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# translation of fileviewgitplugin.po to Low Saxon
# Copyright (C) YEAR This_file_is_part_of_KDE
# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
# Manfred Wiese <>, 2010, 2011.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: fileviewgitplugin\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2010-11-10 06:18+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2011-01-25 06:38+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Manfred Wiese <>\n"
"Language-Team: Low Saxon <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: Lokalize 1.0\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n != 1;\n"

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:39
msgctxt "@title:window"
msgid "<application>Git</application> Checkout"
msgstr "<application>Git</application> Utlesen"

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:42
msgctxt "@action:button"
msgid "Checkout"
msgstr "Utlesen"

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:52
msgctxt "@option:radio Git Checkout"
msgid "Branch:"
msgstr "Telg:"

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:59
msgctxt "@option:radio Git Checkout"
msgid "Tag:"
msgstr "Beteker:"

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:67 pushdialog.cpp:73
msgctxt "@title:group"
msgid "Options"
msgstr "Optschonen"

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:72
msgctxt "@option:check"
msgid "Create New Branch: "
msgstr "Nieg Telg opstellen: "

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:73
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid "Create a new branch based on a selected branch or tag."
msgstr "Ut den utsöchten Telg oder Beteker en niegen Telg opstellen"

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:86 pushdialog.cpp:76
msgctxt "@option:check"
msgid "Force"
msgstr "Verdwingen"

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:87
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid "Discard local changes."
msgstr "Lokaal Ännern wegsmieten"

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:119
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid "There are no tags in this repository."
msgstr "Dit Archiev bargt keen Betekers"

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:179
msgctxt "@title:group"
msgid "Branch Base"
msgstr "Basistelg"

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:180
msgctxt "@title:group"
msgid "Checkout"
msgstr "Utlesen"

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:199
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid "You must enter a valid name for the new branch first."
msgstr "Du muttst toeerst en gellen Naam för den niegen Telg ingeven."

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:206
#, kde-format
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid "A branch with the name '%1' already exists."
msgstr "Dat gifft al en Telg mit den Naam \"%1\"."

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:213
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid "Branch names may not contain any whitespace."
msgstr "Telgnaams dörvt keen Freetekens bargen."

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:220
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid "You must select a valid branch first."
msgstr "Du muttst toeerst en gellen Telg utsöken."

#: checkoutdialog.cpp:241
msgctxt ""
"@item:intext Prepended to the current branch name to get the default name "
"for a newly created branch"
msgid "branch"
msgstr "Telg"

#: commitdialog.cpp:37
msgctxt "@title:window"
msgid "<application>Git</application> Commit"
msgstr "<application>Git</application> Inspelen"

#: commitdialog.cpp:40
msgctxt "@action:button"
msgid "Commit"
msgstr "Inspelen"

#: commitdialog.cpp:46
msgctxt "@title:group"
msgid "Commit message"
msgstr "Inspeel-Naricht"

#: commitdialog.cpp:61
msgctxt "@option:check"
msgid "Amend last commit"
msgstr "Verleden Inspelen afännern"

#: commitdialog.cpp:67
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid "There is nothing to amend."
msgstr "Dat gifft nix, dat afännert warrn kunn."

#: commitdialog.cpp:74
msgctxt "@action:button Add Signed-Off line to the message widget"
msgid "Sign off"
msgstr "Afmellen"

#: commitdialog.cpp:75
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid "Add Signed-off-by line at the end of the commit message."
msgstr "De Inspeel-Naricht en Afmellen-Reeg anhangen"

#: commitdialog.cpp:131
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid "You must enter a commit message first."
msgstr "Du muttst toeerst en Inspeel-Naricht ingeven."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:61
msgctxt "@action:inmenu"
msgid "<application>Git</application> Add"
msgstr "<application>Git</application> Tofögen"

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:67
msgctxt "@action:inmenu"
msgid "<application>Git</application> Remove"
msgstr "<application>Git</application> Wegmaken"

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:73
msgctxt "@action:inmenu"
msgid "<application>Git</application> Checkout..."
msgstr "<application>Git</application> Utlesen..."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:79
msgctxt "@action:inmenu"
msgid "<application>Git</application> Commit..."
msgstr "<application>Git</application> Inspelen..."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:85
msgctxt "@action:inmenu"
msgid "<application>Git</application> Create Tag..."
msgstr "<application>Git</application> Beteker opstellen..."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:90
msgctxt "@action:inmenu"
msgid "<application>Git</application> Push..."
msgstr "<application>Git</application> Hoochladen..."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:94
msgctxt "@action:inmenu"
msgid "<application>Git</application> Pull..."
msgstr "<application>Git</application> Daalladen..."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:352
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Adding files to <application>Git</application> repository..."
msgstr "Dateien warrt dat <application>Git</application>-Archiev toföögt..."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:353
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Adding files to <application>Git</application> repository failed."
msgstr ""
"Tofögen vun Dateien na't <application>Git</application>-Archiev is fehlslaan."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:354
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Added files to <application>Git</application> repository."
msgstr "Dateien na't <application>Git</application>-Archiev toföögt."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:363
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Removing files from <application>Git</application> repository..."
msgstr ""
"Dateien warrt ut dat <application>Git</application>-Archiev wegmaakt..."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:364
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Removing files from <application>Git</application> repository failed."
msgstr ""
"Wegmaken vun Dateien ut dat t <application>Git</application>-Archiev is "

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:365
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Removed files from <application>Git</application> repository."
msgstr "Dateien ut dat <application>Git</application>-Archiev wegmaakt."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:399
#, kde-format
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Switched to branch '%1'"
msgstr "Na Telg \"%1\" wesselt"

