] Added unit tests for testing single user policies. Confirmed bug
        and workaround but did not fix root cause (freshcookies-security bug).

2008-10-06  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-18

        * [JSPWIKI-395] One more xhtml issue in plain.jsp. Not what you'd expected ;-)
2008-10-05  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-17

        * [JSPWIKI-395] Few fixes to improve xhtml compliance.
        (txs to the wonderful tools of Andrew ;-)

2008-10-05  Harry Metske <>

        * Updated LICENSE and NOTICE file quite a couple of resources (most of them Apache licensed)
        * a few minor updates to Compiling.txt, UPGRADING and ReleaseNotes

2008-10-05  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * Updated LICENSE and NOTICE file for javascript related resources. (no version step-up)

2008-10-01  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.8.0-beta-16

        * [JSPWIKI-386] Custom LoginModules were not being configured correctly.
        Thanks to Peter Hormanns for reporting this.

2008-10-01  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-15
        * [JSPWIKI-327] Few more tweaks to stabilize the 'back' button handling after a search.
2008-09-30  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-14
        * [JSPWIKI-327] Going back to the search page now remembers the last search query.
        The query and selected pagination-page is stored in the #hash of the url.
2008-09-30  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * Oops, Dutch corepages had overwritten the English corepages,
        so restored both English ones and created a dir for Dutch.

2008-09-29  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-13
        * [JSPWIKI-385] Header lines are now cleared 'left' so that comment-boxes 
        can appear side by side with !!!header lines. 
        * [JSPWIKI-380] Fix backspace handling of the plain editor.

2008-09-29  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-12
        * [JSPWIKI-387] Fixed a number of quotes on Install.jsp.

2008-09-27  Harry Metske <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-11
        * added Dutch corepages

2008-09-24  Juan Pablo Santos <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-10
        * added spanish corepages
        * [JSPWIKI 343] Go through all built-in wikipages and make sure all of the 
        documentation in those is ok for 2.8.0. Applied only for en and es corepages.
2008-09-24  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-9
        * [JSPWIKI-368] Fixed issue with multiple preferences cookies
        appearing if the web app was installed to the root.  Thanks
        to Florian for finding this!

2008-09-21  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-8
        * [JSPWIKI-373] Fixed issue with sign button giving a fixed date.
        Unfortunately the format is fixed.  Thanks to Stefan Bohn for 
        a fix.

2008-09-21  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-7
        * [JSPWIKI-379] TranslateTag now properly does a deep
        clone of the WikiContext, so that you no longer can get
        ACLs instantiated just by previewing a page.
2008-09-20  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-6
        * [JSPWIKI-231] Brought Italian and Chinese translations up to
        * Added Chinese corepages, thanks to David Gao.

2008-09-18  Harry Metske <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-5  JSPWIKI-231: update the latest de localisation, patch from Florian

2008-09-18  Harry Metske <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-4  JSPWIKI-263: DOC change to the README file
2008-09-18  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.8.0-beta-3
        * One lonely Javadoc tweak.

2008-09-18  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-2
        * Fixed the failing unit tests for PageRenamer.
2008-09-05  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.8.0-beta-1

2008-09-03 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-37
        * [JSPWIKI-369] SneakPreview was broken when no SectionEdit was turned off.

        * [JSPWIKI-370] Remove 'vertical-align' css rule to prevent printing errors,
        as reported by Terry Steichen.
        * Few small fixes on the Accordion style.
2008-09-02  Juan Pablo Santos <>

        * Updated spanish translation (CoreResources_es + default_es properties)
2008-08-31  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-36
        * [JSPWIKI-366]: changenote was lost in commenting previews. Also, FCK
        was not showing the changenote field.
2008-08-31  Harry Metske <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-35
        * JSPWIKI-364:  Info tab presents null string to user (reported by Florian)
2008-08-31  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-34
        * Commenting now uses the changenote field properly (and we got rid
        of the "Comment by XXX" -functionality.  Therefore, "" i18n field
        is now unused.
        * Renaming now uses symbols instead of English text to put in the changenote
2008-08-30  Harry Metske <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-33
        * JSPWIKI-231: update the latest de localisation patch from Florian
        and quite a few corrections to the nl localisation
        * Found during debugging that Lucene Indexer was using a bit 
        agressive interval of 1 second for Emptying index queue, lowered to 5 seconds
        Combined with a few textual corrections in WikiBackgroundThread 

2008-08-30  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-32
        * JSPWIKI-27: ReferenceManager was not serializing properly when there
        was no page metadata, therefore inadvertently loading old data whenever
        the wiki was restarted. 
        * JSPWIKI-333: Thanks to Florian's patch, this annoying language selection
        thing should now be fixed.
        * Fixed Finnish localization.
        * The suggestion box no longer keeps suggesting wikipages if you start
        inserting a plugin or a variable.
        * JSPWIKI-354: Fixed issue with fallback to default template not working.
2008-08-30 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-31
        * [JSPWIKI-346] Rename errors are now displayed inside a page-info in screen,
        above the rename section.  Some localization updates are needed.

        New resource:
            prefs.errorprefix.rename=Could not rename the page: 

        And the CoreResources rename.* items are updated to remove the text
        "Click "back" on your browser and change the new name.".
        (done for default and .nl properties)

        * [JSPWIKI-289] The edit SuggestionMenu (plain editor only) now also allows 
        to enter a '/' to get a list of attachment links. Moreover, when you open a new link with 
        a '[', by default jspwiki displays the list of attachments of the current page.

2008-08-25 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-30 

        * [JSPWIKI-329] Pagination link for All-entries fixed. Added comments to
        InfoContent.jsp to clear-out obscure pagination counting logic.
        * [JSPWIKI-357], [JSPWIKI-358] Wrong section counting when a page contains a TOC.

        * [JSPWIKI-359] Popup when editing page from Quick Navigation Field should only
        appear when no pagename was entered in input field.

2008-08-24  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-29

        * Changed method signature for UserProfile.get/setUid() to use Strings rather
        than long integers. Test and XML/JDBC UserDatabase implementations changed
        also. This change was made for forward compatibility with JCR storage in  3.0. 

