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# KDE breton translation
# Thierry Vignaud <>, 2004-2005
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: messages/kdeaddons/imgalleryplugin.po\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2009-01-03 11:07+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2004-09-20 15:44+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Thierry Vignaud <>\n"
"Language-Team: br <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:53
msgid "Configure"
msgstr "Kefluniañ"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:61
msgid "Create Image Gallery"
msgstr "Krouiñ garidell ar skeudennoù"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:62
msgid "Create"
msgstr "Krouiñ"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:72 imgallerydialog.cpp:113
#, kde-format
msgid "Image Gallery for %1"
msgstr "Garidell ar skeudennoù evit %1"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:99
msgid "Look"
msgstr "Sell"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:100
msgid "Page Look"
msgstr "Neuz ar bajenn"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:110
msgid "&Page title:"
msgstr "&Titl ar bajenn :"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:120
msgid "I&mages per row:"
msgstr ""

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:128
msgid "Show image file &name"
msgstr "Diskouez &anv ar restr skeudenn"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:132
msgid "Show image file &size"
msgstr "Diskouez &ment ar restr skeudenn"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:136
msgid "Show image &dimensions"
msgstr "Diskouez &mentoù ar skeudenn"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:149
msgid "Fon&t name:"
msgstr "Anv an &nodrezh :"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:161
msgid "Font si&ze:"
msgstr "&Ment an nodrezh :"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:173
msgid "&Foreground color:"
msgstr "Liv war-&c'horre :"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:185
msgid "&Background color:"
msgstr "&Liv an drekleur :"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:196 imgallerydialog.cpp:197
msgid "Folders"
msgstr "Renkelloù"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:206
msgid "&Save to HTML file:"
msgstr ""

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:209
msgid "<p>The name of the HTML file this gallery will be saved to.</p>"
msgstr ""

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:220
msgid "&Recurse subfolders"
msgstr ""

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:222
msgid ""
"<p>Whether subfolders should be included for the image gallery creation or "
msgstr ""

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:230
msgid "Rec&ursion depth:"
msgstr ""

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:232
msgid "Endless"
msgstr ""

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:234
msgid ""
"<p>You can limit the number of folders the image gallery creator will "
"traverse to by setting an upper bound for the recursion depth.</p>"
msgstr ""

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:246
msgid "Copy or&iginal files"
msgstr ""

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:249
msgid ""
"<p>This makes a copy of all images and the gallery will refer to these "
"copies instead of the original images.</p>"
msgstr ""

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:255
msgid "Use &comment file"
msgstr "Implijit restr an &askelennoù"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:259
msgid ""
"<p>If you enable this option you can specify a comment file which will be "
"used for generating subtitles for the images.</p><p>For details about the "
"file format please see the \"What's This?\" help below.</p>"
msgstr ""

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:266
msgid "Comments &file:"
msgstr "&Restr an askelennoù :"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:269
msgid ""
"<p>You can specify the name of the comment file here. The comment file "
"contains the subtitles for the images. The format of this file is:</"
"p><p>FILENAME1:<br />Description<br /><br />FILENAME2:<br />Description<br /"
"><br />and so on</p>"
msgstr ""

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:297 imgallerydialog.cpp:298
msgid "Thumbnails"
msgstr "Skeudennigoù"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:317
msgid "Image format f&or the thumbnails:"
msgstr "Furmad skeudenn &ar skeudennigoù :"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:325
msgid "Thumbnail size:"
msgstr "Ment ar skeudennig :"

#: imgallerydialog.cpp:337
msgid "&Set different color depth:"
msgstr ""

#: imgalleryplugin.cpp:59
msgid "&Create Image Gallery..."
msgstr "&Krouiñ garidell ar skeudennoù ..."

#: imgalleryplugin.cpp:70
msgid "Could not create the plugin, please report a bug."
msgstr ""
"Ne m'eus ket gallet krouiñ al lugent. Mar plij kemennit an drein kavet."

#: imgalleryplugin.cpp:76
msgid "Creating an image gallery works only on local folders."
msgstr ""

#: imgalleryplugin.cpp:95
msgid "Creating thumbnails"
msgstr "Emaon o krouiñ ar skeudennigoù"

#: imgalleryplugin.cpp:116 imgalleryplugin.cpp:279
#, fuzzy, kde-format
#| msgid "Couldn't create folder: %1"
msgid "Could not create folder: %1"
msgstr "N'hellan ket krouiñ ar renkell : %1"

#: imgalleryplugin.cpp:177
#, kde-format
msgid "<i>Number of images</i>: %1"
msgstr "<i>Niver a skeudennoù</i> : %1"

#: imgalleryplugin.cpp:178
#, kde-format
msgid "<i>Created on</i>: %1"
msgstr "<i>Krouet d'ar</i>: %1"

#: imgalleryplugin.cpp:183
msgid "<i>Subfolders</i>:"
msgstr "<i>Is-renkelloù</i> :"

#: imgalleryplugin.cpp:216
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"Created thumbnail for: \n"
msgstr ""
"Krouet eo ar skeudennig evit : \n"

#: imgalleryplugin.cpp:219
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"Creating thumbnail for: \n"
" failed"
msgstr ""

#: imgalleryplugin.cpp:237
msgid "KB"
msgstr "KO"

#: imgalleryplugin.cpp:333 imgalleryplugin.cpp:428
#, fuzzy, kde-format
#| msgid "Couldn't open file: %1"
msgid "Could not open file: %1"
msgstr "N'hellan ket digeriñ ar restr : %1"

#. i18n: file: kimgalleryplugin.rc:4
#. i18n: ectx: Menu (tools)
#: rc.cpp:3
msgid "&Tools"
msgstr "&Ostilhoù"
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