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:405
#, kde-format
msgctxt ""
"@info:status Git HEAD pointer, parameter includes short SHA-1 & commit "
"message "
msgid "HEAD is now at %1"
msgstr "HEAD is nu op %1"

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:409
#, kde-format
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Switched to a new branch '%1'"
msgstr "Na nieg Telg \"%1\" wesselt"

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:420
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid ""
"<application>Git</application> Checkout failed. Maybe your working directory "
"is dirty."
msgstr ""
"<application>Git</application> Utlesen fehlslaan. Villicht is Dien "
"Arbeitorner leeg."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:479
#, kde-format
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Successfully created tag '%1'"
msgstr "Beteker \"%1\" mit Spood opstellt."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:484
#, kde-format
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid ""
"<application>Git</application> tag creation failed. A tag with the name '%1' "
"already exists."
msgstr ""
"Opstellen vun <application>Git</application>-Beteker fehlslaan. Dat gifft al "
"en Beteker mit den Naam \"%1\"."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:486
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "<application>Git</application> tag creation failed."
msgstr "Opstellen vun <application>Git</application>-Beteker fehlslaan."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:498
#, kde-format
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Pushing branch %1 to %2:%3 failed."
msgstr "Hoochladen vun Telg %1 na %2:%3 fehlslaan"

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:500
#, kde-format
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Pushed branch %1 to %2:%3."
msgstr "Telg %1 na %2:%3 hoochlaadt."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:502
#, kde-format
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Pushing branch %1 to %2:%3..."
msgstr "Telg %1 warrt na %2:%3 hoochlaadt..."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:519
#, kde-format
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Pulling branch %1 from %2 failed."
msgstr "Telg %1 lett sik nich vun %2 daalladen."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:521
#, kde-format
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Pulled branch %1 from %2 successfully."
msgstr "Telg %1 mit Spood vun %2 daallaadt."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:523
#, kde-format
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Pulling branch %1 from %2..."
msgstr "Telg %1 warrt vun %2 daallaadt..."

#: fileviewgitplugin.cpp:570
msgctxt "@info:status"
msgid "Branch is already up-to-date."
msgstr "Telg is al op Stand."

#: pulldialog.cpp:33
msgctxt "@title:window"
msgid "<application>Git</application> Pull"
msgstr "<application>Git</application> Daalladen"

#: pulldialog.cpp:36
msgctxt "@action:button"
msgid "Pull"
msgstr "Daalladen"

#: pulldialog.cpp:42
msgctxt "@title:group The source to pull from"
msgid "Source"
msgstr "Born"

#: pulldialog.cpp:46 pushdialog.cpp:48
msgctxt "@label:listbox a git remote"
msgid "Remote:"
msgstr "Feern:"

#: pulldialog.cpp:51
msgctxt "@label:listbox"
msgid "Remote branch:"
msgstr "Feern Telg:"

#: pushdialog.cpp:34
msgctxt "@title:window"
msgid "<application>Git</application> Push"
msgstr "<application>Git</application> Hoochladen"

#: pushdialog.cpp:37
msgctxt "@action:button"
msgid "Push"
msgstr "Hoochladen"

#: pushdialog.cpp:44
msgctxt "@title:group The remote host"
msgid "Destination"
msgstr "Teel"

#: pushdialog.cpp:56
msgctxt "@title:group"
msgid "Branches"
msgstr "Telgen"

#: pushdialog.cpp:60
msgctxt "@label:listbox"
msgid "Local Branch:"
msgstr "Lokaal Telg:"

#: pushdialog.cpp:67
msgctxt "@label:listbox"
msgid "Remote Branch:"
msgstr "Feern Telg:"

#: pushdialog.cpp:77
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid ""
"Proceed even if the remote branch is not an ancestor of the local branch."
msgstr ""
"Ok wiedermaken, wenn de Lokaaltelg nich vun den feernen Telg afstammen deit."

#. i18n: file: fileviewgitpluginsettings.kcfg:7
#. i18n: ectx: label, entry (commitDialogHeight), group (CommitDialogSettings)
#: rc.cpp:3
msgid "Dialog height"
msgstr "Dialooghööchd"

#. i18n: file: fileviewgitpluginsettings.kcfg:12
#. i18n: ectx: label, entry (commitDialogWidth), group (CommitDialogSettings)
#: rc.cpp:6
msgid "Dialog width"
msgstr "Dialoogbreed"

#: tagdialog.cpp:40
msgctxt "@title:window"
msgid "<application>Git</application> Create Tag"
msgstr "<application>Git</application> Beteker opstellen"

#: tagdialog.cpp:43
msgctxt "@action:button"
msgid "Create Tag"
msgstr "Beteker opstellen"

#: tagdialog.cpp:49
msgctxt "@title:group"
msgid "Tag Information"
msgstr "Beteker-Informatschonen"

#: tagdialog.cpp:53
msgctxt "@label:textbox"
msgid "Tag Name:"
msgstr "Betekernaam:"

#: tagdialog.cpp:61
msgctxt "@label:textbox"
msgid "Tag Message:"
msgstr "Naricht tofögen:"

#: tagdialog.cpp:70
msgctxt "@title:group"
msgid "Attach to"
msgstr "Anhangen"

#: tagdialog.cpp:75
msgctxt "@label:listbox"
msgid "Branch:"
msgstr "Telg:"

#: tagdialog.cpp:121
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid "You must enter a tag name first."
msgstr "Du muttst toeerst en Naam för den Beteker ingeven."

#: tagdialog.cpp:124
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid "Tag names may not contain any whitespace."
msgstr "Betekernaams dörvt keen Freetekens bargen."

#: tagdialog.cpp:127
#, kde-format
msgctxt "@info:tooltip"
msgid "A tag named '%1' already exists."
msgstr "Dat gifft al en Beteker mit den Naam '%1."
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