2008-08-24 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-28 

        * [JSPWIKI-355] Fixing section-editing bug reported by Harry.
        * Saving user-preferences was broken in PreferencesTab.jsp

2008-08-24  Harry Metske <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-27
        * added my GPG key to KEYS
        * minor corrections/additions to UPGRADING
        * minor corrections/additions to the selenium readme.txt
        * added ${java.home}/../lib/tools.jar to path.tests, set jspwiki.login.throttling=false and some other comments in build.xml
        * added firefox-2 browser option (as extra comment) to
        * added new simple ViewPageSource selenium test
        * get rid of compile warning in WikiPage and WysiwygEditingRenderer and GroupManager
        * compile error in InputValidatorTest

2008-08-23 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-26 

        * [JSPWIKI-333] Fixed side-impact in GroupManager due to new 
        InputValidator constructor.  

2008-08-23 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-25  Template fixes (mainly section editing)

        * The Section-Editing user preference can now also be set via the By default the preference is turned off.
                jspwiki.defaultprefs.template.sectionediting =on
        * Small fix to avoid section-editing [edit] link on table of contents titles.
        * [JSPWIKI-350] Section-Editing needs to be suppressed in a comment context.
        * The change-note input field is suppressed in a comment context as JSPWiki
        auto-generates the change-note for comments. Also added localization in Comment.jsp
        Added new resource to
       by {0}
        * [JSPWIKI-329] Pagination links on the version history were still not correct
        when number of version equals a multiple of 20. Oops.
        * [JSPWIKI-309] Various updates of the OrderedList skin, including section editing.

2008-08-23 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-24

        * [JSPWIKI-333] Language selection/deselection was not working correctly
        for some error messages. Refactored the input-validator to use correct locale.

2008-08-20  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-23

        * Changed Stripes test jar to the released 1.5 version (congrats to Tim
        and the team).

2008-08-20  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-22
        * JSPWIKI-27: Managed to duplicate this pesky bug from way old times.
        Looks like this was caused by a misread of the OSCache javadocs -
        but I am not sure if the fix causes new problems.
        * JSPWIKI-353: Fixed wrong i18n key in PluginManager which showed
        up if the plugin threw an exception.
        * JSPWIKI-352: Fixed a long-standing bug with ACLs being leaked
        from one page to another if the InsertPageTag was used.
        * Added a KEYS file to the top-level dir.  It would be a good idea
        if all committers added their current GPG keys to it.
2008-08-18  Harry Metske <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-21
        * [JSPWIKI-349] updated (German) corepages, credits to Florian again
2008-08-17  Harry Metske <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-20
        * [JSPWIKI-340] updated (english) corepages and README, mostly editorial changes, 
           a brief summary :
        - Java 5.0 is now a requirement for compiling (instead 1.4.2)
        - Servlet API 2.2 is mentioned, is this still enough ? (I haven't checked)
        - Removed dead link to
        - Removed links to JSPWiki 2.2 ,  2.3 and 2.4 documentation

2008-08-16  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-19
        * JSPWIKI-315: Fixed issues with upper/lowercase filtering in 
        * JSPWIKI-325: Patch from Harry to sort out plugin parameters and their 
        * JSPWIKI-307: Pages with & in their names were not being parsed properly 
        in links.

2008-08-15  Harry Metske <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-18
        * [JSPWIKI-339] added German core pages, many thanks to Florian again !

2008-08-14  Harry Metske <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-17
        * [JSPWIKI-238] PageRenamer now correctly handles links containing blanks
          Added an additional JUnit test for this, there is stil one failing JUnit test however (attachment handling).
          PageRenamer still needs improvement.
2008-08-14  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-16

        * Fixed invalidateSession() method in WikiSession, which was not quite
        fully invalidating sessions.

2008-08-12 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-15

        * [JSPWIKI-334] IE6/IE7 javascript bug causes section editor to crash.
        JS is now running fine, but the Section Overview box still needs some CSS
        fixes. Ongoing.
        Note: Section Editing only works with the plain editor.
        * [JSPWIKI-337] Missing localization in WorkflowContent.jsp.

2008-08-12  Harry Metske <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-14
        * [JSPWIKI-231] updated de translation, thanks to Florian
        * fix for  [JSPWIKI-300] required some extra changes to the JUnit test for the TableOfContents Plugin

2008-08-12 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-13

        * [JSPWIKI-329] Pagination link was still not correct for the block 21-40.
        Amazing catch from Harry and Florian - txs !
2008-08-12  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-12

        * Refactored TestEngine so that MockRountrips and other heavier sessions are
        lazily initialized. Also added a property to AuthenticationManager that allows
        login throttling to be switched off (for example, during unit tests). The
        effect of these two changes cuts unit test times [on my machine] from 25 minutes
        down to about 4.5.

        * Removed reference to Stripes MockServletContext in WebContainerAuthorizer.
        It should not have been there.

2008-08-11 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-11 - various smaller fixes in the default template

        * [JSPWIKI-302] Added the clone function to FCK.jsp. 
        Also added permission checking on the inclusion of the cloned-page.

        * [JSPWIKI-307] Redirection from UserPreferences.jsp doesn't work if "&" is included 
        in the original page name. 

        * [JSPWIKI-300] You can now also add a TableOfContents to your the LeftMenu (or Footer or ...) 
        Although a table of contents is only rendered once on a page; multiple invocations of 
        the plugin will now render an in-page link (#section-TOC) instead of a plain useless text.

        * [JSPWIKI-306] Rendering of rounded corners has been fixed. 
        However, the skin "PlainVanilla 1024x768" has been updated not to use the rounder-corners style anymore.
        This style is not considered part of core jspwiki. (will probably be removed in the future) 
        You can still use it for now (or reactivate it in the skin.js file of the skin)

        * Fixed the Left/Right orientation of Favorites block (with Left Menu) 
        for the Edit and Attachment Upload screens.

        * Made some final fixes and improvements to the SECTION editing feature. 
        It has now become a user-preference, which is by default off. (this preference is only 
        compatible with the plain editor) With section-editing on, you will get [edit] links 
        at each header which allows you to directly edit a particular section of a page. 
        In edting mode, a section overview box is shown in the left-menu allowing to switch 
        between various page section or look at the whole page.
        New localisation resources:
          javascript.sectionediting.label=Section Overview
          prefs.user.sectionediting=Section Editing
          prefs.user.sectionediting.text=Enable section editing via ...

        * Some minor improvements on the Accordion style to improve consistent look & feel. 
        Now also the accordion toggles show a blue +/- icon to indicate clickable regions. 
        Also added a %%leftAccordion and %%rightAccordion style, similar to book-tabs.

