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This is a driver for Matrox video cards with TV capture capabilities.
This file was last updated on 20040427 for the Linux 2.6.5 kernel.

To build this driver perform the following steps:

        - Obtain and configure a Linux 2.6.5 (or later) kernel.  Make sure
          the following options are enabled:

        - Patch the kernel with the included kernel-2.6.5.patch file.  For
              cd /path/to/linux/soruce/
              patch -p1 < /path/to/driver_fb/kernel-2.6.5.patch
          And then build and install the kernel.

        - Build the driver_fb source code:
              cd /path/to/driver_fb
              make LINUX_SOURCE=/path/to/linux/source/

To load the driver:

        - Run the included iv script as root.  For example:
              su -
              cd /path/to/driver_fb

Known issues:

        - The matrox framebuffer module included in the 2.6.x kernel can
          cause screen corruption when loaded.  (At least on some G400
          cards..)  This is a problem with the module in the Linux source.
          To get around this, I load the module while in X-Windows and then
          toggle between virtual consoles to reset the screen.

        - If the driver is set to use overlay mode, then it will overwrite
          the matrox card's BES chromakey.  As a result of this, movies
          played with other software may stop working (the symptoms usually
          involve seeing a blue or pink window when running xine, mplayer,
          etc.).  Unfortunately, there really is no way to fix this, and
          any marvel v4l driver will have the same problem.  It is possible
          to force a new chromakey using the included
          script.  Run: ./

        - When using xawtv in overlay mode the chromakey gets set to rgb
          0,0,0 - which is black.  This is a poor choice for a colorkey,
          but it is believed this is happening because of an xawtv bug.

        - Capture doesn't work with xawtv.  The reason for this is
          currently unknown.

        - When capturing with mplayer make sure to set the "outfmt"
          parameter to yuy2.  Without specifying the outfmt, a bug in
          mplayer (CVS as of 20040408), causes it to incorrectly believe it
          is in planer mode.  An example mplayer command:

          mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video0:input=1:normid=0:outfmt=yuy2

        - When capturing with mplayer, mplayer will segfault when run the
          first time.  Mplayer should run fine the executed the second
          time.  This is a driver bug that needs to be addressed.

        - When in capture mode, downscaling of the input is not yet


The mgatv driver exists only because of the excellent work done on the
mgavideo and driver_fb drivers (which also drive the Matrox Marvel and RRG
cards).  All the real work was done by the authors of the above drivers,
and they are due all praise.  All the bugs are, of course, the result of
our hard work.

The following list (probably incomplete) of people worked on the driver_fb
and mgavideo drivers:

Leon van Stuivenberg <>
Ryan Drake <>
Mike Bernson <>
Gernot Ziegler <>
Merrick Johnson <>
Gerard v.d. Horst
Benoit Mathieu
Aaron Holtzman
Niels de Carpentier
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