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2009-12-07  root  <Gunnar Wrobel <>>

	* www/admin/user/ kolab/issue1340 (RFC: restrict users
	to sending mail only to internal recipients)

2009-12-03  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* php/admin/include/ 
	* www/admin/*: 

	 kolab/issue3499 (Kolab web admin does not use LDAP escaping)

2009-11-16 Richard Bos <>
	* php/admin/templates/settings.tpl: Use a table to separate the
	  checkbox and text, for nicer formatting.  kolab/issue3428

2009-05-14  Thomas Arendsen Hein  <>

	* php/admin/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: Updated french
	translation (kolab/issue2505)

	* www/admin/addressbook/ Fix kolab/issue3570 (Viewing
	external addresses fails to display phone numbers and some other
	values) by removing strtolower for attribute names.

2009-03-07  Mathieu Parent  <>

	* php/admin/include/ Fix undefined variable $conn

2009-02-16 Richard Bos <>

	* php/admin/templates/settings.tpl: improved layout,

2009-02-14 Richard Bos <>

	* php/admin/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: improved translation

2008-12-12  Thomas Arendsen Hein  <>

	* www/admin/kolab/ Folded @amavisd_pkg@,
	@emailserver_pkg@, @imap_pkg@, @webserver_pkg@, @kolab_pkg@,
	@kolab_webadmin_pkg@, @kolab_filter_pkg@, @kolab_freebusy_pkg@,
	@perl_kolabconf_pkg@, @perl_kolab_pkg@ and @php_kolab_pkg@ into
	@kolab_pkgs@, and rename @pear_horde_pkg@ to @pear_horde_pkgs@
	for consistency. List is not yet updated for new package names.
	Set $kolabversion default to 'unknown' instead of the obsolete
	value '2.1-official'.

2008-11-11 Mathieu Parent <>

	* www/admin/settings/ opportunity to delete freebusy value

2008-09-08 Richard Bos <>

	* php/admin/include/ changed the title of login page
	  from just Login to 'Kolab Groupware login.  For an explanation see
	  update 2008-07-05 in this ChangeLog below.  See kolab/issue2596.
	* php/admin/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po
	  php/admin/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: updated translation for
	  the change made the file php/admin/include/

2008-08-15  Sascha Wilde  <>

	* php/admin/templates/kolab.tpl: Added acknowledgments for PHP and
	OpenSSL according to their respective licenses.

2008-07-05 Richard Bos <>

	* php/admin/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: changed translation to
	  Kolab as that seems to be a much better page title than login.  The
	  concerning page is probably bookmarked and than is a title like Kolab
	  better than just Login.  I guess that the root cause solution would
	  be to change the word Login in the source file....

2008-06-05  Thomas Arendsen Hein <>

	* php/admin/templates/settings.tpl: Fix deleting of domains and kolab

2008-06-02  Thomas Arendsen Hein <>

	* php/admin/include/form.class.php: Fix regular expression which
	caused kolab/issue2739 (Some characters are not allowed in users
	fax-/phonenumbers despite the description in the error)

2008-04-03 Richard Bos <>

	* Added: www/favicon.png
	* php/admin/templates/ updated for the changed favicon

2008-03-30 Richard Bos <>

	* php/admin/include/ changed $basedir.'templates into
	  @smarty_compiledir@ (issue2538)
	* changed $(phpkolabdir)/templates_c into
	  $(smarty_compiledir) (issue2538)

2008-03-28 Richard Bos <>

	* php/admin/templates/systemaliasnagscreen.tpl: 
	  rename of services to settings makes welcome screen fail
	  (Fixes issue2569)
	* Removed: www/admin/pics/kde.jpg: has been replaced by
	*, www/admin/service/ reflect name change from
	  services to settings tab
	* Removed: php/admin/templates/service.tpl: replaced by
	* Added: php/admin/templates/settings.tpl

2008-03-14  Sascha Wilde  <>

	* (phpincludesdir): Moved
	php/admin/include/ldap.class.php to phpincludesdir_DATA
	(Fixes issue2543).
	* Removed unneeded AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR line.