        * [JSPWIKI-329] the consistency and correctness of the pagination links has been improved
        in the Page Info screens. Now every block (also the first 1..20) show 20 items; 
        the link titles also match with the presented block. 
        The page size are now represented in kB, similar as attachment sizes.

2008-08-11 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-10

        * [JSPWIKI-333] Language cookie is now set to default browser setting 
        when initializing the Preferences. Previously this was not required as long as the  
        user preferences were not modified by the user. Don't know why this stopped working.

2008-08-11  Harry Metske <>

		* no version bump
        * JSPWIKI-319: added extra checking on Attchment Change Notes

2008-08-10  Harry Metske <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-9
        * JSPWIKI-320: removed all httpRequest.setCharacterEncoding() calls (except in WikiServletFilter)
        because they were called too late, reported by Clay Atkins
2008-08-06  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-8
        * JSPWIKI-316: fixed SecurityConfig.jsp so that it compiles, and added
        some sensible checks for the new JAAS scheme.

        * Fixed NPE in RSSImageLinkTag, which erroneously assumes that RSSGenerator
        is always available. However, it might not be if RSS feeds are disabled.
        * Fixed broken Ant 'war-tomcat' target.

2008-08-03  Harry Metske <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-7

		* JSPWiki-231: added Italian localisation, thanks to Luca Gilardoni
		* changed the schemaLocation in web.xml, reported by Thomas van der Pol
2008-08-01  Harry Metske <>

		* no version bump
        * JSPWIKI-321: remove unmappable chars from 4 sources (causing warnings during build)

        * JSPWIKI-312: small patch to build.xml, quotes around arguments of compressjs,
          reported by Florian Holeczek.

2008-07-31  Harry Metske <>

		* no version bump
        * JSPWIKI-317: Fixed InvalidDiff in ExternalDiffProvider, thanks to Jan Spitalnik.

2008-07-31  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-6

        * JSPWIKI-326: Fixed NPE in ProfanityFilter.

2008-07-16  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-5
        * JSPWIKI-315: added extra checks to AttachmentServlet.
2008-07-10  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-4
        * Fixed a number of failing unit tests, and also included
        Creole tests.

2008-07-03  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-3

        * Added top-level text document UPGRADING which summarizes
        considerations for upgrading from 2.4 and 2.6. This needs more
        work, especially from the web-tier crew (Dirk et al).
        * Made most of the workflow package, except for the
        set/getAttributes methods in the Workflow class, serializable. In the 3.0
        timeframe, the rest of the package will be made serializable, too.
        * Added Ant target 'api-diff' which allows arbitrary diffing against
        previous JSPWiki.jar artifacts. It prints a nicely formatted HTML page
        describing public API differences. The report file is
        * Upgraded Stripes jar (used in test cases) to 1.5-RC1.

2008-07-02  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-alpha-2.  Yes, the last version number was an 
        anxious mistake.  It's really 2.7 alpha, not 2.8 alpha.
        * JSPWIKI-61: Added patch from David Au to add FCK 2.6.1
        support.  Please see the following page to enable it:

2008-06-30  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.8.0-alpha-1

        * 2.7.0-svn-52
        * JSPWIKI-299: Deleting an attachment from a page which
        had been recently renamed caused an NPE.  Reported by Harry

2008-06-29  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * Moved all pages from wikipages under wikipages/en, and
        tweaked the build process accordingly.  Also created a basic
        Finnish translation of the CorePages.  The build process
        now creates and

2008-06-19  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-51
        * JSPWIKI-231: Updated de i18n.
2008-06-25 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-50

        * [JSPWIKI-295] Sub tabs on the Admin.jsp didn't work because the
        corresponding tag ID's were containing dot's.
2008-06-22 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-49

        * [JSPWIKI-141] I18 properties also fixed in EditGroupContent.jsp
        * Included latest favicon.ico of Florian and Harry

2008-06-19  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-48
        * WikiWizard removed due to it being LGPL.  The following files
        were removed
           * webdocs/applets/wikiwizard.jar
           * webdocs/applets/WiWi-INF/
           * webdocs/scripts/jspwiki-wikiwizard.js
           * src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/ui/admin/beans/WikiWizardAdminBean  
        * [JSPWIKI-231]: Updated de, zh_CN and nl.  Thanks to Florian
        Holeczek, Harry Metske and David Gao!
2008-06-19 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * No version bump

        * [JSPWIKI-295] Fixed Tabs in Admin.jsp

2008-06-19  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-47
        * Added support for the Universal Edit Button -  About 3 mins before launch, even...

2008-06-17 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-46 

        * [JSPWIKI-293] added editor.plain.sneakpreview.title resource

        * [JSPWIKI-294] Faulty i18n in editor toolbar
        * [JSPWIKI-280] Scroll bar problem in IE7
2008-06-15  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-45
        * JSPWIKI-208: RSS images are now hidden if RSS is disabled.
        * Moved "info.rsspagefeed.title" key from
        to CoreResources and renamed to "rss.title".

        * Updated Finnish translation.
        * JSPWIKI-231: Updated Dutch and German translations.

2008-06-15 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-44 
        * Small fixes to plain.jsp to increase ie6 compatibilty.
        Hide the 'tab-completion' and 'smart typing pairs' from IE browsers.

        Added the i18n resource 

        * Several IE7 fixes of the category and suggestion popup css.

        * Change the attachement icon to .gif (iso png), so it gets properly rendered on ie6.
        Added a transparent .ico file. (thanks Harry)

2008-06-14  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-43
        * JSPWIKI-145: jspwiki.applicationName is now cleaned to be a
        proper WikiName.  This is probably a good idea...
2008-06-14  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-42
        * JSPWIKI-185: There should be no more NPEs upon startup.  Improved
        logging as well as added a few null checks.
        * Fix: It was impossible to add new users due to an overzealous null check
        in XMLUserDatabase.
        * Improved our notification in case you have not yet installed JSPWiki.  Incidentally,
        we're using baseURL to check whether the install process is done, and because of this,
        setting baseURL becomes mandatory.
        * JSPWIKI-246: All new (and faster) IndexPlugin as the old one couldn't be
        converted to Apache.
        * Updated Finnish translation.
        * Added etc/ini/ to hold all sorts of stuff that
        you normally want to enable in, but most people don't
        really want to touch.
        * JSPWIKI-57: Should resolve NotSerializableExceptions when container
        goes up or down.
        * JSPWIKI-292: Comment.jsp didn't compile.  Oops!  Thanks to Harry Metske
        for the patch.
2008-06-14 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-41  Many template fixes, added ajaxed edit preview, improved IE6/IE7 compat.
        * Fixed [JSPWIKI-275] Incoming and Outgoing link box doesn't work properly anymore. 
        * Several fixes of section edit: [JSPWIKI-235], [JSPWIKI-209]

        * [JSPWIKI-278] highlight search queries was handled badly when PRE sections 
        contained HTML elements.

