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This directory contains TeX-related programs that use the kpathsea
library for configuration and path searching (and the library itself).

For the simplest possible installation, see the beginning of

If you want to override the defaults, read both <program>/INSTALL (e.g.,
web2c/INSTALL) and kpathsea/INSTALL.

Other files are not necessary reading for basic installation, but may
prove helpful:
- etc/unixtex.ftp describes how to obtain a TeX system by ftp or on
  physical media, and some alternative TeX distributions.
- README in each subdirectory briefly summarizes that directory.
- NEWS in each subdirectory has noteworthy changes by release.
- kpathsea/BUGS has bug reporting information.
- kpathsea/CONFIGURE has generic instructions on running configure scripts.

Please send bug reports and suggestions for either the programs or the
documentation, no matter how small, to  But please
read kpathsea/BUGS first.  (That file also tells you how to join the
mailing list yourself, and how to receive announcements only.)

For general documentation on the coding and usage standards this
distribution follows, see the GNU standards document, especially the
`Makefile Conventions', `Configuration', and `User Interfaces' sections.

The files in the etc/ directory are present for informational purposes.
They are not used or installed by the programs.  For example, a copy of
texinfo.tex is there in case you want to produce DVI files from the
Texinfo manuals.

If you know enough about TeX to be reading this, then you (or your
institution) should consider joining the TeX Users Group.  (If you're
already a member, thanks!)  TUG produces the periodical TUGboat, sponsors
an annual meeting and publishes the proceedings, and arranges TeX
courses for all levels of TeX users, throughout the world.  Contact:
    TeX Users Group
    P.O. Box 2311
    Portland OR 97208-2311
    phone: +1 503 223-9994
    fax:   +1 503 223-3960

This is free software.  See the files COPYING* for copying permissions.
Member of the League for Programming Freedom -- write
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