2008-03-13  Thomas Arendsen Hein <>

	* php/admin/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: Updated french
	translation (kolab/issue2505)

2008-03-07  Thomas Arendsen Hein <>

	* www/admin/administrator/,
	www/admin/maintainer/ Modify LDAP filter to require
	uid attribute to not return e.g. address book entries.
	Prevents "PHP Notice: Undefined index: uid".

2008-03-06 Richard Bos <>

	* kolab/issue2507
	* php/admin/include/ldap.class.php: removed
	* php/admin/include/ added
	*, reflect change in
	  php/admin/include/ldap.class.php filename

2008-03-04  Thomas Arendsen Hein <>

	* php/admin/include/menu.php: Reverted extra spaces after the main
	menu entries added on 2008-02-16, because this does not look good.

	* www/admin/user/ Fix kolab/issue2329 (Domain Maintainer
	cannot create users)

2008-02-23 Richard Bos <>

	*, php/admin/include/menu.php: move the url of the services
	  page from services to settings.

2008-02-23 Richard Bos <>

	* php/admin/include/menu.php: Fixed untranslated string Addressbook
	*, php/admin/include/,
	  php/admin/include/, php/admin/templates/,
	  www/admin/, www/admin/addressbook/,
	  php/admin/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: changed the hardcoded
	  path to web user interface (/admin) into a variable: kolab_wui.

2008-02-22 Richard Bos <>

	* php/admin/templates/kde.tpl: replaced kde.jpg with kde.png
	* www/admin/pics/kde.png: added
	* added kde.png

2008-02-17 Richard Bos <>

	* www/admin/kolab/ moved an openpkg specific rpm
	  package into a test that is enabled when run on an openpkg
	  installation.  This way the page shows up, much faster on native
	  pkg installations

	* made it possible to reuse the code that leaves in or
	  removes code depending on the presence of openpkg.  Introduced
	  a variable w_or_wo_openpkg (with_or_without_openpkg).
	* added a note why the command is needed for the build
	  of languages files
	* prevent configure to complain about not portable
	  filenames by replacing basename with `echo ... | sed ...`

2008-02-16 Richard Bos <>

	* php/admin/include/menu.php:
	  - removed the bold formatting around Versions.
	  - Added a space after the main menu entries, so the web page formats /
	    breaks nices when the web browser is made smaller
	* locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po, locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po,
	  locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po, locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po,
	  locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: reflect the change
	  in templates/menu.tpl
	* www/admin/kolab/ prevent the autoconf variable kolab_pkgs
	  to be processed by the build tools, it must remain in the comment

2008-02-13 Richard Bos <>

	* www/admin/kolab/ reflect the change in package
	  variable name (new suffix _pkg instead of _rpm).  Added the variable
	  kolab_pkgs, and splitted the name and version in the output

2008-02-11 Richard Bos <>

	* www/admin/kolab/ reflect the change in removed and new rpms:
	* www/admin/kolab/
	  the section "Kolab2 Patched OpenPKG Package Versions", should only show in
	  the openpkg version of kolab.

2008-02-04 Richard Bos <>

	* php/admin/include/menu.php: Changed 'Services' to 'Settings' and
	'Manage Services' to 'System Settings'
	* locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po, locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po,
	locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po, locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po,
	locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: reflect the change
	in templates/service.tpl see issue:

2008-02-04  Thomas Arendsen Hein <>

	* php/admin/templates/ Add <link> for favicon.ico.

