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There are several different admin protocols in our source tree.

a) V4 server protocol - not documented

b) Old kadmin protocol - which was in the beta code (kadmin/v5passwdd)

c) Newer kadm5 gssrpc based code (kadmin/server)

d) Simple password changing protocol implemented in our kadmin server
with client in clients/kpasswd. 

This file will attempt to link the files in this directory with where
the code is used in the source tree.

- kpasswd.protocol: Describes the password changing protocol in
			include/adm.h has some defintions.

		    Client and server provided

- kadmin.protocol: Describes other administrative protocol options that 
			src/kadmin/v5passwdd supports

		    No client in the source tree uses it.

- draft-ietf-cat-kerb-chg-password-02.txt: Describes the 
		    password changing service that 
		    clients/kpasswd uses through krb5_change_password() 
		    located in lib/krb5/os/changepw.c

		    kadmin/server/schpw.c implements this as part of
		    the kadmin server.

		    This is version 1 of the protocol. Version 2 is
		    in the IETF draft stage and is very different. 

		    Currently: Version 1 is supported - but we may not 
		    be implementing the TCP handling aspects.

- ../doc/kadm5: Describes the current protocol. 

		    kadmin/passwd (which is not installed) uses
 		    the kadm5 protocol for password changing.
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