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The Debian Package kerberos-configs

This package manages configuration for both Kerberos versions 4 and 5.
Install krb5-config to get Kerberos 5 config files and krb4-config to get
Kerberos 4 config files.

Most realms should use DNS to store Kerberos configuration information and
not require client-side configuration, but not all realms can or do.  If
your realm cannot or does not use DNS for some reason, the realm
configuration information can be included in this package.  To request
this, please open a wishlist bug against kerberos-configs with the
relevant details.

For information on setting up DNS SRV records so your Kerberos realms can
be used without adding them to krb5.conf, please see the Kerberos
administration guide in the krb5-doc package, or the appropriate
documentation in the heimdal-doc package.
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