2008-02-02 Richard Bos <>

	* templates/service.tpl: rephrased the sentence from:
	"Reject the message ........"
	* locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po, locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po,
	locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po, locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po,
	locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: reflect the change
	in templates/service.tpl see issue:

2008-02-01 Richard Bos <>

	* templates/service.tpl: corrected sentence from:
	"Reject the message with the except if" to
	"Reject the message, except if"
	* locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po, locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po,
	locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po, locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po,
	locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: reflect the change
	in templates/service.tpl

2008-01-22  Thomas Arendsen Hein <>

	* www/admin/addressbook/,
	www/admin/user/ Adjusted common code to look the same for
	easier comparison. This fixed some variable initialisations.

2007-12-03  Thomas Arendsen Hein <>

	* www/admin/user/ Removed resource password handling
	which is unused since server 2.1.

	* php/admin/templates/service.tpl: Removed obsolete explanation
	about enabling legacy services.

2007-11-21  Thomas Arendsen Hein <>

	* www/admin/user/ Renamed "Free/Busy future" to
	"Free/Busy interval" to be consistent with the user inteface.

	* www/admin/user/, www/admin/user/,
	www/admin/user/ Don't use @bindir@ in strings
	marked for translation.

	* de/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: Updated German translations.

	* php/admin/templates/service.tpl,
	php/admin/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: Mark "Action to take for
	messages that fail the check" for translation and update .po files,
	including translation for German.

	* php/admin/include/form.class.php: fix kolab/issue1912 (some field
	descriptions missing in web admin interface)

	* php/admin/include/ldap.class.php,
	www/admin/user/ Fix kolab/issue1711 (extra space after
	first name when editing users or admins)

2007-11-16  Thomas Arendsen Hein  <>

	* php/admin/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: Updated German
	translations: Verwalter, Domaenenverwalter.

2007-10-17  Thomas Arendsen Hein  <>

	* php/admin/templates/kolab.tpl, www/admin/service/
	kolab/issue934 (Remove FTP FreeBusy Service (proftpd))

	* php/admin/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po,
	www/admin/service/ Clarify web admin description for
	HTTP FreeBusy switch (with updated German translation)

2007-08-07  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* php/admin/templates/ 

	fixed  kolab/issue1611 ([webadmin] page.tpl use no valid XHTML)

	* www/admin/domainmaintainer/ 

	fixed  kolab/issue1246 (Permission handling in the webadmin frontend)

2007-07-13  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* php/admin/include/ldap.class.php: 

	fixed possible PHP notices.

2007-07-12  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* www/admin/domainmaintainer/ 
	* www/admin/sharedfolder/ 
	* www/admin/addressbook/ 
	* www/admin/user/ 

	fixed kolab/issue932 (Illegal values in webadmin cause LDAP errors)

	Removed code duplications.

2007-07-11  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* www/admin/sharedfolder/ 

	fixed kolab/issue1694 (Unable to modify the folder type of an already created shared folder)

2007-07-10  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* www/admin/user/ 

	fixed kolab/issue1162 (Misplaced title field in webinterface)

	* php/admin/include/ldap.class.php:

	fixed kolab/issue1845 (incorrect check mailForDn for ldap results)

2007-07-04  Marcus H�we  <>

	exclude the generated *.mo files from a tarball which
	is created with "make distcheck". Additionally I added a small
	fix so that "make distcheck" works.

2007-07-03  Thomas Arendsen Hein <>

	* Include both, .po and .mo files, as the build process
	is not yet capable of generating .mo files for the binary RPM.
	See kolab/issue1797 (kolab-webadmin source package missing PO files)

2007-06-21	Marcus H�we  <>


	fixed kolab/issue1797 (kolab-webadmin source package missing PO files).
	Added Makefile dependencies.


	Removed "rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT" from the %install section as this opens
	a possible race condition (see for
	more information)

2007-05-29  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* www/admin/domainmaintainer/ 
	* www/admin/domainmaintainer/ 
	* www/admin/maintainer/ 
	* www/admin/maintainer/ 
	* www/admin/administrator/ 

	Committed potential fix for kolab/issue1744 by accident. Probably
	ok, but I still need to test it. Simply typo (kolabDeleteflag).

