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# translation of kcminput.po to Chinese Traditional
# traditional Chinese translation for kcminput
# Copyright (C) 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# Jouston Huang (Huang, Jiun-Jeng) <>, 2001.
# Paladin Liu <>, 2002.
# 林耕宇 <>, 2003.
# Frank Weng (a.k.a. Franklin) <>, 2007.
# Franklin Weng <franklin at goodhorse dot idv dot tw>, 2007.
# Frank Weng (a.k.a. Franklin) <franklin at goodhorse dot idv dot tw>, 2008.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: kcminput\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2009-01-29 07:19+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2008-09-08 08:16+0800\n"
"Last-Translator: Frank Weng (a.k.a. Franklin) <franklin at goodhorse dot idv "
"dot tw>\n"
"Language-Team: zh_TW <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: Lokalize 0.2\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:45 logitechmouse.cpp:87
#, kde-format
msgid "Mouse type: %1"
msgstr "滑鼠類型:%1"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:220
msgid ""
"RF channel 1 has been set. Please press Connect button on mouse to re-"
"establish link"
msgstr "RF 頻道 1 已經被設定了。請按滑鼠的連線按鈕來重新建立連結"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:220 logitechmouse.cpp:224
msgid "Press Connect Button"
msgstr "請按連線按鈕"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:224
msgid ""
"RF channel 2 has been set. Please press Connect button on mouse to re-"
"establish link"
msgstr "RF 頻道 2 已經被設定了。請按滑鼠的連線按鈕來重新建立連結"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:351
msgid "none"
msgstr "無"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:354 logitechmouse.cpp:384
msgid "Cordless Mouse"
msgstr "無線滑鼠"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:357 logitechmouse.cpp:363 logitechmouse.cpp:366
msgid "Cordless Wheel Mouse"
msgstr "無線滾輪滑鼠"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:360
msgid "Cordless MouseMan Wheel"
msgstr "無線 MouseMan 滾輪"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:369
msgid "Cordless TrackMan Wheel"
msgstr "無線 TrackMan 滾輪"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:372
msgid "TrackMan Live"
msgstr "TrackMan Live"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:375
msgid "Cordless TrackMan FX"
msgstr "無線 TrackMan FX"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:378
msgid "Cordless MouseMan Optical"
msgstr "無線 MouseMan 光學"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:381
msgid "Cordless Optical Mouse"
msgstr "無線光學滑鼠"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:387
msgid "Cordless MouseMan Optical (2ch)"
msgstr "無線 MouseMan 光學 (2ch)"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:390
msgid "Cordless Optical Mouse (2ch)"
msgstr "無線光學滑鼠 (2ch)"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:393
msgid "Cordless Mouse (2ch)"
msgstr "無線滑鼠 (2ch)"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:396
msgid "Cordless Optical TrackMan"
msgstr "無線光學 TrackMan"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:399
msgid "MX700 Cordless Optical Mouse"
msgstr "MX700 無線光學滑鼠"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:402
msgid "MX700 Cordless Optical Mouse (2ch)"
msgstr "MX700 無線光學滑鼠 (2ch)"

#: logitechmouse.cpp:405
msgid "Unknown mouse"
msgstr "不明的滑鼠"

#: mouse.cpp:91
msgid ""
"<h1>Mouse</h1> This module allows you to choose various options for the way "
"in which your pointing device works. Your pointing device may be a mouse, "
"trackball, or some other hardware that performs a similar function."
msgstr ""
"<h1>滑鼠</h1>這個模組可以讓您選擇您指標設備工作的方式。 您的指標設備可能是滑"

#: mouse.cpp:111
msgid "&General"
msgstr "一般(&G)"

#: mouse.cpp:121
msgid ""
"If you are left-handed, you may prefer to swap the functions of the left and "
"right buttons on your pointing device by choosing the 'left-handed' option. "
"If your pointing device has more than two buttons, only those that function "
"as the left and right buttons are affected. For example, if you have a three-"
"button mouse, the middle button is unaffected."
msgstr ""
"能。 如果您的指標設備有多於二個按鈕,只有左右的二個會交換。例如您有一個三鍵滑"

