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Logger Release Notes

*** version 0.12.0 ***

* Added method formatMsg(oLogMsg) to support custom formatting of log messages
for output to a LogReader.

*** version 0.11.3 ***

* The Logger static method enableFirebug() has been RENAMED to

* The Logger static method disableFirebug() has been RENAMED to

* By default, the Logger will not automatically output to Firebug or Safari's
JavaScript console. To enable this feature, implementers should now explicitly

* Implementers may now cap the size of the YAHOO.widget.Logger stack by setting
the property YAHOO.widget.Logger.maxStackEntries.

* Implementers may now control the number of items displayed in each console by
setting the LogReader properties thresholdMax and thresholdMin.

*** version 0.11.0 ***

* Initial release

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