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# Translation of kateinsertcommand.po to Low Saxon
# Heiko Evermann <>, 2004.
# Manfred Wiese <>, 2006.
# Sönke Dibbern <>, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: kateinsertcommand\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2010-05-03 04:54+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2009-08-01 17:24+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Sönke Dibbern <>\n"
"Language-Team: Low Saxon <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: Lokalize 0.3\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n != 1;\n"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:91
msgid "Insert Command..."
msgstr "Befehl infögen..."

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:118
msgid ""
"You are not allowed to execute arbitrary external applications. If you want "
"to be able to do this, contact your system administrator."
msgstr ""
"Du muttst keen externe Programmen utföhren. Wenn Du dit liekers wullt, snack "
"dor bitte Dien Systeempleger op an."

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:118
msgid "Access Restrictions"
msgstr "Togriep-Grenzen"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:122
msgid "A process is currently being executed."
msgstr "En Perzess löppt al."

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:123 plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:251
msgid "Error"
msgstr "Fehler"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:209
msgid "Could not kill command."
msgstr "Befehl lett sik nich afscheten."

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:209
msgid "Kill Failed"
msgstr "Afscheten fehlslaan"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:216
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"Executing command:\n"
"Press 'Cancel' to cancel."
msgstr ""
"Befehl warrt utföhrt:\n"
"Klick op \"Afbreken\", wenn Du em afbreken wullt.."

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:250
#, kde-format
msgid "Command exited with status %1"
msgstr "Befehl mit Status %1 beendt"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:291 plugin_kateinsertcommand.h:75
msgid "Insert Command"
msgstr "Befehl infögen"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:298
msgid "Enter &command:"
msgstr "&Befehl ingeven:"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:310
msgid "Choose &working folder:"
msgstr "&Arbeitorner utsöken:"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:320
msgid "Insert Std&Err messages"
msgstr "\"Std&Err\"-Mellen infögen"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:323
msgid "&Print command name"
msgstr "Befehl &utgeven"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:328
msgid ""
"Enter the shell command, the output of which you want inserted into your "
"document. Feel free to use a pipe or two if you wish."
msgstr ""
"Giff den Konsoolbefehl in, den sien Utgaav na Dien Dokment inföögt warrn "
"schall. Wenn nödig, bruuk ok en Wiederledden oder twee."

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:331
msgid ""
"Sets the working folder of the command. The command executed is 'cd <dir> && "
msgstr ""
"Leggt den Arbeitorner vun den Befehl fast. De utföhrte Befehl is \"cd <dir> "
"&& <command>\""

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:334
msgid ""
"Check this if you want the error output from <command> inserted as well.\n"
"Some commands, such as locate, print everything to STDERR"
msgstr ""
"Maak dit an, wenn Du ok de Fehlerutgaven vun <command> infögen wullt.\n"
"En poor Befehlen, as t.B. \"locate\", geevt allens na \"STDERR\" ut."

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:337
msgid ""
"If you check this, the command string will be printed followed by a newline "
"before the output."
msgstr "Wenn Du dit anmaakst, warrt de Befehl vöran sien Utgaav wiest."

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:384
msgid "Remember"
msgstr "Wohren"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:386
msgid "Co&mmands"
msgstr "Be&fehlen"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:393
msgid "Start In"
msgstr "Starten in"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:395
msgid "Application &working folder"
msgstr "Programm-&Arbeitorner"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:396
msgid "&Document folder"
msgstr "&Dokmentenorner"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:397
msgid "&Latest used working folder"
msgstr "&Tolest bruukt Arbeitorner"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:405
msgid ""
"Sets the number of commands to remember. The command history is saved over "
msgstr ""
"Leggt de Tall vun Befehlen fast, de wohrt warrn schöölt. De Befehl-"
"Vörgeschicht warrt över Törns wohrt."

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.cpp:408
msgid ""
"<qt><p>Decides what is suggested as <em>working folder</em> for the command."
"</p><p><strong>Application Working Folder (default):</strong> The folder "
"from which you launched the application hosting the plugin, usually your "
"home folder.</p><p><strong>Document Folder:</strong> The folder of the "
"document. Used only for local documents.</p><p><strong>Latest Working Folder:"
"</strong> The folder used last time you used this plugin.</p></qt>"
msgstr ""
"<qt><p>Gifft an, wat as <em>Arbeitorner</em> för den Befehl vörslaan warrt.</"
"p><p><strong>Programm-Arbeitorner (Standard):</strong> De Orner, vun den ut "
"Du dat Programm mit dit Moduul opmaakt hest, normaal Dien Tohuus-Orner.</"
"p><p><strong>Dokment-Orner:</strong> De Orner vun dat Dokment. Bloots för "
"lokaal Dokmenten bruukt.</p><p><strong>Tolest bruukt Arbeitorner:</strong> "
"De Orner, den Du tolest mit dit Moduul bruukt hest.</p></qt>"

#. i18n: file: ui.rc:4
#. i18n: ectx: Menu (tools)
#: rc.cpp:3
msgid "&Tools"
msgstr "&Warktüüch"

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.h:77
msgid "Configure Insert Command Plugin"
msgstr "Instellen för dat Moduul \"Befehl infögen\""

#: plugin_kateinsertcommand.h:137
msgid "Please Wait"
msgstr "Bitte töven"
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