        * [JSPWIKI-280] IE7 had the same scroll bar problem as previously with IE6.  
        Added IE7 specific CSS selector to support IE7. 

        * Fixed [JSPWIKI-259] IE rendering bug for nested collapsable boxes in IE7
        * [JSPWIKI-269] Improved handling of collapsible lists, even when a template 
        would not use TabbedSections. The handling of dynamic styles was refactored 
        to make them less intrusive.

        * Fixed [JSPWIKi-285]  Groups.jsp has unterminated string constant.
        Delete resource (not used anymore):

        * An AJAX driven sneak-preview has been added to the plain editor. (by default off)
        The user can have immediate feedback of how the wiki-markup is rendered by means of 
        a preview box just below the editor textarea. The preview section is refreshed whenever 
        the user clicks outside the textarea.
        * The handling of the plain editor suggestion popup is now also working on IE. 
        Put the mouse inside a [wiki-link] to see the automatic expansion; 
        select a item of the suggestion list and click to insert the link in the editor textarea.
        This also works for attachement links. See [JSPWIKI-289] 

        Update i18n resources:
        #editor.plain.editassist=Edit Assist
        #editor.plain.editassist.title=Toggle Edit Assist buttons
        editor.plain.sneakpreview=Sneak Preview

        * The rendering of popup boxes for e.g. link-suggestion-box, %%tips, %%category. has been improved.

        * Frequently used icons merged in single 'strip' gifs to improve download speed.

        * Refactored 'jspwiki-common.js', which now only contains the core javascript. (8K compressed)
        The additional dynamic styles have been moved to 'jspwiki-commonstyles.js'. (12K compressed) 

        * Clean up of OrderList and Smart skin.   
        * Added a few updates (eg [JSPWIKI-206])

2008-06-13  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.7.0-svn-40
        * Removed TestHttpServletRequest, TestHttpServletResponse,
        TestHttpSession, TestFilterChain, TestFilterConfig,
        TestServletContext in favor of the much-superior Stripes
        mock objects. TestEngine was retrofitted with the Stripes
        mocks and all unit tests were also changed. In particular,
        take note of the TestEngine.newHttpRequest() factory method,
        which should be used to create test request objects.
        * Trimmed some unncessary web unit test classes that were
        left behind as crutches in case Selenium didn't work out. 
        * Upgraded Selenium-RC jars to 1.0-beta1. Selenium still
        does not work with FireFox 3, unfortunately. :(
2008-06-12  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-39
        * JSPWIKI-191: Favorites.jsp no longer leaks LeftMenu contents
        to unauthorized viewers in UserPreferences.jsp.  Thanks to
        Sergio Gelato.
        * JSPWIKI-253: VotePlugin and Vote.jsp are now gone, as they
        were pretty much useless.
        * JSPWIKI-206: A no-results search could also fail due to 
        missing permissions.  Updated / find.noresult
        i18n key to explain better.  Finnish and English updated.
2008-06-11  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.7.0-svn-38
        * Web unit tests refactored (yet again) to use an embedded
        Jetty server. This replaces the need to use a separate Tomcat
        server, and *should* always work without any configuration of
        any kind. Please tests this via the Ant 'webtests' target!
        Note that this checkin introduces the TestContainer class, which
        with a little modification (later, please!) could easily be
        used as a stand-alone server. Refactorings are welcome; in
        the meantime, TestContainer should be considered volatile.
        Note also that the Rename Profile web unit tests for the
        container scenarios currently fails; all others run successfully.
        * Minor tightening of Map API for Serializer methods; the
        keys are now Strings rather than Serializable. This is a
        dev branch, remember!
        * Added Stripes jar in preparation for replacement of
        TestRequest/Response mock objects.

2008-06-09  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-37
        * JSPWIKI-290: ReferenceManager was not updating the page
        references correctly after a rename.  Fix by Harry Metske.
        * Fixed also a number of miscallaneous FindBugs issues.

2008-06-09  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-36
        * JSPWIKI-14: checkPermissions code in MetaWeblogHandler is now
        * JSPWIKI-228: Added patch from Alexander Chow to fix a problem
        where multiple headings with the same text were producing illegal
        XML through duplicated ID attributes.
        * JSPWIKI-274: Was fixed already in svn-31.
        * JSPWIKI-286: Fixed a couple of typos in Finnish localization.
        * JSPWIKI-285: Group.jsp had a wrong quote char in English,
        Dutch and German translations.

2008-06-08  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-35
        * JSPWIKI-283: Ooops.  Copy != Cut.
2008-06-07  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-34
        * JSPWIKI-265: All referrer changes (according to unit tests anyway)
        work now.
        * JSPWIKI-30 should now also be resolved.
        * JSPWIKI-27: I have a suspicion that implementing WikiPage.equals()
        has caused some interesting issues with attributes being leaked from
        old versions.  Removed equals() for now.
        * Some JSPWikiMarkupParser speed optimizations by changing all
        StringBuffers to StringBuilders.

2008-06-07 Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-33
        * Added favicon.ico, and updated the to support *.ico

2008-06-01  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-32

        * Password hashes were generated in platform native encoding
        instead of UTF-8.  Oops.
        * In general, there have been massive upgrades of Javadocs.

2008-05-31  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-31
        * Oops, wrong regexp: AttachmentServlet now *really* cleans up
        the filename.
        * Added some sanity checks to hopefully address an issue that
        Jim Willeke was having with the parser crashing at odd places. 