#: mouse.cpp:131
msgid ""
"The default behavior in KDE is to select and activate icons with a single "
"click of the left button on your pointing device. This behavior is "
"consistent with what you would expect when you click links in most web "
"browsers. If you would prefer to select with a single click, and activate "
"with a double click, check this option."
msgstr ""
"KDE 點選並啟動圖示的預設動作,是使用指標的設備左鍵,並以單擊圖示的方式來進"

#: mouse.cpp:139
msgid "Activates and opens a file or folder with a single click."
msgstr "單擊滑鼠來開啟檔案或目錄。"

#: mouse.cpp:145
msgid ""
"If you check this option, pausing the mouse pointer over an icon on the "
"screen will automatically select that icon. This may be useful when single "
"clicks activate icons, and you want only to select the icon without "
"activating it."
msgstr ""

#: mouse.cpp:158
msgid ""
"If you have checked the option to automatically select icons, this slider "
"allows you to select how long the mouse pointer must be paused over the icon "
"before it is selected."
msgstr ""

#: mouse.cpp:194
msgid "&Cursor Theme"
msgstr "游標佈景主題(&C)"

#: mouse.cpp:199
msgid "Advanced"
msgstr "進階"

#: mouse.cpp:206
msgid " x"
msgstr " x"

#: mouse.cpp:207
msgid "Pointer acceleration:"
msgstr "指標加速:"

#: mouse.cpp:212
msgid ""
"<p>This option allows you to change the relationship between the distance "
"that the mouse pointer moves on the screen and the relative movement of the "
"physical device itself (which may be a mouse, trackball, or some other "
"pointing device.)</p><p> A high value for the acceleration will lead to "
"large movements of the mouse pointer on the screen even when you only make a "
"small movement with the physical device. Selecting very high values may "
"result in the mouse pointer flying across the screen, making it hard to "
msgstr ""
"<p>這個選項可以讓您改變滑鼠指標在螢幕上移動與設備本身移動間的相對關係 (移動設"
"備可能是滑鼠,軌跡球或其他指標設備)。</p> <p>即使是您只是稍微的移動,在較高的"

#: mouse.cpp:227
msgid "Pointer threshold:"
msgstr "指標界限:"

#: mouse.cpp:234
msgid ""
"<p>The threshold is the smallest distance that the mouse pointer must move "
"on the screen before acceleration has any effect. If the movement is smaller "
"than the threshold, the mouse pointer moves as if the acceleration was set "
"to 1X;</p><p> thus, when you make small movements with the physical device, "
"there is no acceleration at all, giving you a greater degree of control over "
"the mouse pointer. With larger movements of the physical device, you can "
"move the mouse pointer rapidly to different areas on the screen.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>這個界限是游標開始加速前必須移動的距離。 如果移動小於這個界限,游標將用正"
"常速度移動 (1X);</p> <p>也就是說,當您只有移動設備一小段距離,則不會加速,讓"

#: mouse.cpp:249 mouse.cpp:266 mouse.cpp:327 mouse.cpp:334 mouse.cpp:342
msgid " msec"
msgstr " 微秒"

#: mouse.cpp:251
msgid "Double click interval:"
msgstr "雙敲擊間隔:"

#: mouse.cpp:256
msgid ""
"The double click interval is the maximal time (in milliseconds) between two "
"mouse clicks which turns them into a double click. If the second click "
"happens later than this time interval after the first click, they are "
"recognized as two separate clicks."
msgstr ""
"雙敲擊的間隔,是兩次滑鼠按鍵敲擊的最大間隔時間 (以微秒為單位)。如果第二次在經"

#: mouse.cpp:268
msgid "Drag start time:"
msgstr "拖曳開始時間:"

#: mouse.cpp:273
msgid ""
"If you click with the mouse (e.g. in a multi-line editor) and begin to move "
"the mouse within the drag start time, a drag operation will be initiated."
msgstr "如果您按下滑鼠並開始拖曳 (例如在文字編輯器中),拖曳的動作將會被啟動。"

#: mouse.cpp:281
msgid "Drag start distance:"
msgstr "拖曳開始距離:"

#: mouse.cpp:288
msgid ""
"If you click with the mouse and begin to move the mouse at least the drag "
"start distance, a drag operation will be initiated."
msgstr "如果您按下滑鼠並移動超過拖曳開始距離,拖曳的動作將被啟動。"

