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# translation of kcmsmserver.po to Chinese Traditional
# Traditional Chinese Translation of kcmsmsserver
# Copyright (C) 2002, 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# Jing-Jong Shyue <>, 2001.
# Paladin Liu <>, 2002.
# Frank Weng (a.k.a. Franklin) <franklin at goodhorse dot idv dot tw>, 2008.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: kcmsmserver\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2009-01-29 07:19+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2008-09-24 09:07+0800\n"
"Last-Translator: Frank Weng (a.k.a. Franklin) <franklin at goodhorse dot idv "
"dot tw>\n"
"Language-Team: Chinese Traditional <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"
"X-Generator: Lokalize 0.2\n"

#: kcmsmserver.cpp:52
msgid ""
"<h1>Session Manager</h1> You can configure the session manager here. This "
"includes options such as whether or not the session exit (logout) should be "
"confirmed, whether the session should be restored again when logging in and "
"whether the computer should be automatically shut down after session exit by "
msgstr ""
"<h1>工作階段管理員</h1>您可以在這邊組態工作階段管理員。 這包含了登出時是否要"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:13
#. i18n: ectx: property (windowTitle), widget (QWidget, SMServerConfigDlg)
#: rc.cpp:3
msgid "Session Manager"
msgstr "工作階段管理員"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:36
#. i18n: ectx: property (title), widget (QGroupBox, topBox)
#: rc.cpp:6
msgid "General"
msgstr "一般"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:44
#. i18n: ectx: property (whatsThis), widget (QCheckBox, confirmLogoutCheck)
#: rc.cpp:9
msgid ""
"Check this option if you want the session manager to display a logout "
"confirmation dialog box."
msgstr "選取這個選項如果您希望工作階段管理員顯示燈出確認對話窗."

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:47
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QCheckBox, confirmLogoutCheck)
#: rc.cpp:12
msgid "Conf&irm logout"
msgstr "確認登出 (&i)"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:54
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QCheckBox, offerShutdownCheck)
#: rc.cpp:15
msgid "O&ffer shutdown options"
msgstr "提供關機選項(&F)"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:79
#. i18n: ectx: property (whatsThis), widget (QGroupBox, sdGroup)
#: rc.cpp:18
msgid ""
"Here you can choose what should happen by default when you log out. This "
"only has meaning, if you logged in through KDM."
msgstr ""
"在這裡您可以選擇在您登出時所要執行的動作。不過這只有在您使用 KDM 來登入系統時"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:82
#. i18n: ectx: property (title), widget (QGroupBox, sdGroup)
#: rc.cpp:21
msgid "Default Shutdown Option"
msgstr "預設關機選項"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:88
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, logoutRadio)
#: rc.cpp:24
msgid "&End current session"
msgstr "結束目前的工作階段(&E)"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:95
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, haltRadio)
#: rc.cpp:27
msgid "&Turn off computer"
msgstr "關閉電腦 (&T)"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:102
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, rebootRadio)
#: rc.cpp:30
msgid "&Restart computer"
msgstr "重新啟動電腦 (&R)"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:120
#. i18n: ectx: property (whatsThis), widget (QGroupBox, loginGroup)
#: rc.cpp:33
msgid ""
"<li><b>Restore previous session:</b> Will save all applications running on "
"exit and restore them when they next start up</li>\n"
"<li><b>Restore manually saved session: </b> Allows the session to be saved "
"at any time via \"Save Session\" in the K-Menu. This means the currently "
"started applications will reappear when they next start up.</li>\n"
"<li><b>Start with an empty session:</b> Do not save anything. Will come up "
"with an empty desktop on next start.</li>\n"
msgstr ""
"<li><b>恢復前一個工作階段:</b> 會在離開時儲存所有執行的應用程式並在下次啟動"
"<li><b>恢復手動儲存的工作階段:</b> 可以在任何時候透過 K-選單中的「儲存工作階"
"<li><b>以空的工作階段啟動:</b> 不要儲存任何東西。下次啟動時會看到的空無一物"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:123
#. i18n: ectx: property (title), widget (QGroupBox, loginGroup)
#: rc.cpp:40
msgid "On Login"
msgstr "正在登入"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:131
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, previousSessionRadio)
#: rc.cpp:43
msgid "Restore &previous session"
msgstr "回復先前的工作階段 (&P)"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:138
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, savedSessionRadio)
#: rc.cpp:46
msgid "Restore &manually saved session"
msgstr "回復手動存入的工作階段 (&M)"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:145
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QRadioButton, emptySessionRadio)
#: rc.cpp:49
msgid "Start with an empty &session"
msgstr "使用空白的工作階段來啟動(&S)"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:152
#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QLabel, textLabel1)
#: rc.cpp:52
msgid "Applications to be e&xcluded from sessions:"
msgstr "要自工作階段排除的應用程式(&X):"

#. i18n: file: smserverconfigdlg.ui:165
#. i18n: ectx: property (whatsThis), widget (KLineEdit, excludeLineedit)
#: rc.cpp:55
msgid ""
"Here you can enter a colon or comma separated list of applications that "
"should not be saved in sessions, and therefore will not be started when "
"restoring a session. For example 'xterm:konsole' or 'xterm,konsole'."
msgstr ""

#~ msgid "Advanced"
#~ msgstr "進階的"

#~ msgid ""
#~ "The new window manager will be used when KDE is started the next time."
#~ msgstr "新的視窗管理員會用於下次啟動 KDE 時。"

#~ msgid "Window manager change"
#~ msgstr "視窗管理員變更"

#~ msgid "KWin (KDE default)"
#~ msgstr "KWin(KDE 預設)"

#~ msgid "Window Manager"
#~ msgstr "視窗管理員"
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