2007-05-28  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* www/admin/user/ 
	* www/admin/maintainer/ 
	* www/admin/domainmaintainer/ 
	* www/admin/administrator/ 
	* www/admin/addressbook/ 

	Corrected fix for
	kolab/issue1742 (

2007-05-24  Gunnar Wrobel  <>


	Needed to add print.css to the files that should be installed.
	kolab/issue1619 (

	* php/admin/templates/login.tpl: 

	kolab/issue1615 (

	* php/admin/include/form.class.php: 
	kolab/issue1610 (

	* php/admin/templates/ 
	* www/admin/print.css: 
	kolab/issue1619 (

	* php/admin/templates/maintainerlistall.tpl: 
	* php/admin/templates/domainmaintainerlistall.tpl: 
	* php/admin/templates/addrlistall.tpl: 

	kolab/issue1618 (

	* php/admin/include/form.class.php: 

	kolab/issue1620 (

	* www/admin/user/ 
	* www/admin/maintainer/ 
	* www/admin/domainmaintainer/ 
	* www/admin/administrator/ 
	* www/admin/addressbook/ 

	kolab/issue1742 (

2007-05-09  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* php/admin/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: 

	kolab/issue1617 (

2007-03-23  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* www/admin/domainmaintainer/ 

	Fixed update of the domain name after modification of a domain

	kolab/issue1670 (
2007-03-21  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* www/admin/domainmaintainer/ 

	Added check for empty set of selected domains when creating or
	modifying a domain maintainer.

2007-03-16  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* www/admin/user/ 
	* www/admin/sharedfolder/ 
	* www/admin/maintainer/ 
	* www/admin/domainmaintainer/ 
	* www/admin/distributionlist/ 
	* www/admin/administrator/ 
	* www/admin/addressbook/ 

	Fixed for the new LDAP overlays introduced in

	Tries to fix the following issues:
2007-02-20 Bernhard Reiter <>

	* php/admin/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: 
	Translated two more strings.

2007-02-20  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* www/admin/user/ (fill_form_for_modify): 

	Fixed typo (issue 1612; This should allow
	to select the user account type again. Patch submitted by TIm

2007-02-02  Sascha Wilde  <>

	* php/admin/templates/kolab.tpl: Restrict access to /fbview* to
	save us from attacks against any of the various horde files.
	Fixes issue 1507.  And fixed minor bug in the usage of

	* php/admin/templates/kolab.tpl, www/admin/kolab/
	Corrected version information, fixing last parts of issue 1486.

2007-02-01  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* www/admin/user/ (inMaintainerDomain): 

	New function to support checking if a given user lies in the
	domains of the current domain-maintainer. Should fix issue 1559
2007-01-18  Gunnar Wrobel  <>

	* php/admin/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: 

	Added the german translation for recent patch to
	systemaliasnagscreen.tpl (

	See issue1539 (
	* www/admin/sharedfolder/ 

	Allow modification of the shared folder type.
	Fix for issue1479 (

2007-01-10 Marcus H�we <>
	* php/admin/include/form.class.php: added a __toString() method otherwise
	  it will not work with php 5.2.0 (see issue1558)

2006-12-19 Richard Bos <>
	* php/admin/templates/service.tpl: spelling error Privileged is correct
	  and removed an inconsistency: non-authorized -> unauthorized.

2006-03-26 Richard Bos <>
	Patch from Gunnar Wrobel
	* php/admin/include/ make the Smarty prefix
	  configurable, using variable: kolab_php_smarty_prefix

2006-03-22 Marcus H�we <>
	Patch committed by Richard Bos
	* www/admin/user/ replaced $kolab_prefix/etc by

2006-03-07 Bernhard Reiter <>
	* www/admin/user/ Renamed Deletages to Email-Delegates
	in $entries['kolabdelegate'] and checkdelegate(). Also improved
	the formating and the comment.

