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# Translation of katefiletemplates.po to Low Saxon
# Manfred Wiese <>, 2006, 2008.
# Sönke Dibbern <>, 2006, 2008.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: katefiletemplates\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2010-11-07 06:13+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2008-10-13 06:15+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Manfred Wiese <>\n"
"Language-Team: Low Saxon <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: Lokalize 0.3\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n != 1;\n"

#: filetemplates.cpp:85
msgid "File Templates"
msgstr "Dateivörlagen"

#: filetemplates.cpp:85
msgid "Create files from templates"
msgstr "Dateien ut Vörlagen opstellen"

#: filetemplates.cpp:94
msgid "&Manage Templates..."
msgstr "Vörlagen &plegen..."

#: filetemplates.cpp:97
msgid "New From &Template"
msgstr "Nieg vun &Vörlaag"

#: filetemplates.cpp:142
msgid "Any File..."
msgstr "Jichtenseen Datei..."

#: filetemplates.cpp:201
msgctxt "@item:inmenu"
msgid "Other"
msgstr "Anner"

#: filetemplates.cpp:303
msgid "Author: "
msgstr "Autor: "

#: filetemplates.cpp:328
msgid "Open as Template"
msgstr "As Vörlaag opmaken"

#: filetemplates.cpp:360
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"<qt>Error opening the file<br /><strong>%1</strong><br />for reading. The "
"document will not be created.</qt>"
msgstr ""
"<qt>Fehler bi't Lesen vun<br /><strong>%1</strong>.<br />Dat Dokment warrt "
"nich opstellt.</qt>"

#: filetemplates.cpp:361 filetemplates.cpp:970
msgid "Template Plugin"
msgstr "Vörlaagmoduul"

#: filetemplates.cpp:430
#, kde-format
msgid "Untitled %1"
msgstr "Ahn Naam %1"

#: filetemplates.cpp:453
#, kde-format
msgid "%1"
msgstr "%1"

#: filetemplates.cpp:513
msgid "Manage File Templates"
msgstr "Dateivörlagen plegen"

#: filetemplates.cpp:531
msgid "&Template:"
msgstr "&Vörlaag:"

#: filetemplates.cpp:536
msgid ""
"<p>This string is used as the template's name and is displayed, for example, "
"in the Template menu. It should describe the meaning of the template, for "
"example 'HTML Document'.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Disse Tekenkeed warrt as Vörlaagnaam bruukt un t.B. in't Vörlaagmenü "
"wiest. Se schall de Bedüden vun de Vörlaag beschrieven, t.B. \"HTML-Dokment"

#: filetemplates.cpp:541
msgid "Press to select or change the icon for this template"
msgstr ""
"För't Utsöken oder Ännern vun dat Lüttbild för disse Vörlaag hier klicken"

#: filetemplates.cpp:543
msgid "&Group:"
msgstr "&Koppel:"

#: filetemplates.cpp:547
msgid ""
"<p>The group is used for choosing a submenu for the plugin. If it is empty, "
"'Other' is used.</p><p>You can type any string to add a new group to your "
msgstr ""
"<p>De Koppel warrt bruukt, wenn Du en Ünnermenü för't Moduul fastleggen "
"wullt. Wenn he leddig is, warrt \"Anner\" bruukt.</p><p>Wenn Du Dien Menü en "
"nieg Koppel tofögen wullt, kannst Du jichtenseen Tekenkeed ingeven.</p>"

#: filetemplates.cpp:551
msgid "Document &name:"
msgstr "Dokment&naam:"

#: filetemplates.cpp:554
msgid ""
"<p>This string will be used to set a name for the new document, to display "
"in the title bar and file list.</p><p>If the string contains '%N', that will "
"be replaced with a number increasing with each similarly named file.</p><p> "
"For example, if the Document Name is 'New shellscript (%N).sh', the first "
"document will be named 'New shellscript (1).sh', the second 'New shellscipt "
"(2).sh', and so on.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Mit disse Tekenkeed leggst Du den Naam för dat niege Dokment fast, wat in "
"den Titelbalken un in de Dateilist wiest warrt.</p><p>Wenn de Tekenkeed \"%N"
"\" bargt, warrt dat mit en för elk lieknöömt Dokment opstiegen Tall "
"utwesselt.</p><p>Wenn de Dokmentnaam t.B. \"Nieg Konsoolskript (%N).sh\" is, "
"warrt dat eerst Dokment \"Nieg Konsoolskript (1).sh\" nöömt, dat twete "
"\"Nieg Konsoolskript (2).sh\", un so wieder.</p>"