2008-05-29  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-30
        * AttachmentServlet now cleans the uploaded file name, since some
        browsers send the full path as well.
2008-05-22  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.7.0-svn-29
        * Checked in three new features for UserProfile and the UserDatabase
        classes. First, profiles can now store arbitrary Serializable objects
        via a new method in UserProfile, getAttributes, that returns a
        Map<Serializable,Serializable> that can be directly manipulated.
        Arbitrary attributes such as user preferences can be added to the
        profile and be guaranteed to be persisted on save. Second, the
        UserProfile now has two methods setLockExpiry(Date)/getLockExpiry
        that allow callers to disable user profiles. These are NOT enforced
        in AuthenticationManager yet. Third, user profile now have a 'uid'
        field that stores a long value for uniquely identifying users.
        Existing profiles without UIDs are automatically upgraded when
        they are loaded by a findBy___() method. The default XML/JDBC
        UserDatabase implementations have been enhanced to support all
        of these new features. If you have custom UserDatabase
        implementations, you should take a look at the new code.
        * Miscellaneous and varied Java 5 enhancements (such as for-loops).

2008-05-22 Juan Pablo Santos <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-28
        * [JSPWIKI-25].  Creating empty pages should not be possible (default
        behaviour). Can be changed by setting jspwiki.allowCreationOfEmptyPages
        to true in
        * <i18n-create-template> target in build.xml was creating a wrong i18n 
        directory structure.

2008-05-11  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-27
        * [JSPWIKI-44].  AuthenticationManager now remembers the last logins
        and slows down repeated access attempts, to a maximum of 20 seconds.

2008-05-11  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-26

        * [JSPWIKI-236]: Fixed localization for the different login/edit
        help pages missing.    
        * [JSPWIKI-170]: Fixed a few places where the author was appearing
        as "unknown".
        Added new i18n key in CoreResources, updated English and Finnish:
           * common.unknownauthor
        * [JSPWIKI-151]: If sending a password succeeds, it is no longer reported
        as an error.
2008-05-18  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-25
        * Temporary remove hideable favorites menu as it is incompatible with FCK.
        Final fix to commit later.  The FCK-Editor is now again fully working.
        (Reported by Florian Holeczek)  JSPWIKI-209
        * Fixing various IE7 incompatibilities (jspwiki.css)
        Reported by Gavin Goldsmith. 

2008-05-14  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.7.0-svn-24

        * [JSPWIKI-20] Passwords are now salted and hashed per RFC 2307.
        Every password is salted with a 8-byte random salt.

        * The sort-of-secret "share container user accounts with
        JDBCUserDatabase" option has been permanently removed, and
        will not be replaced. This was previously added to make it easier
        for users to add themselves to JDBC-based container realms.
        However, the switch to salted passwords precludes the continued
        use of this option. So it's gone and won't come back.

        * Added a new class CryptoUtil that allows admins to generate
        SSHA password hashes (and verify an existing password given
        a supplied hash) at the command line. See the Javadoc
        for com.ecyrd.jspwiki.util.CryptoUtil for details.

2008-05-11  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-23
        * [JSPWIKI-265] Referrers are now changed, though the
        functionality is still a bit broken in places.
2008-05-11  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-22
        * [JSPWIKI-260] ReferringPagesPlugin now creates the "more"
        link URL properly.  This also impacts the localization of
        the "referringpagesplugin.more" in PluginResources.
        * Moved plugin resources from etc/i18n/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/plugin 
        to etc/i18n/plugin.  Can't remember who suggested this.  Also
        cleaned build.xml to make sure the plugin files are created
        properly.  Can't remember who suggested this, neither can
        I seem to find the JIRA issue...
        * [JSPWIKI-224] TranslatorReader now is just a proxy to the
        JSPWikiMarkupParser.  It will be finally gone in 3.0.
        * [JSPWIKI-183] PageRenamer no longer chokes if attachments
        are turned off.  Reported by Luca Gilardoni.
        * [JSPWIKI-234] Added ISO8601 time formats to default patterns.
2008-05-10  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-21
        * Logincookies are now written with UTF-8 instead of platform
        default encoding.  This should fix issues with users with non-ASCII
        chars sometimes having the wrong UID when their session expires.

2008-05-09  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-20
        * [JSPWIKI-251]: Removed the old com.ecyrd.jspwiki.PageRenamer
        and replaced it with com.ecyrd.jspwiki.content.PageRenamer, which
        is fully Apache-licensed.
        Unfortunately, the new PageRenamer does not support changing
        referring pages yet, error messages are not localized properly,
        etc.  So this is a considerable functionality downgrade until
        we can get a better version made.  Patches gladly accepted!

2008-05-06  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-19
        * [JSPWIKI-50] Improved performance of RecentChangesPlugin by 
        adding better caching to the CachingAttachmentProvider.  Thanks
        to Harry Metske!

2008-05-05  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-18

        * [JSPWIKI-239] jspwiki.cookieAuthorization.expiry is now called
        jspwiki.cookieAuthentication.expiry, because that is correct.  Thanks
        to Florian!

        * 2.7.0-svn-17
        * Removed JUG UUID generation libraries to favour the Java
        built-in ones.
2008-04-20  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-16
        * Moved the rest of the PluginResources class into etc/i18n, as
        their old place was confusing people.
        * [JSPWIKI-243], [JSPWIKI-244], [JSPWIKI-242], [JSPWIKI-241] Fixed
        a number of issues with plugins not using the proper date/time from
        the locale/preferences.
        * [JSPWIKI-245] Removed PluginResources / common.dateformat, and
        created three new time/date format resources in CoreResources:
           * common.dateformat
           * common.timeformat
           * common.datetimeformat

        * 2.7.0-svn-15
        * [JSPWIKI-5] FileSystemProvider now properly mangles names of pages which
        start with a dot.  This is done in a fully backwards compatible manner,
        so no changes to the repo is needed.
        * [JSPWIKI-100] Added two new parameters to ReferringPagesPlugin,
        UnusedPagesPlugin, ReferredPagesPlugin, and UndefinedPagesPlugin:
        show and showLastModified.  Thanks to Harry Metske for the patch!

        * 2.7.0-svn-14
        * [JSPWIKI-165] Patch from Tomasz Szymko to help in nested bullet lists.
        * Also updated several files to the Apache license.

2008-04-15 Juan Pablo Santos <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-13
        * [JSPWIKI-178] Patch from Jorge Ferrer to keep the order of search (WEB-INF
        then classpath then file system) of filters.xml.
        * [JSPWIKI-231] Updated es translation and applied patches from Florian 
        Holeczek (de translation) and Harry Metske (nl translation).
        * ProfanityFilter minor improvement: profanities are read from a file 
        instead of being hard-coded strings.