2006-02-05 Richard Bos <>
	* www/admin/addressbook/addr.php, www/admin/addressbook/index.php,
	  www/admin/administrator/admin.php, www/admin/administrator/index.php,
	  www/admin/domainmaintainer/index.php, www/admin/index.php,
	  www/admin/kolab/codefusion.php, www/admin/kolab/erfrakon.php,
	  www/admin/kolab/index.php, www/admin/kolab/intevation.php,
	  www/admin/kolab/kdab.php, www/admin/kolab/kde.php,
	  www/admin/maintainer/index.php, www/admin/maintainer/maintainer.php,
	  www/admin/service/index.php, www/admin/sharedfolder/index.php,
	  www/admin/sharedfolder/sf.php, www/admin/user/deliver.php,
	  www/admin/user/forward.php, www/admin/user/index.php,
	  www/admin/user/vacation.php, php/admin/include/mysmarty.php: removed
	* www/admin/addressbook/, www/admin/addressbook/,
	  www/admin/domainmaintainer/, www/admin/,
	  www/admin/kolab/, www/admin/kolab/,
	  www/admin/kolab/, www/admin/kolab/,
	  www/admin/kolab/, www/admin/kolab/,
	  www/admin/service/, www/admin/sharedfolder/,
	  www/admin/sharedfolder/, www/admin/user/,
	  www/admin/user/, www/admin/user/,
	  php/admin/include/ added.  Use the new build
	  variable: kolab_php_module_prefix variable.
	* reflect the changes in the above mentioned files.

2006-01-17 Richard Bos <>
	* corrected make rule for php/admin/templates/versions.tpl

2006-01-16 Marcus H�we <>
	Patch committed by Richard Bos
	* www/admin/kolab/ use rpm package name variables for
	  the software package version query's
	* php/admin/templates/versions.tpl: moved to
	* php/admin/templates/ show openpkg information when
	  installed on an openpkg system only.
	* process php/admin/templates/
	* add --with-openpkg cmdline argument

2006-01-15 Marcus H�we <>
	Patch committed by Richard Bos
	* www/admin/kolab/versions.php: moved to /www/admin/kolab/,
	  replaced "$kolab_prefix/bin/openpkg" with @RPM@
	* make www/admin/kolab/

2006-01-14 Marcus H�we <>
	Patch commited by Richard Bos
	* replaced --enable-dist with --with-dist
	  Added dist_conf file check.  If dist_conf file specified with
	  --with-dist is not present fail configure.
	* replaced --enable-dist with --with-dist

2006-01-03 Richard Bos <>
	* distribute only the files to be distributed
	  from the dist_conf directory
	  Added a distclean-local rule to remove the directory autom4te.cache

2005-12-30 Richard Bos <>
	* add webserver_web_prefix so the involved files
	  are installed in the right directory.

2005-12-30 Marcus H�we <>
	Patch committed by Richard Bos, see issue1049
	* php/admin/include/auth.class.php: moved to
	* php/admin/include/headers.php: moved to
	* php/admin/templates/page.tpl: moved to php/admin/templates/
	* www/admin/logout.php: moved to www/admin/
	* www/admin/user/user.php: moved to www/admin/user/
	* php/admin/include/,
	  www/admin/user/ added @webserver_web_prefix@
	* added some code for the @webserver_web_prefix@

2005-12-22 Richard Bos <>
	* www/admin/user/deliver.php,
	  www/admin/user/vacation.php: changed $kolab_prefix/bin into @bindir@

2005-12-19 Richard Bos <>
	* added no-dist-gzip to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
	* ../Makefile: reflected change in, to create only bzipped
	  tarbals.  Changed 'make dist' into 'make distcheck'

