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			  README -- Konserve


* What's Konserve?
* Installation
* Konserve on the Internet 
* Bugs and Caveats


* What's Konserve?

  Konserve is a small backup application for the KDE 3.x environment. It
  lives in the system tray and is able to create backups of several
  directories or files periodically. 

  Konserve uses standard KDE network transparency to upload
  your backups to wherever you want. Also it is possibly to
  restore a incidently deleted file or directory from a backup
  file with just one mouse click.

  It supports drag and drop and provides a wizard that helps
  you with the first steps in using Konserve.

* Installation

  See file INSTALL for the detailed installation instructions. Please note
  that this program _expects_ to be installed in the standard KDE directory
  structure. If it is not it won't load its icons and the documentation
  correctly. One way to make sure Konserve will be installed in the right
  place is to use configure in the following way:

  ./configure --prefix=$(kde-config --prefix)

  'make uninstall' removes all files of Konserve installed by 'make install'
  except those directories that are considered standard directories of
  the KDE directory structure.

* Konserve on the Internet

  The website currently is:

  Please have a look at it for the latest version. There is also a mailinglist
  for Konserve, it's address is:

  Please use this list for questions and suggestions since issues that are
  important for you are most likely important for other people. By using
  the archive at sourceforge others get the chance to find answers to
  problems that are already solved.

  In case you don't want your mails out in the public you are kindly
  invited to write directly to the authors.

* Bugs and Caveats


  Please note that this is *alpha* software. I'm using it now on my own
  PC to keep backups of for example the Konserve sources itself and I
  have not shot myself in the foot. But I can not guarantee that this is
  impossible to happen.

  Key Usage in Preferences Dialog:

  The preferences dialog only works correctly when the Add button to add
  new backup profiles has been clicked with the mouse or the Alt-A shortcut
  has been used. Adding backup profiles via TAB+Return or only Return does
  not work.

  User Interface:

  Pop-up-menu->Preferences->Backup Profile: If you have selected a backup
  profile and you type something in the edit field the backup profile name
  will also change in the list-box. Konserve currently does not handle
  this and it will mess up the configuration file.

  Deep Directory Structure:

  Very deep directory structures will take a very long time and will
  eventually exceed Konserves capabilities as reported by Markus Neff. So
  you might not want to use Konserve to do a backup of your /usr directory.

  Cyclic links:

  Konserve can not handle cyclic links. If Konserve is used to create
  backups of directory trees containing cyclic links, it will write the
  same files to the backup file over and over again.

I hope you will enjoy this piece of software.              Florian Simnacher
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