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kdesrc-build 1.13


1.  Copy kdesrc-build somewhere where you will be able to find it.

1a. If you have an old kdesvn-build script, delete it.

2.  Copy kdesrc-buildrc-sample to ~/.kdesrc-buildrc, if you don't already have
one.  If you do already have a kdesrc-buildrc, you will want to look at the
kdesrc-buildrc-sample to see about new options.

2a. If you have an old .kdesvn-buildrc, you should rename it to .kdesrc-buildrc
(note the only difference accounts for the name change of the script,
kdesvn-build to kdesrc-build
   ---             ---

2b. THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE FOR THIS RELEASE (if you last used <1.10):
The qt-copy module and amarok modules both use Git and not subversion anymore,
which has some option changes required. In fact, many KDE modules require git
at this point, and there will be more to come in the future.

2c. For those who used to use the "kde-qt" version of Qt, from, you
want to switch that to a repository of git:// in your
qt-copy module. The module must still be named qt-copy for the build to work.

3.  Edit your new ~/.kdesrc-buildrc.  Read the comments, they should prove
helpful in deciding what features you want to enable.

4.  Enable any modules that you want to build by uncommenting the "module"
through "end module" lines in ~/.kdesrc-buildrc. (Or, module-set and end
module-set lines).

5.  Run "/path/to/kdesrc-build --pretend".  This will have kdesrc-build go
through the steps that it would perform, but without actually doing them.
This is a good time to make sure that kdesrc-build is set the way you want it.

6.  When you're ready, run "/path/to/kdesrc-build".  Hopefully everything will
go well the first time, and kdesrc-build will be able to download and build
all of the modules that you ask for. :)


Upgrading is simple.  Just copy the new kdesrc-build over the old one, and
then you may want to edit your ~/.kdesrc-buildrc to make sure any new options
are included (if you'd like).  You should always read the changes for the new
version however, as sometimes there are slight changes in behavior necessary
to adapt to updates in the source repository.

You can use the 'kdesrc-build --version' command to ensure that you have
successfully upgraded kdesrc-build.


A sample configuration file is included.  It should work for you for the most
part with only minor tweaking.  To use it, just copy it to ~/.kdesrc-buildrc.

*** HELP!!! ***

kdesrc-build includes a limited command-line description with the
--help option.

You can read the kdesrc-build handbook online at

You can ask for help online on the #kde-devel channel of IRC (

You can also ask on the KDE support mailing lists, such as

Finally you can drop me an email at (although I have a job/family
and therefore don't always have time to respond)


You can find updated versions of kdesrc-build online as part of the
extragear/utils module:

(Note: Many kde modules are migrating to This may require frequent updates
to kdesrc-buildrc until the next release of kdesrc-build, which will support auto-updating
many of these modules from the KDE Projects page)

If you find a bug, please report it at:

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know:
  Michael Pyne <>

If I don't respond in a couple of days I'm probably really busy, in which
case I apologize and you should contact the mailing list.
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