2005-12-16 Marcus H�we <>
	* added dist_ prefix

2005-12-14 Richard Bos <>
	* NEWS: added with the latest news from: release-notes.txt
	* AUTHORS: added
	* bootstrap: removed the touch on NEWS, AUTHORS and ChangeLog as they
	  are now all part of cvs
	* The doc files ChangeLog, COPYING, NEWS and AUTHORS
	  are distributed and installed in $(pkgdocdir)/@PACKAGE@
	* php/admin/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: updated

2005-12-10 Richard Bos <>
	* php/admin/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: updated
	* php/admin/include/mysmarty.php: changed Neerlandais to

2005-11-15 Richard
	* bootstrap: copy the dist_conf file from kolabd instead of
	* removed the options: --enable-wsdocrootdir,
	  --phpdir and pkgdocdir.  These are all defined in the
	  kolab/dist_conf files
	  Added $srcdir to the distribution assignments
	* replaced do_subst by @common@ (include the dist_conf
	  file), reflected this change in as well
	  Replaced wsdocrootdir by webserver_document_root
	  Renamed wsadmin... to the more appropriate name wskolab...
	  Replaced phpdir by phplibdir2
	  Renamed phpadmin... to the more appropriate name phpkolab 
	  Added prefix dist_ to dist_phplocaleXX_DATA variables so
	  make distcheck completes
	  Removed test -z "$(webserver_usr)" || chown $(webserver_usr)
	  so make distcheck completes.  This should be handled by rpm or
	  an external script.  In case an rpm is build it is very likely
	  that the user used in chown is not present.
	* php/admin/include/ changed phpdir to phplibdir2

2004-07-09 07:37  stephan

	* php/admin/templates/en/kolab.tpl: Add appropriate email address
	  as requested

2004-07-08 17:04  bernhard

	* php/admin/templates/en/kolab.tpl: Fixed stupid typo in Codefusion
	  URL. :(

2004-07-08 13:44  steffen

	* php/admin/include/form.class.php, www/admin/kolabsharedfolder/sf.php:
	  new permissions "read anon" and "read hidden" + allow special
	  usernames anyone and anonymous in ACLs

2004-07-07 20:34  martin

	* php/admin/templates/en/kolab.tpl: Martin K.: html syntax and
	  updated email addresses

2004-07-07 18:51  martin

	* www/admin/distributionlist/list.php: Marrtin K.: little typo

2004-07-07 18:01  bernhard

	* php/admin/templates/en/kolab.tpl: Updated contents for Kolab2.
	  Added Codefusion as part of the Kolab group.    Credited
	  Radley for the work on the format, mentioning designed toltec.
	  Link to the OL plug-in list to be more fair.    Added
	  Intevation participants and Stephan and Stuart from Codefusion
		  as they also have CVS write access and actively
	  contribute.  Some Reformating.

2004-07-07 13:45  steffen

	*, php/admin/include/ldap.class.php,
	  www/admin/kolabsharedfolder/sf.php: fix for issue215

2004-07-01 01:40  steffen

	*, update build date

2004-06-30 22:49  steffen

	* php/admin/include/ldap.class.php: use ldap uri for php to support

2004-06-28 16:00  steffen

	*, www/admin/kolabsharedfolder/sf.php: fix for
	  issues 204 and 205

2004-06-23 12:26  steffen

	*,, build spec
	  file with configure

2004-06-21 03:46  steffen

	*, www/admin/kolabsharedfolder/index.php,
	  www/admin/kolabsharedfolder/sf.php: shared folder handling + multiple

2004-06-18 13:25  steffen

	* Issue183

2004-06-17 11:14  steffen

	* versions

2004-06-17 11:12  steffen

	* php/admin/include/ldap.class.php,
	  www/admin/distributionlist/list.php, www/admin/user/user.php: fix
	  for issue191 + "kolabdelegate"