2008-04-13  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-12
        * [JSPWIKI-10] Patch from Harry Metske to make sure 
        VersioningFileProvider and AbstractFileProvider check for
        proper permissions.

2008-04-12  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-11
        * Improved restart time at the expense of more disk being
        used and the first startup taking a bit longer.
        * Acl implementation, permissions and our Principals now
        implement Serializable.  It could be used to improve startup
        time even further, but it will be useful for the future.
2008-04-10  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-10 - Javascript fixes for IE
        * [JSPWIKI-235] Bugfixes for Section edit handling in IE
        * Bugfixes for hide/show Favorites menu on mouse-click/hover.

2008-04-09  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-9
        * [JSPWIKI-233] Bugfix PreferencesTab.jsp

        * [JSPWIKI-232] Localization of (All) in the Edit Section dropdown.
        Also added localization to the language dropdown

        * [JSPWIKI-234] Added IS8601 date/time pattern to default prefs in

        * Bugfix IE javascript crash on mouse-over handler

2008-04-09  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-8
        * [JSPWIKI-115]: Refactored VariableManager to use Reflection.
        Thanks to Stephen Solka.
        * [JSPWIKI-219]: Building now works if your username has a space.
        * [JSPWIKI-222]: Gone are the evil files which lurked into our
        distro file...  
        * Hacking attempts at manipulating the version parameter no longer 
        cause a slew of email to the admin...

2008-04-08  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-7
        * [JSPWIKI-56] Replaced MultiPartLibrary with Apache Commons
        FileUpload library, as MultiPartLibrary was LGPL.

2008-04-05  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-6
        * [JSPWIKI-233] Bugfix PreferencesTab.jsp
2008-04-05  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-5
        * [JSPWIKI-230] Make TimeZone configuration more user-friendly. Adjusted all jsp time-formatting
        to take timezone setting into account. 
2008-04-05  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * Commit related JIRA id's
2008-04-05  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-4
        * Refactored JS to support the Edit Suggestion box, so it's now fully based on mootools.
        The entries in the suggestion box are now clickable: the page or attachment link will be
        inserted in the textarea. Also the handling of the | bar inside a link has been improved.

        * [JSPWiki-200] The length of the entries in the Edit Suggestion are truncated to avoid
        overlap with the main body of the edit area.

        * The build script has been updated to use the YUI compressor. It now compresses both 
        javascript and css files. (this replaces the Dojo compressor, which only handled js)
        * In the UserPreferences you can now select the preferred language. 
        The default language is based on the user's browsers setting, but a dropdown allows you to 
        select any of the installed languages.
        The PreferencesTab.jsp has been refactored, with help of Juan Pablo Santos Rodriguez.
        All java handling has been moved to and
        New i18n resources (already added for .en and .nl) 
            prefs.user.language=Select Language

        * Added an are-you-sure prompt to the UserPreferences.jsp when leaving the page without saving.

            javascript.prefs.areyousure=Without clicking the Save User Preferences button, \
                 your changes will be lost. Are you sure you want to exit this page?

        * [JSPWIKI-226] "View Page Source" now also displays 'non-latest' page versions

        * Suppress the 'ViewPageSource' in the more menu when the page doesn't exist yet.

        Added missing i18n resource
            actions.rawpage.title=View Page Source

        * Improved the implementation of the 'more menu' to resolve the intermediate screen glitch. 
        When javascript is off, the more menu will now be displayed at the top of the Favorites block,
        when javascript is on, the more menu becomes a mouse-hovered drop-down.

        * In the user-preferences, you can position the favorites menu Left or Right.
        Now it is also possible to make the Favorites menu hidden, allowing the body of the page
        to fith the full with of the screen. This should benefit narrow (mobile) devices.
        The favorites menu is still reachable via a mouse-hovered menu.

        Added i18n resources:
   "Click to show Favorites"
             javascript.favs.hide="Click to hide Favorites"

        * The javascript initialization parameters have been changed to XHTML META tabs 
        to reduce xss vulnerability. (commonheader.jsp)
        Now username's with embedded single quotes do not crash the js anymore.

        * [JSPWIKI-209] Section editing has been added. (feature original in the BrushedTemplate)
        When a page is editable, each section header gets an additional [edit] label.
        In edit mode, a section drop-down has been added which allows to filter the text-area to the
        section of interest.

        Added i18n resources:
              javascript.quick.edit.title=Edit section: {0}

        * [JSPWIKI-193] Flawed login.loginhelpmissing text in en, de, nl locales. 
        Fixed for .en, .nl, .de was already fixed. 

2008-03-30  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-3
        * [JSPWIKI-225] Added patch from Harry Metske to fix a problem
        with password not being shown during installation.
        * [JSPWIKI-227] Added patch from Harry Metske to fix problem
        with installation translation in English and Dutch.
        * [JSPWIKI-203] Counter plugin now supports both hiding results
        as well as "start" and "increment" options.  Patch mostly from
        Harry Metske.
2008-03-31  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.7.0-svn-2

        * Changed Ant build script to use 1.5 sources and targets.

        * Re-factored the authentication subsystem to remove the need
        for JAAS configuration files. WEB-INF/jspwiki.jaas goes away,
        as does the need for PolicyLoader. Also, responsibilities for web
        authentication move to WikiServletFilter. Authentication is now
        configured via -- see that file for details.
        WikiSession API change: getLoginContext() vanishes.

        * The auth.login.*LoginModule classes are mildly re-factored to
        remove any need to have knowledge of how to (or why) to inject
        JSPWiki Role principals. Responsibility for injecting Roles moves
        to WikiSession. JSPWiki can use ANY LoginModule for custom
        authentication now.

        * To support the auth refactoring, we introduce several *temporary*
        new servlet mock objects for unit testing: TestFilterChain, TestFilterConfig,
        TestHttpServletResponse, and TestServletContext. These are "temporary" 
        because they will be replaced by Stripes mock objects later in the
        2.7 release cycle.

2008-03-30  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.7.0-svn-1
        * Removed JDK 1.4 dependency in AdminBeanManager.
        * Switched copyright in to ASF.  Please use
        this file as your reference when changing the boilerplate.

