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LeechCraft is a free open source cross-platform modular internet-client.
LeechCraft allows one to browse the web, read RSS/Atom feeds, download files
via BitTorrent, FTP, HTTP and ADC/NMDC, automatically download, play or
stream podcasts (and other media files) and much more.

Plugins are easily added and integrated with each other with no effort.

Currently it includes following plugins:
* AdvancedNotifications, a highly flexible, powerful and configurable
  notifications framework.
* Aggregator, RSS/Atom feed reader.
* AnHero, crash handler.
* Auscrie, the screen shooter.
* Azoth, the modular IM client.
  * Azoth AdiumStyles, support for Adium styles.
  * Azoth Acetamide, support for IRC protocol.
  * Azoth Autoidle for autochanging status due to inactivity timeout.
  * Azoth Autopaste for autopasting long texts to pastebins instead of
    chat sessions.
  * Azoth ChatHistory for storing chat history.
  * Azoth Depester for ignoring specific multiuser chat participants.
  * Azoth EmbedMedia for displaying media objects directly in the chat
  * Azoth Herbicide, a basic antispam plugin.
  * Azoth HiLi for custom highlights in MUCs.
  * Azoth Juick for enhanced support for microblogging service.
  * Azoth LastSeen, for client-side recording of contacts' last online
    and availability time.
  * Azoth Metacontacts, support for metacontacts.
  * Azoth NativeEmoticons, for support own/Psi+/Kopete emoticons packs.
  * Azoth p100q for enhanced support for microblogging service.
  * Azoth Rosenthal for enabling spellchecker in chat sessions.
  * Azoth StandardStyles for support for basic chat window styles.
  * Azoth Xoox, support for XMPP protocol.
  * Azoth Xtazy for publishing currently playing tune.
* BitTorrent, the BitTorrent client.
* CSTP, simple HTTP implementation.
* DBusManager, D-Bus for the LeechCraft.
* DeadLyrics, API.
* EiskaltDC++, the Direct Connect and Advanced Direct Connect client.
* Glance for providing thumbnailed grid overview of tabs.
* GMail Notifier, which notifies about new mail on GMail inboxes.
* HistoryHolder, which keeps track of the downloads history.
* Kinotify, which provides fancy kinetic notifications.
* LackMan, the LeechCraft Package Manager.
* LCFTP, FTP implementation and two-panel client.
* LMP, simple media player with streaming support.
* NetworkMonitor, which monitors for HTTP requests.
* New Life, settings importer from other applications.
* Popishu, the text editor with basic syntax highlighting and such.
* Poshuku, the web browser.
  * Poshuku CleanWeb, AdBlock+-compatible ad blocker.
  * Poshuku FileScheme, support for the file:// browsing.
  * Poshuku FUA, which allows one to set fake user agents per domain.
  * Poshuku OnlineBookmarks for syncing bookmarks with services like
    Read It Later.
  * Poshuku WYFV, which allows one to play flash video on some sites without
    Flash installed.
* Qrosp, scripting support for LeechCraft via Qross library.
* SecMan, password & other sensitive info manager.
* SeekThru, client for OpenSearch-aware web sites.
* Summary, a plugin which shows all the downloads, tasks, events and
  statuses and allows one to perform searches.
* Syncer, for synchronizing data and state between different machines
  running LeechCraft.
* Tab++, for better tabs management.
* TabsList, plugin showing the list of currently opened tabs and
  allowing one to quickly navigate between them.
* vGrabber, audio/video player/downloader.

== Getting LeechCraft ==
Getting precompiled LeechCraft for various OS is documented here:

== Building LeechCraft ==
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