2004-06-15 03:59  steffen

	* version

2004-06-15 03:51  steffen

	* php/admin/include/form.class.php,
	  php/admin/templates/en/service.tpl, www/admin/style.css,
	  www/admin/service/index.php: updated version, added list of
	  kolab-servers to servicepage

2004-06-14 04:13  steffen

	* php/admin/include/form.class.php, www/admin/user/user.php: more
	  group stuff

2004-06-08 00:29  steffen

	* ChangeLog,, bootstrap,,
	  php/admin/include/ moved kolab-webadmin to
	  autotools (credits to Richard Bos)

2004-06-04 12:46  steffen

	* www/admin/: distributionlist/list.php, user/user.php: bugfixes +
	  availability of dist. lists

2004-06-02 12:11  stuart

	* www/admin/service/service.php: Use alternate control structure
	  syntax for cleaner PHP/HTML separation.

2004-06-02 11:58  stuart

	* www/admin/service/service.php: Changed short opening tags to the
	  proper "<?php" opening tags. We should ideally turn off "short
	  open tag" support in php.ini.

2004-05-28 17:49  steffen

	* php/admin/include/debug.php, www/admin/distributionlist/list.php:
	  anal nameclash checking + bugfixing for dist lists

2004-05-27 17:59  steffen

	* php/admin/include/debug.php, php/admin/include/ldap.class.php,
	  www/admin/user/user.php: thorough duplicate mail address checks
	  for users

2004-05-27 15:24  steffen

	* php/admin/templates/en/service.tpl, www/admin/service/index.php:
	  quota warn level configurable

2004-05-26 01:12  steffen

	* www/admin/user/user.php: removed a bit of debug output and made
	  kolabhomeserver readonly when it should be

2004-05-25 05:25  steffen

	* php/admin/include/debug.php: removed debug output

2004-05-24 13:53  steffen

	* php/admin/include/auth.class.php, www/admin/user/user.php:
	  reasonable default for kolabhomeserver. Check IP address when
	  authenticating to make it more difficult to hijack a session

2004-05-21 15:03  steffen

	* www/admin/: distributionlist/list.php, user/user.php: bugfixes

2004-05-20 00:26  steffen

	* php/admin/templates/en/vacation.tpl, www/admin/user/user.php:
	  kolabhomeserver entry + escaping of vacation text + fix for buggy
	  html-parser in mozilla 1.0

2004-05-19 13:20  steffen

	* php/admin/templates/en/vacation.tpl: typo

2004-05-17 17:24  steffen

	* php/admin/include/Sieve.php, php/admin/include/auth.class.php,
	  php/admin/include/authenticate.php, php/admin/include/debug.php,
	  php/admin/include/form.class.php, php/admin/include/headers.php,
	  php/admin/include/ldap.class.php, php/admin/include/menu.php,
	  php/admin/templates/en/kdab.tpl, php/admin/templates/en/kde.tpl,
	  php/admin/templates/en/welcome.tpl, www/admin/index.php,
	  www/admin/logout.php, www/admin/style.css,
	  www/admin/addressbook/addr.php, www/admin/addressbook/index.php,
	  www/admin/kolab/erfrakon.php, www/admin/kolab/index.php,
	  www/admin/kolab/intevation.php, www/admin/kolab/kdab.php,
	  www/admin/kolab/kde.php, www/admin/maintainer/index.php,
	  www/admin/maintainer/maintainer.php, www/admin/pics/erfrakon.png,
	  www/admin/pics/intevation_logo.png, www/admin/pics/kdab.png,
	  www/admin/pics/kde.jpg, www/admin/pics/kolab_logo.png,
	  www/admin/service/index.php, www/admin/service/service.php,
	  www/admin/kolabsharedfolder/index.php, www/admin/kolabsharedfolder/sf.php,
	  www/admin/user/forward.php, www/admin/user/index.php,
	  www/admin/user/user.php, www/admin/user/vacation.php: new
	  webinterface for the kolab server

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