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22.07.2012 (0.8)
- Add dirpath wildcard filters to skip complete directories

05.03.2011 (0.7.1)
- Fix KDE3 -> KDE4 port by no longer using no longer existing KProcess signal.
- Show better error message in case of non-local target in non-interactive mode

14.6.2010 (0.7)
- Add Incremental Backup functionality
- Add wildcard filter to ignore files for backup matching a filename pattern

15.5.2010 (0.6.4)
- When an error occurs while reading a file (e.g. corrupted filesystem), cancel backup

25.09.2009 (0.6.3)
- When running in non interactive mode (e.g. cron), do not use KIO but only direct file access
  as KIO needs a KDE session and $DISPLAY
  This now makes the slice-reduction on the local target dir work.

05.09.2009 (0.6.2)
- Fix handling of disk-full situation (and a crash with it)

01.07.2009 (0.6.1)
- Avoid backup of the backup file
- make it compile with KDE Version < 4.2

24.05.2009 (0.6)
- Port to cmake and KDE4/Qt4, which also removes the 4GB limit per file
- sort hidden files/dirs before normal ones
- show dimmed icon for hidden files (like konqueror)
- don't allow to expand symlinked dirs as the content is not archived but only the link
- Add "Save As..." menu and store name of loaded profile, so that a save directly writes to that
- Add --autobg <profile> commandline which starts kbackup without a GUI e.g. for cron, at, ...
- Add --verbose commandline option which allows to see all files when using --autobg
- When the upload fails for a slice, offer a way to select a temporarily different target
- if target-dir does not exist, create it (mkdir -p)
- # of kept backups on target dir (per profile)
- show list of created archive slices in finish-dialog

19.01.2008 (0.5.4)
- correctly limit slice size:
  - limited by the target directory (when we store directly into a local dir)
  - limited by the "tmp" dir when we create a tmp file for later upload via KIO
  - limited by Qt3 (4GB on 32bit)
  - limited by user defined maxSliceMBs
- sort directories first in treeview
- correctly sort by size and timestamp in treeview
- check if a file that is archived into the backup is not the backup itself

6.10.2007 (0.5.3)
- Add russian handbook (thanks to Alexey Kouznetsov)
- show symbolic links with an overlayed "link" icon
- fix handling of files larger than 2GB
- avoid crash when writing special files (below /proc) which have fileSize == 0

- Added spanish translation (thanks to Gerardo Bueno)

17.June 2007 (0.5.2)
- start with the HOME folder opened
- add a profile option to avoid media change dialog
- add a profile option to avoid compressing files at all

21.Dec. 2006
- Whenever a directory is only partly included, show it with blue color
- Show a dialog when the backup has finished
- automatically save/restore window size
- add "auto" commandline option to automatically start a backup
  and quit kbackup when done.
- added predefined slice sizes (for CDs, DVDs) in profile settings dialog
- added portuguese translation thanks to Carlos Gonçalves

1.Oct 2006 (0.5.1)
- added "recent files" action
- add profile setting to define a maximum slice size
- store recent directory for file dialog

24.Sept 2006 (0.5)
- added systray functionality
- added profile setting to define file-prefix
- fixed Umlaut encoding for directories

16.Sept 2006 (0.4.2):
- added russian GUI translation (thanks to Alexey Kouznetsov)
- added italian GUI translation (thanks to Andrea Sciucca)

3.Sept 2006 (0.4.1):
- added german handbook
- added french GUI translation (thanks to Régis FLORET)
- added missing "unlimited" translation string
- added the RPM .spec file
- added missing .mo translation files into RPM

31.Aug 2006:
- first release as 0.4
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