#: mouse.cpp:296
msgid "Mouse wheel scrolls by:"
msgstr "滑鼠滾輪滾動由:"

#: mouse.cpp:303
msgid ""
"If you use the wheel of a mouse, this value determines the number of lines "
"to scroll for each wheel movement. Note that if this number exceeds the "
"number of visible lines, it will be ignored and the wheel movement will be "
"handled as a page up/down movement."
msgstr ""

#: mouse.cpp:309
msgid "Mouse Navigation"
msgstr "滑鼠瀏覽"

#: mouse.cpp:319
msgid "&Move pointer with keyboard (using the num pad)"
msgstr "使用鍵盤移動滑鼠游標(使用數字鍵)(&M)"

#: mouse.cpp:329
msgid "&Acceleration delay:"
msgstr "加速延遲(&A):"

#: mouse.cpp:336
msgid "R&epeat interval:"
msgstr "重複間隔(&E):"

#: mouse.cpp:343
msgid "Acceleration &time:"
msgstr "指標加速(&T):"

#: mouse.cpp:349
msgid " pixel/sec"
msgstr " 像素/秒"

#: mouse.cpp:350
msgid "Ma&ximum speed:"
msgstr "最快速度(&X):"

#: mouse.cpp:356
msgid "Acceleration &profile:"
msgstr "加速度設定(&p)"

#: mouse.cpp:426
msgid "Mouse"
msgstr "滑鼠"

#: mouse.cpp:427
msgid "(c) 1997 - 2005 Mouse developers"
msgstr "(c) 1997 - 2005 滑鼠開發者"

#: mouse.cpp:428
msgid "Patrick Dowler"
msgstr "Patrick Dowler"

#: mouse.cpp:429
msgid "Dirk A. Mueller"
msgstr "Dirk A. Mueller"

#: mouse.cpp:430
msgid "David Faure"
msgstr "David Faure"

#: mouse.cpp:431
msgid "Bernd Gehrmann"
msgstr "Bernd Gehrmann"

#: mouse.cpp:432
msgid "Rik Hemsley"
msgstr "Rik Hemsley"

#: mouse.cpp:433
msgid "Brad Hughes"
msgstr "Brad Hughes"

#: mouse.cpp:434
msgid "Ralf Nolden"
msgstr "Ralf Nolden"

#: mouse.cpp:435
msgid "Brad Hards"
msgstr "Brad Hards"

#: mouse.cpp:744 mouse.cpp:749
msgid " pixel"
msgid_plural " pixels"
msgstr[0] " 像素"

#: mouse.cpp:754
msgid " line"
msgid_plural " lines"
msgstr[0] " 行"

#. i18n: file: kmousedlg.ui:22
#. i18n: ectx: property (title), widget (QGroupBox, handedBox)
#: rc.cpp:3 rc.cpp:71
msgid "Button Order"
msgstr "按鍵順序"

#. i18n: file: kmousedlg.ui:28
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, rightHanded)
#: rc.cpp:6 rc.cpp:74
msgid "Righ&t handed"
msgstr "使用右手(&T)"

#. i18n: file: kmousedlg.ui:60
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, leftHanded)
#: rc.cpp:9 rc.cpp:77
msgid "Le&ft handed"
msgstr "使用左手(&F)"

#. i18n: file: kmousedlg.ui:86
#. i18n: ectx: property (whatsThis), widget (QCheckBox, cbScrollPolarity)
#: rc.cpp:12 rc.cpp:80
msgid ""
"Change the direction of scrolling for the mouse wheel or the 4th and 5th "
"mouse buttons."
msgstr "改變滑鼠滾輪捲動的方向或是第四鍵和第五鍵。"

#. i18n: file: kmousedlg.ui:89
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QCheckBox, cbScrollPolarity)
#: rc.cpp:15 rc.cpp:83
msgid "Re&verse scroll direction"
msgstr "反相捲動(&V)"

#. i18n: file: kmousedlg.ui:96
#. i18n: ectx: property (title), widget (QGroupBox, GroupBox1)
#: rc.cpp:18 rc.cpp:86
msgid "Icons"
msgstr "圖示"