2008-03-29  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.2

2008-03-19  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.6.2-rc-4

        * Fixed failing Selenium web unit tests so that they run correctly,
        with two exceptions. See tests/etc/selenium/readme.txt; this file
        includes a few notes on how to write Selenium tests so that they
        will run automatically via the Ant "webtests" target.

2008-03-18  Juan Pablo Santos <>

        * 2.6.2-rc-3
        * [JSPWIKI-214].  Table with id asirra_KnobsTable had two unlocalized 
        strings, added to Detected by Florian Holeczek. 
        * [JSPWIKI-215].  Added patches to en, nl, fi and es translations to fix
        a case where HTML markup was being shown.   Detected by Florian Holeczek.
        * [JSPWIKI-210].  Updated German localization (still thanks to Florian!)
2008-03-16  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.2-rc-2
        * Updated Dutch localization, courtesy of Harry Metske.
        * 2.6.2-rc-1
        * Updated Finnish localization.

2008-03-14  Juan Pablo Santos <>

        * 2.6.2-svn-7
        * [JSPWIKI-93] and [JSPWIKI-160]. Cleaned up corepages.   
        * i18n of Captcha.jsp & Install.jsp, added 50 new items to 
2008-03-13  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.2-svn-6
        * [JSPWIKI-162].  Attachments can no longer created if the parent
        page does not exist.
        * Fixes issue with renaming a non-existant page would destroy the Main
        * [JSPWIKI-188].  Added patch from Florian Holeczek to improve
        logging of MailUtil.
        * [JSPWIKI-189].  Added a patch from Florian to improve configurability
        of MailUtil.

2008-03-08  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.6.2-svn-5
        * Tweaks to Javadoc so that they build cleanly. No functionality changes.

2008-03-08  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.2-svn-4
        * [JSPWIKI-154].  Removed double entries from CoreResources and made
        sure everyone uses it.
        * [JSPWIKI-201].  Added simplified Chinese from David Gao.  Thanks!
        * [JSPWIKI-161].  Added TranslationCheck from Florian Holeczek.  Removed
        the MissingTranslations tool, as TranslationCheck does all it did.

2008-3-01  Dirk Frederickx <>

        * Minor stylesheet updates (no version bump)
        * Leading digits for ordered lists were cut off because padding value was too small.
        (detected by Florian Holeczek)
        * Long headings which break into two or more lines had insufficient line-height, so
        they were "squeezed into one another"  (detected by Florian Holeczek)

2008-2-24  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.6.2-svn-3
        * Reverted the JSP changes from my last commit so that existing 2.6 deployments
        don't need to reconfigure web.xml. That commit removed the fmt:setBundle tag
        because of the addition of a servlet config parameter in web.xml. The web.xml
        modifications remain, however, so that any new JSPs won't need to use setBundle.
        For 2.8, we will remove the setBundle tags entirely.

2008-2-24  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.6.2-svn-2

        * [JSPWIKI-195]: Superfluous WEB-INF/i18n directory created during war build.
        Also, several unneeded JARs were also being included.

        * Eliminated the need to hard-code <fmr:setBundle> tags in JSPs by setting
        the web.xml <comtext-param> javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.fmt.localizationContext
        so that it points to templates.default. Removed the setBundle tags from
        all JSPs.

2008-02-10  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.2-svn-1
        * [JSPWIKI-171]: Patch for FCK editor and comment problem from
        David Au.
        * [JSPWIKI-169]: Fix to allow mail sender from JNDI in addition
        to property file.  Thanks to Dave Wolf.
        * [JSPWIKI-177]: Completely overhauled German translation, thanks
        to Florian Holeczek.

2008-02-10  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.1 release.

2008-02-03 Dirk Frederickx (

        * 2.6.1-rc-4

        * Dozens of localization fixes for nl [JSPWiki-176] Excellent review by Harry Metske. 
        Many Thanks!
2008-02-03 Dirk Frederickx (

        * Small fixes on Dutch localization (nl)  No version update
2008-02-02 Dirk Frederickx (

        * Added DUTCH localization (nl)

2008-02-02  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.1-rc-3
        * [JSPWIKI-123]: Added German date formats to, thanks
        to Florian Holeczek
        * [JSPWIKI-173]: Oops, we had a detection routine for illegal XML chars,
        but unfortunately it was outputting the same illegal chars to the as an

2007-12-10  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.6.1-rc-2

        * Changed default tests/etc/groupdatabase.xml and tests/etc/userdatabase.xml
        so that they use the platform-independent date formats for creation/modification
        datestamps. Also, fixed a bug in XMLUserDatabase that caused "old" date formats
        to not be converted on startup. Thanks to Harry Metske for reporting this issue.

        * Tiny tweak to Eclipse classpath so that class files are put in build/ and tests/build. 

2008-01-27  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.1-rc-1
        * [JSPWIKI-166]: Added a default mail sender to ward off an evil NPE.  
        I have a suspicion that things still don't work as documented, but 
        at least there is no NPE anymore.

2008-01-27 Dirk Frederickx (

        * 2.6.1-cvs-11

        * [JSPWiki-137] : Toggle workflow details now also works on FF
        * [JSPWiki-123] : The set of user-preference timeformats added to iso

2008-01-26 Dirk Frederickx (

        * [JSPWiki-147] : Slimbox labels were forgotten. (credit Tomasz Szymko)
        Added a new item to

            javascript.slimbox.close=Close ×
            javascript.slimbox.close.title=Close [Esc]

2008-01-26  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * [JSPWIKI-146]: We now properly catch the exceptions generated during
        download to avoid dumb error messages.
        * [JSPWIKI-102]: Added patch from Harry Metske to fix JNDI mail sending.
        * [JSPWIKI-153]: German translation was still talking about usernames
        upon password recovery.
        * [JSPWIKI-157]: CoreResources had strings which were not showing
        up properly, but had HTML entities.  Fixed en, fi, de and es.
        * Updated Finnish localization.

2008-01-26 Dirk Frederickx (

        * 2.6.1-cvs-10  -- various small i18n issues 

        * [JSPWiki-123] : The set of user-preference timeformats moved to the, such that the administrator can easily choose timeformats,
        if needed even localize them.