#: filetemplates.cpp:562
msgid "&Highlight:"
msgstr "&Syntaxmarkeren:"

#: filetemplates.cpp:563
msgid "None"
msgstr "Keen"

#: filetemplates.cpp:565
msgid ""
"<p>Select the highlight to use for the template. If 'None' is chosen, the "
"property will not be set.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Söök de Syntaxmarkeren för de Vörlaag ut. Wenn \"Keen\" utsöcht is, warrt "
"disse Egenschap nich fastleggt.</p>"

#: filetemplates.cpp:568
msgid "&Description:"
msgstr "&Beschrieven:"

#: filetemplates.cpp:571
msgid ""
"<p>This string is used, for example, as context help for this template (such "
"as the 'whatsthis' help for the menu item.)</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Disse Tekenkeed warrt t.B. as Kontexthülp för disse Vörlaag bruukt (so as "
"de \"Wat is dat?\"-Hülp för den Menüindrag).</p>"

#: filetemplates.cpp:575
msgid "&Author:"
msgstr "&Autor:"

#: filetemplates.cpp:578
msgid ""
"<p>You can set this if you want to share your template with other users.</"
"p><p>the recommended form is like an Email address: 'Anders Lund <"
msgstr ""
"<p>Du kannst dit fastleggen, wenn Du Dien Vörlaag mit anner Brukers delen "
"wullt.</p><p>De anraadt Form is liek to en Nettpostadress: 'Hein Mück <"

#: filetemplates.cpp:661
msgid "Start with an &empty document"
msgstr "Mit en l&eddig Dokment anfangen"

#: filetemplates.cpp:666
msgid "Use an existing file:"
msgstr "En vörhannen Datei bruken:"

#: filetemplates.cpp:676
msgid "Use an existing template:"
msgstr "En vörhannen Vörlaag bruken:"

#: filetemplates.cpp:708
msgid "Edit Template Properties"
msgstr "Vörlaag-Egenschappen bewerken"

#: filetemplates.cpp:709
msgid ""
"Specify the main properties of your plugin. You can leave fields empty for "
"which you have no meaningful value."
msgstr ""
"Giff bitte Dien Moduul sien Hööftegenschappen an. Hett en Feld bi Dien "
"Moduul keen Bedüden, kannst Du dat ok leddig laten."

#: filetemplates.cpp:731
msgid "Choose Location"
msgstr "Oort utsöken"

#: filetemplates.cpp:732
msgid ""
"<p>Choose a location for the template. If you store it in the template "
"directory, it will automatically be added to the template menu.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Söök en Spiekeroort för de Vörlaag ut. Wenn Du ehr na den Vörlagen-Orner "
"sekerst, warrt se dat Vörlagenmenü automaatsch toföögt.</p>"

#: filetemplates.cpp:742
msgid "Template directory"
msgstr "Vörlagenorner"

#: filetemplates.cpp:749
msgid "Template &file name:"
msgstr "Vörlaag-&Dateinaam:"

#: filetemplates.cpp:754
msgid "Custom location:"
msgstr "Egen Oort:"

#: filetemplates.cpp:772
msgid "Autoreplace Macros"
msgstr "Makros automaatsch utwesseln"

#: filetemplates.cpp:773
msgid ""
"You can replace certain strings in the text with template macros. If any of "
"the data below is incorrect or missing, edit the data in the personal "
"kaddressbook entry."
msgstr ""
"Du kannst binnen den Text Vörlaag-Makros bruken. Wenn een vun de nakamen "
"Angaven leeg is oder fehlt, bewerk de Daten binnen Dien KAdressBook-Indrag."

