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The list of window managers that the config module offers for using.
The format is normal .desktop files:

Name - required, name to display in the configuration dialog.

Exec - required, the command to execute to launch the window manager.
    If launching fails for any reason, it must quit with non-zero exit
    value and not do anything else (show an error dialog, try to run
    a fallback, etc.).
TryExec - optional.

X-KDE-WindowManagerTestExec - optional, a command that will be run and if
    the exit code is not 0, the window manager won't be used (can be used
    e.g. to detect that a window manager which requires compositing support
    cannot be run on systems without such support).

X-KDE-WindowManagerId - optional, the name under which the window manager
    registers with the session manager (if different from the name
    of the .desktop file)
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