#. i18n: file: kmousedlg.ui:102
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, doubleClick)
#: rc.cpp:21 rc.cpp:89
msgid "Dou&ble-click to open files and folders (select icons on first click)"
msgstr "點兩下開啟檔案或目錄(按第一下為選取)"

#. i18n: file: kmousedlg.ui:112
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, singleClick)
#: rc.cpp:24 rc.cpp:92
msgid "&Single-click to open files and folders"
msgstr "使用單擊來開啟檔案或目錄(&S)"

#. i18n: file: kmousedlg.ui:142
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QCheckBox, cb_pointershape)
#: rc.cpp:27 rc.cpp:95
msgid "Cha&nge pointer shape over icons"
msgstr "遊標停在圖示上時改變游標形狀(&N)"

#. i18n: file: kmousedlg.ui:152
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QCheckBox, cbAutoSelect)
#: rc.cpp:30 rc.cpp:98
msgid "A&utomatically select icons"
msgstr "自動選取圖示(&U)"

#. i18n: file: kmousedlg.ui:191
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QLabel, lDelay)
#: rc.cpp:33 rc.cpp:101
msgid "Dela&y:"
msgstr "延遲(&Y):"

#. i18n: file: kmousedlg.ui:239
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QLabel, lb_short)
#: rc.cpp:36 rc.cpp:104
msgid "Short"
msgstr "短"

#. i18n: file: kmousedlg.ui:249
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QLabel, lb_long)
#: rc.cpp:39 rc.cpp:107
msgid "Long"
msgstr "長"

#. i18n: file: logitechmouse_base.ui:8
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QLabel, cordlessNameLabel)
#: rc.cpp:42 rc.cpp:110
msgid "Cordless Name"
msgstr "無線名稱"

#. i18n: file: logitechmouse_base.ui:21
#. i18n: ectx: property (title), widget (QGroupBox, resolutionSelector)
#: rc.cpp:45 rc.cpp:113
msgid "Sensor Resolution"
msgstr "偵測器解析度"

#. i18n: file: logitechmouse_base.ui:27
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, button400cpi)
#: rc.cpp:48 rc.cpp:116
msgid "400 counts per inch"
msgstr "每英吋 400 次"

#. i18n: file: logitechmouse_base.ui:37
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, button800cpi)
#: rc.cpp:51 rc.cpp:119
msgid "800 counts per inch"
msgstr "每英吋 800 次"

#. i18n: file: logitechmouse_base.ui:53
#. i18n: ectx: property (title), widget (QGroupBox, batteryBox)
#: rc.cpp:54 rc.cpp:122
msgid "Battery Level"
msgstr "電池電量"

#. i18n: file: logitechmouse_base.ui:72
#. i18n: ectx: property (title), widget (QGroupBox, channelSelector)
#: rc.cpp:57 rc.cpp:125
msgid "RF Channel"
msgstr "RF 頻道"

#. i18n: file: logitechmouse_base.ui:78
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, channel1)
#: rc.cpp:60 rc.cpp:128
msgid "Channel 1"
msgstr "頻道 1"

#. i18n: file: logitechmouse_base.ui:94
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, channel2)
#: rc.cpp:63 rc.cpp:131
msgid "Channel 2"
msgstr "頻道 2"

#. i18n: file: logitechmouse_base.ui:107
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QLabel, permissionProblemText)
#: rc.cpp:66 rc.cpp:134
msgid ""
"You have a Logitech Mouse connected, and libusb was found at compile time, "
"but it was not possible to access this mouse. This is probably caused by a "
"permissions problem - you should consult the manual on how to fix this."
msgstr ""
"您連接了羅技滑鼠,而且也在編譯時找到 libusb,但是仍無法使用這個滑鼠。這可能是"
"權限的問題 - 您應該參考手冊以了解如何修正它。"

#: rc.cpp:67
msgid "Your names"
msgstr "Jouston Huang,Paladin Liu,林耕宇"

#: rc.cpp:68
msgid "Your emails"
msgstr ",,"

#. i18n: file: xcursor/themepage.ui:31
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QLabel, label)
#: rc.cpp:137
msgid "Select the cursor theme you want to use (hover preview to test cursor):"
msgstr "請選取你想使用的滑鼠游標佈景主題(游標置其上可測試):"

#. i18n: file: xcursor/themepage.ui:38
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QPushButton, removeButton)
#: rc.cpp:140
msgid "Remove Theme"
msgstr "移除主題"

#. i18n: file: xcursor/themepage.ui:45
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QPushButton, installButton)
#: rc.cpp:143
msgid "Install New Theme..."
msgstr "安裝新主題..."