#: filetemplates.cpp:779
#, kde-format
msgid "Replace full name '%1' with the '%{fullname}' macro"
msgstr "Heel Naam \"%1\" mit dat \"%{fullname}\"-Makro utwesseln"

#: filetemplates.cpp:784
#, kde-format
msgid "Replace email address '%1' with the '%email' macro"
msgstr "Nettpostadress \"%1\" mit dat \"%email\"-Makro utwesseln"

#: filetemplates.cpp:795
msgid "Create Template"
msgstr "Vörlaag opstellen"

#: filetemplates.cpp:796
msgid ""
"The template will now be created and saved to the chosen location. To "
"position the cursor put the string ${|} where you want it in files created "
"from the template."
msgstr ""
"De Vörlaag warrt nu opstellt un na de utsöchte Steed sekert. De Steed, "
"woneem Du den Blinker in nieg opstellte Dokmenten hebben wullt, lett sik mit "
"de Tekenkeed \"${|}\" fastleggen."

#: filetemplates.cpp:802
msgid "Open the template for editing in Kate"
msgstr "De Vörlaag för't Bewerken mit Kate opmaken"

#: filetemplates.cpp:913
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"<p>The file <br /><strong>'%1'</strong><br /> already exists; if you do not "
"want to overwrite it, change the template file name to something else.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>De Datei <br /><strong>%1</strong><br /> gifft dat al; wenn Du ehr nich "
"överschrieven wullt, änner den Dateinaam vun de Vörlaag.</p>"

#: filetemplates.cpp:916
msgid "File Exists"
msgstr "Gifft Datei al"

#: filetemplates.cpp:916
msgid "Overwrite"
msgstr "Överschrieven"

#: filetemplates.cpp:968
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"<qt>Error opening the file<br /><strong>%1</strong><br />for reading. The "
"document will not be created</qt>"
msgstr ""
"<qt>De Datei<br /><strong>%1</strong><br />lett sik nich lesen. Dat Dokment "
"warrt nich opstellt</qt>"

#: filetemplates.cpp:1047
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"Unable to save the template to '%1'.\n"
"The template will be opened, so you can save it from the editor."
msgstr ""
"De Vörlaag lett sik nich na \"%1\" sekern.\n"
"De Vörlaag warrt opmaakt, so dat Du ehr mit den Editor sekern kannst."

#: filetemplates.cpp:1049
msgid "Save Failed"
msgstr "Sekern fehlslaan"

#: filetemplates.cpp:1069
msgid "Template"
msgstr "Vörlaag"

# unreviewed-context
#: filetemplates.cpp:1074
msgctxt "@action:button Template"
msgid "New..."
msgstr "Nieg..."

# unreviewed-context
#: filetemplates.cpp:1078
msgctxt "@action:button Template"
msgid "Edit..."
msgstr "Bewerken..."

#: filetemplates.cpp:1082
msgctxt "@action:button Template"
msgid "Remove"
msgstr "Wegmaken"

# unreviewed-context
#: filetemplates.cpp:1086
msgctxt "@action:button Template"
msgid "Upload..."
msgstr "Hoochladen..."

# unreviewed-context
#: filetemplates.cpp:1090
msgctxt "@action:button Template"
msgid "Download..."
msgstr "Daalladen..."

#: rc.cpp:1
msgid "Your names"
msgstr "Manfred Wiese, Sönke Dibbern"

#: rc.cpp:2
msgid "Your emails"
msgstr ","

#. i18n: file: ui.rc:4
#. i18n: ectx: Menu (file)
#: rc.cpp:5
msgid "&File"
msgstr "&Datei"

#. i18n: file: ui.rc:7
#. i18n: ectx: Menu (settings)
#: rc.cpp:8
msgid "&Settings"
msgstr "&Instellen"

#. i18n: file: ui.rc:12
#. i18n: ectx: Menu (settings)
#: rc.cpp:11
msgid "Main Toolbar"
msgstr "Hööft-Warktüüchbalken"
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