        * [JSPWiki-137] Toggle details button is now working and i18n'ized in Workflow page
        Added a new item to

            workflow.creatUserProfile=New user profile <strong>{2}</strong>

        * [JSPWiki-144] : LoginHelp links to LoginPageHelp in l10n variable
        Added LoginPageHelp to Core wiki pages (copied from

        * [JSPWiki-147] : Category title label was not i18N
        Added a new item to

            javascript.category.title=Click to show category [{0}] ...

        * [JSPWiki-149] : Edit Group and Delete Group did not fit well in the gui.
        Refactored the EditGroupcontent.jsp and GroupContent.jsp to make the gui more consistent.
        * [JSPWIKI-163] Error message when creating a new group to be I18N
        Added a new item to

            newgroup.exists=Group {0} already exists. Try another name.

2008-01-24  Juan Pablo Santos (
        * Updated spanish translation with missing entry keys. Switched HTML
        entities to Latin1 equivalent.

2008-01-20  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.1-cvs-9
        * [JSPWIKI-142]: Typo in  Thanks to Florian! (And
        probably the fastest bug fix in JSPWiki history...)
        * [JSPWIKI-59]: ReferringPagesPlugin would create the wrong "more..."
        link in fi and de localizations.  Fixed and upgraded en and es localizations.

2008-01-19  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.1-cvs-8

        * Oops, there was a JDK 1.5 dependency in AttachmentServlet.  Fixed,
        should again work on 1.4.
        * [JSPWIKI-136]: WorkflowContent.jsp had a couple of untranslated strings;
        updated English and Finnish translations.  Reported by Tomasz Szymko.
        * [JSPWIKI-135]: ConflictContent had an untranslated string.  Reported by
        Tomasz Szymko (whose name I am *so* going to misspell one day).
        * [JSPWIKI-133]: GroupContent.jsp had an untranslated string.  Reported by
        Tomasz Szymko.
        * [JSPWIKI-134]: EditGroupContent.jsp had a couple of untranslated strings.
        Reported by Tomasz Szymko.
        * [JSPWIKI-132]: FindContent had an untranslated string.  Reported by
        Tomasz Szymko.
        * [JSPWIKI-131]: Changed "authenticated" to "authorized" in all built-in
        localizations.  Thanks to Fabian Haupt for en, de and es.
        * [JSPWIKI-114]: Fixed issue with VariableManager not checking the parent
        page for variables in case the InsertPage plugin was used.  Thanks to
        Stephen Solka!
        * [JSPWIKI-118]: Fixed issue with FCK editor not saving all metadata.  Thanks
        to David Au for the fix!
        New i18n keys in i18n/templates/
           * workflow.details
           * workflow.details.title
           * conflict.oops.title

2008-01-12 Dirk Frederickx (

        * 2.6.1-cvs-7
        * [JSPWIKI-128] fixed various issues in the  printing style sheet.
        Validation of IE is pending.

2008-01-07  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.1-cvs-6
        * [JSPWIKI-95]: Links to anchors with blanks work now.  This introduces
        a tiny, very tiny compatibility issue with links to headings changing
        case in some cases.  Reported by J├╝gen Weber.
        * [JSPWIKI-125]: FilterManager now checks for version compatibility 
        of PageFilters by looking into the ini/jspwiki_module.xml.  This was a 
        surprisingly big change.  I would very much like to move to annotations
        in 3.0... Reported by Florian Holeczek.

        * [JSPWIKI-124]: Turns out that using de_DE as the language name
        is not a good idea, as it really works only when you define Deutsch (Deutschland)
        as your language - all other German-speaking folks would see Englisch...
        Reported by Goran Karlic.

        * added stress/MassiveRepositoryTest.

2008-01-06  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * Fixed a number of Eclipse warnings.  No version bump, no
        functionality change.

2008-01-05 Dirk Frederickx (

        * No version bump - small fix of exception in Footer.jsp

2008-01-05  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.1-cvs-5

        * [JSPWIKI-108]: Fixed EditPageHelp.txt which had an extra pipe char.

        * [JSPWIKI-106]: Password recovery emails are now sent with UTF-8 encoding.

        * [JSPWIKI-113]: Patch from Harry Metske to make sure the JNDI factory is
        only checked once when sending email.

        * [JSPWIKI-119]: URI detector now detects properly ~ and % characters.

2008-01-03 Dirk Frederickx (

        * 2.6.1-cvs-4

        * Improving robustness of Wiki.getPageName(url) which was dying on unexpected url formats.

2008-01-02  Dirk Frederickx (

        * 2.6.1-cvs-3

        * [JSPWIKI-49] Fixed handling of the Editor choice as part of the user preferences.
        When restarting the browser, also the preferred editor setting is recovered.
        Still 2 properties exist to set the default Editor choice (both are kept for bw compat)
        You can choose either one.
          jspwiki.defaultprefs.template.editor =plain    (=> preferred)

        * All WEBTESTs are now converted to Selenium. They run manually -- still need to verify
        the automatic run via ant.

        * The MORE dropdown is now also available during Login, UserPreferences and Find screens.
        This makes all common links (stored in MoreMenu) more easily accessible.

        * Minor JS refactorings on handling color for GraphBars and ZebraTables.

        * Minor JS refactorings to better support Category styles for IE.

        * Both JSPWiki logo's (shaded and not-shaded image) have been merged in a single .png
        to resolve image flicker at mouse-hover. (especially on ie)

2007-12-10  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

        * 2.6.1-cvs-2

        * [JSPWIKI-116] Under certain circumstances, calls to
        UserManager.getUserDatabase() are made before the user database is
        actually initialized, resulting in NPEs. To resolve, we simply replaced
        internal references to m_userDatabase with getUserDatabase(),
        which lazily initializes the database if it has not already happened.

2007-12-25  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.1-cvs-1

        * Added SpamFilter.isValidUserProfile() and corresponding checks
        to allow also user registrations to be spam-checked.

2007-12-22  Janne Jalkanen <>

        * 2.6.0!  Woot!

        * Removed JSPWikiToCreoleTranslator (the class was empty and unused)
        in an effort to clean the code base a bit for release.

        * Added some warnings to CreoleFilter & CreoleToJSPWikiTranslator
        to make sure people understand they are experimental features.  Also
        removed WikiCreole from "new features" list.

        * Fixed a number of failing unit tests for Creole by removing a lot of
        line separator management code.  As far as I can tell, it was all
        unnecessary and by accident didn't fail only on Windows.

        * Improved javadocs, removing a number of Che
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