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Cleanbar for SuperKaramba, version 0.4
Written by Adam Geitgey <>
Released under the GNU General Public License version 2

Cleanbar requires SuperKaramba 0.31 or higher!!

Cleanbar is a simple taskbar, xmms control, and clock.  Cleanbar is quick, 
simple, and appealing.

The Launch button brings up the K Menu.  The play control buttons will control
XMMS (xmmsctrl is required).  A clock is shown on the right.  Tasks show up
along the middle and the taskbar works just like any other taskbar from the 
last 10 years.

I created this basically as a quick example of how to use the new
event-based task control API in SuperKaramba 0.31.  

It also demonstrates how to create themes that work at any resolution.  You
should not have to change anything for this to work on your desktop.

Please report any major problems you have.

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