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Welcome to the magic kde-l10n-common branch.

== Branch ==
When applying changes to the packaging, you must only do this via the packaging
branch, otherwise the changes will be dropoped with the next upload based on
the branch!

== Intro ==
This branch is designed to be the one and only common base for KDE l10n packages
concerning packaging in Kubuntu.
From inspecting this debian/ directory you will see that crucial strings
use weird keywords that can easily be substituted (such as
Those will be manipulated by a magical script (debian/ to form
a sensible package for each available language.

== Requirements ==
* Packaging skillz
* Speedy internet access
* Access to the Ubuntu account on KTown (poke a random ninja for that)
* bzr
* bzr-buildpackage
* subversion

== General Workflow ==
* Change
* Commit
* Push
* Build

Note: will NOT under any circumstances let you build the packages
if you did not push all commits, nor will it include uncommited changes in the

== Updates ==
When applying upstream updates remember to change the tag date/revision in
debian/rules, otherwise outdated desktop files will be merged into the package.

== Internals ==
* The magical script fetches all tarballs of the release as detected from
* Then branches the common branch for each downloaded language and replaces
  the place holders with actual values
* Builds a package using bzr-buildpackage

Since this branch depends on source-format 3 there will not be a conversion from
bz2 to gz, which speeds up everything quite a bit.

Once all packages are built and you are happy, you just need to dput them.

== Author ==
* Harald Sitter <>

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