#: core/themepage.cpp:59
msgid "Select the cursor theme you want to use:"
msgstr "請選取你想使用的滑鼠游標佈景主題:"

#: core/themepage.cpp:65 xcursor/thememodel.cpp:67
msgid "Name"
msgstr "名稱"

#: core/themepage.cpp:66 xcursor/thememodel.cpp:70
msgid "Description"
msgstr "解釋"

#: core/themepage.cpp:105 xcursor/themepage.cpp:196
msgid "You have to restart KDE for these changes to take effect."
msgstr "要使改變發生作用,KDE 必須重新啟動"

#: core/themepage.cpp:106 xcursor/themepage.cpp:197
msgid "Cursor Settings Changed"
msgstr "游標設定已變更"

#: core/themepage.cpp:143
msgid "Small black"
msgstr "細黑"

#: core/themepage.cpp:144
msgid "Small black cursors"
msgstr "細黑的游標"

#: core/themepage.cpp:148
msgid "Large black"
msgstr "粗黑"

#: core/themepage.cpp:149
msgid "Large black cursors"
msgstr "粗黑游標(&L)"

#: core/themepage.cpp:153
msgid "Small white"
msgstr "細白"

#: core/themepage.cpp:154
msgid "Small white cursors"
msgstr "細白游標(&W)"

#: core/themepage.cpp:158
msgid "Large white"
msgstr "粗白"

#: core/themepage.cpp:159
msgid "Large white cursors"
msgstr "粗白游標(&L)"

#: xcursor/legacytheme.cpp:322
msgid "KDE Classic"
msgstr "KDE 傳統"

#: xcursor/legacytheme.cpp:322
msgid "The default cursor theme in KDE 2 and 3"
msgstr "預設在 KDE 2 與 3 裡的游標主題"

#: xcursor/themepage.cpp:280
msgid "Drag or Type Theme URL"
msgstr "把佈景主題的網址拖拉到此,或是手動輸入"

#: xcursor/themepage.cpp:291
#, kde-format
msgid "Unable to find the cursor theme archive %1."
msgstr "無法找到這個游標佈景主題的檔案庫 %1。"

#: xcursor/themepage.cpp:294
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"Unable to download the cursor theme archive; please check that the address %"
"1 is correct."
msgstr "無法下載游標佈景主題的檔案庫;請確定網址 %1 是否正確。"

#: xcursor/themepage.cpp:303
#, kde-format
msgid "The file %1 does not appear to be a valid cursor theme archive."
msgstr "檔案 %1 並不是一個游標佈景主題"

#: xcursor/themepage.cpp:318
msgid ""
"<qt>You cannot delete the theme you are currently using.<br />You have to "
"switch to another theme first.</qt>"
msgstr ""
"<qt>您無法刪除您目前使用中的主題。<br />您必須先切換到其他主題才能刪除。</qt>"

#: xcursor/themepage.cpp:324
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"<qt>Are you sure you want to remove the <i>%1</i> cursor theme?<br />This "
"will delete all the files installed by this theme.</qt>"
msgstr ""
"<qt>你確定要移除 <i>%1</i> 游標主題嗎?<br />這個動作會刪除所有和這個主題相關"

#: xcursor/themepage.cpp:330
msgid "Confirmation"
msgstr "確認"

#: xcursor/themepage.cpp:387
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"A theme named %1 already exists in your icon theme folder. Do you want "
"replace it with this one?"
msgstr "一個叫做 %1 的佈景主題已經存在於系統中。請問您要取代它嗎?"

#: xcursor/themepage.cpp:391
msgid "Overwrite Theme?"
msgstr "覆蓋這個佈景主題?"

#: xcursor/xcursortheme.cpp:39
msgid "No description available"
msgstr "無相關說明"
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