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Dub Playlist

A directory based playlist that's meant to be fast, simple and with the
kind of functionality you'd expect from a digital player.

Dub name was inspired from the continuous automated mix of digital music
in Neuromancer. I'm not a Rasta but I still like that idea. As a tribute to
William Gibson I decided to actually write such a program. That's where this
code should be going! Read design.txt also.

Author's note: Those who turn tail-recursive functions into iterations will
be shot!  GCC has tail-recursion optimization.

Author's second note: Yes, I know other people have done things that an
automated dj program could be based on. I'm still more interested in playing
with a few clustering algorithms to get the result I want, I think deriving
the features isn't the hard part. Any ideas welcome.

Eray Ozkural (exa) <>

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